Lilbits 6-22-2020: One GX mini laptop will support US 4G LTE wireless networks

The latest mini-laptop from One Netbook is a computer with a 7 inch display, a backlit keyboard, a big exhaust fan in the back, and a set of detachable game controllers that can be connected to the side of the system. The One GX is designed to be a handheld gaming computer, and later this […]

Daily Deals (3-30-2020)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading while I’m stuck at home over the weekends anyway — and if you’re looking for something new to read, there are plenty of options in today’s roundup. Amazon is offering a $5 credit that you can use on Kindle eBooks […]

Inkplate 6 is a versatile E Ink display made from recycled Kindle screens (crowdfunding)

Folks have been hacking Amazon Kindle devices for years, using them as E Ink monitors or thermometers, among other things. But the Inkplate 6 project goes a few steps further by recycling the E Ink screens from old Kindles and transforming them into versatile, programmable displays with WiFi and Bluetooth support. The creators of the project […]

Amazon is killing Kindle MatchBook (cheap eBooks for print titles you’ve purchased)

Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook is a service that lets authors offer cheap Kindle eBooks to customers that have already purchased a physical copy of their book from Amazon. For customers, this means that you could buy a paperback or hardcover book from Amazon and pay an extra $1-3 to read it on your Kindle… assuming you […]

Daily Deals (7-05-2019)

Amazon Prime Day isn’t until July 15th (and 16th), but Amazon continues to add new deals in the lead-up to its made-up sales holiday. The latest is that if you spend $20 on Kindle eBooks, you can get a $5 credit to spend on… ore Kindle eBooks. Or you can just take advantage of the […]

Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis is its first with adjustable color temperature

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is the company’s top-of-the-line eReader, featuring a bigger screen, more LED lights for a more evenly illuminated display, and other features to help set it apart from the Kindle Paperwhite and entry-level Kindle. Now Amazon is launching a 10th-gen Kindle Oasis with one more distinguishing feature: adjustable color temperature. You can adjust […]