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OnePlus 2 smartphone: 4GB RAM, USB C, Snapdragon 810 for under $450

OnePlus will officially unveil its next smartphone on July 27th… in virtual reality for some reason. But there’s really not much mystery left, because OnePlus has been revealing specs for the upcoming OnePlus 2 piece by piece… much the same way it did before launching the OnePlus One last year. So while we haven’t seen […]

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OnePlus is giving away Cardboard VR headsets (for your phone)

Smartphone maker OnePlus plans to reveal its second phone on July 27th, and the company is holding an unusual press event: the whole thing will be streamed live over the internet in virtual reality. But what if you don’t have a VR headset? No problem… OnePlus is giving them away. Well, kind of. OnePlus designed […]

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OnePlus 2 smartphone launches July 27th… in VR for some reason

Chinese startup OnePlus released one of the best smartphones you could get for the money in 2014… if you could get one. The OnePlus One was widely praised for its high-performance hardware, custom Android software, and low-starting price. But limited supplies of the phone meant that until recently you had to jump through some hoops […]

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Lilbits 297: Is Google developing app streaming tech?

Remember when Apple released the first iPhone and promised that all developers would need to do to create great apps was to develop mobile websites that users could open in a browser? It wasn’t long before developers were clamoring for the ability to create native apps that would run as smoothly as the Apple software […]

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OnePlus 2 smartphone to have Snapdragon 810 v2.1 chip

OnePlus has announced that it’s second smartphone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor… but the company promises the chip won’t overheat. Other phones with Qualcomm’s latest smartphone processor have run into heat problems which lead to CPU throttling. That causes the new Sony Xperia Z4, for instance, to perform more slowly than last […]

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OnePlus One smartphones available without an invite (a year after launch)

The OnePlus One smartphone is now available for anyone to purchase at any time. You don’t need an invitation and you don’t need to buy the phone on a Tuesday. While the OnePlus One launched nearly a year ago, the phone still offers a pretty decent value: for $299 and up you can get a […]