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Framework’s modular laptops get cheaper thanks to an expanded refurbished program

The Framework Laptop is a modular, repairable and upgradeable notebook that doesn’t sacrifice performance, portability, or style for those features. But with a $999 starting price, it’s not exactly the cheapest laptop around. It has gotten cheaper to get your hands on a Framework Laptop since the first model launched in 2021 though. When the company […]

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Lilbits: Pixel 7 only runs 64-bit apps, Radxa Rock5 is shipping soon, and Netflix launches its ad-supported tier in November

Framework makes modular, repairable, and upgradeable laptops which can be a great choice for folks looking for customizable computers that can last a very long time. They’re not exactly the cheapest laptops around, but now there is a cheaper way to get your hands on one – Framework has begun selling certified, refurbished hardware, which means […]

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Lilbits: Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G leaked, a new Manjaro build for phones, and used phone shipments are up

Samsung is holding an event on January 14 to officially launch its Galaxy S21 smartphone lineup. But images and details have been leaking for some time. Now Evan Blass has released a high-res picture showing the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G from multiple angles and without any watermarks. But are new phones a hot commodity anymore? […]

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/e/ is selling Google-free Android phones (in Europe)

It’s hard to develop a new smartphone operating system from scratch. But forking one is another story. So when developer Gaël Duval wanted to create a smartphone operating system that emphasized privacy, he started with Android… and then stripped all the proprietary Google services he could. The result is a platform he calls /e/ which […]

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Google Store begins selling refurbished products (1-year warranty and discounted prices)

Google’s first-party hardware is pretty good… but not particularly cheap. Prices for a Google Pixelbook start at $999, for example, and a 3-pack of Google WiFi mesh networking routers runs $259. But now there’s a cheaper option — buy refurbished models from the Google Store and you can save some money while still getting the […]

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Deals of the Day (9-11-2017)

Refurbished devices are almost always cheaper than new products, but sometimes they’re a lot cheaper… like right now. That’s because Newegg is running a sale on refurbished products that includes deep discounts and free shipping. Keep in mind that you typically get shorter warranty periods when you buy refurbished, and some items such as batteries and hard […]

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Refurb Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones with smaller batteries launching in Korea soon

Samsung is getting ready to recoup some of the costs, and diminish some of the environmental damage caused by last year’s recall of millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. After it was determined that some phones were catching fire due to battery issues, the company recalled the phone and worked with wireless carriers to remotely […]