OnePlus will officially unveil its next smartphone on July 27th… in virtual reality for some reason. But there’s really not much mystery left, because OnePlus has been revealing specs for the upcoming OnePlus 2 piece by piece… much the same way it did before launching the OnePlus One last year.

So while we haven’t seen the final design, there’s an awful lot we do know about the phone. Here’s everything we know about the OnePlus 2 so far.

Update: OnePlus has officially announced launch details for the OnePlus 2. A model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage goes on sale for $389 starting August 11th, and a $329 model with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage will be available later this year.

oneplus logo_02

OnePlus is a Chinese startup that made a name for itself in 2014 by launching a high quality smartphone with a surprisingly low starting price of $299. These days you can get one for even less than that.

The company also knows how to generate publicity without spending a lot of money. OnePlus held a series of (sometimes questionable) contests, blanketed social media, and launched user forums ahead of launch. So it’s no surprise that OnePlus has been spilling the beans one pod at a time.

Here are the features that have been confirmed so far:

The new phone is also said to be smaller than the OnePlus One (although it’s not clear if it’ll have a smaller screen or just a smaller case).

The phone will also most likely run a custom version of Android called OxygenOS that’s developed by OnePlus (which hired some members of the Paranoid Android custom ROM team to work on the software). There’s also a version of the software called HydrogenOS that’s targeted specifically at users in China.

OnePlus provided Marques Brownlee with a demo unit ahead of the phone’s release, allowing him to test and review the camera:

OnePlus still has a few secrets up its sleeve. The screen size and technology, battery information, precise pricing, and actual design of the phone are still a mystery. But at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if we know some or all of those things before July 27th.

As for the launch itself, OnePlus says it’s revised its invite system: there will be at least 30 times more invites available at launch, and folks who don’t score one right away will be able to register their name on a list.

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31 replies on “OnePlus 2 smartphone: 4GB RAM, USB C, Snapdragon 810 for under $450”

  1. Head games sold separately..8-12 month wait no extra charge.feel free to use our blog where everyone is so funny and take the tension off the year wait to receive your phone (if we feel like making it)

  2. The Asus Zenfone 2 Z551ML featured in this review has a 5.5 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel IPS LCD display, an Intel Atom Z3580 quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 3,000 mAh battery, a 13MP rear camera, a 5MP front camera, 802.11ac WiFi, Buetooth 4.0, NFC, a microSD card slot, and dual SIM card slots.

  3. My guess is 349 for 32GB version and 449 for 64GB version, with isn’t worth it compared to for example a s6 for about 570 at bestbuy

    1. That’s stupid. They charge $50 extra to go from 16 GB to 64 GB OPO, there’s no way in hell they gonna charge $100 for a 32 GB increase.

      1. I think it will be 349 for 32 GB, 399 for 62 GB and 449 for 128 GB. That sounds like something OnePlus would do

  4. I might get one, I’m worried about 810 overheating.
    But I am actually happy they are getting rid of cyanogen, to many bugs in cyanogen for me. Been using custom rom on my oneplus one and my Bluetooth issues went away (finally)!
    I guess no sd card slot…. Wonder if they will have 128gb model

    1. They will not have heat issue because OP team is under clocking it. Kinda silly to do.

      1. Throttling would certainly seem better than under-clocking for max speed. However:

        – under-clocking might result in appreciable battery savings.

        – With newer chip sets offering other benefits besides raw speed, I definitely prefer an under-clocked 810 over an previous chip set running at full throttle.

        I know one thing: My Sony Z2 wasn’t much fun with the 805 and the camera running in tandem, the glue holding the back panel got cooked off in less than 6 months. (and I wasn’t even shooting 4K – that usually got the phone to reboot itself within a few minutes)

  5. $299 zen-phone smokes this thing,,and you can actually buy it and actually get it shipped to your home without playing their games for 2 years…available from Numerous vendors and a warranty that will be honored…AND NO CHILDISH HEAD GAMES>>and no yellow screens..

    1. But oneplus has a better camera and gets battery battery life. And the OnePlus 2 has LPDDR4 RAM unlike Zenfone 2. Also has usb type c. And much less bloatware than Asus.

    2. It does not smoke it in anything. Zen phone has terrible camera, battery life and 32 preinstall apps from Asus. Do you even own the Zenfone 2 or used it yet?

  6. pre-order now for a chance to get invitation to buy one…will start shipping in about 2 years..

  7. I wonder if they’ll restrict access via invites in the US, UK, Europe while flooding shelves of chinese shops with almost the exact same model (bar a couple of frequency bands).

  8. I have the opo and it has been the best phone i used. Looking forward to the opt. But the price might be a issue.

    1. yeah, pretty sure that phone doesn’t exist. interesting concept though. hope you didn’t buy it…

  9. Will, never buy a One-plus, got screw on the first one, tons of bugs still having signal reception issues.
    Touch screen problems, and to top it off, do not even try to get any warranty or exchange they just won’t do it.

    1. i was a very early supporter and received one of the first invites. but i gave it away in exchange for an invite to be used later. i just didn’t quite trust them. i ended up receiving and giving away many invites. just never got a good warm fuzzy feeling with them. i won’t buy the OP2 either.

    2. I blame cyanogen for the software issues. I’ve only had Bluetooth issues on mine, I do notice that cell phone signal is a little weaker than most phones, hopefully oneplus 2 will be better.
      Camera is awesome and there are alot of custom ROMs! Battery life hasn’t been that good, 3-4 SOT. On Cm11s I was getting 5-7 SOT

      1. Cyanogen was already awful on my Galaxy SII years ago… Buggy and draining the battery like crazy. I tried many builds – even those where they said they fixed the battery drain, still drained it. went back to a Samsung ROM and the problems were gone.

    3. That’s definitely a concern… The specs sound excellent, but if its broke and they won’t fix it, that becomes a moot point.

      Though I have to say, my experience with Sony wasn’t exactly encouraging on warranty either. My 6 months old Z2 lost its back cover seal (excessive heat from video recording – according to my googling the issue). So I’m traveling in Asia and I went to 2 different ‘official’ Sony service centers who both said there’s no “international warranty”, but even for hard cash they couldn’t fix it cause they’re not authorized to work on Sony’s waterproof line of phones. They also refused to ship it to some service center that would be authorized. So the phone is still broken in my suitcase and I had to get a new phone forwarded to my current location – thanks Amazon…

      So much for taking any company’s phone on a trip outside the country.

      Corporations will take any excuse to deny warranty service. Remember Apple refusing warranty cause some guy was out with his iPhone in New York in winter when the temperature was below 30F…?

      Its one thing if the phone refuses to work under 30F, but having it kick the bucket over that and be refused warranty is like out of a Dilbert cartoon.

  10. No, not interested with a sweet phone likes ASUS Zenphone 2 available from $199 with a INTEL chipset that does not melt who the F…cares about one plus one and there dumb games!

    1. My brand new ASUS Fonepad with Intel chipset is a major annoyance in my life:

      – Force closes apps at random,

      – WIFI hotspot keeps becoming unresponsive requiring a restart
      – Sometimes the entire Tablet freezes up, requiring a restart

      All this happens way too frequently on a new, unaltered device with few apps and less than 300MB of space used by photographs.

      I’m not buying another Android device with Intel chipset any time soon.

      My Sony and Samsung phones with Qualcomm chipsets did no such things running the same exact stuff.

    1. Sigh. No it’s not.

      Every other flagship if you pay cash for is close to $700. You US people who get a phone for “$200” pay for the rest of it in the contract

        1. Ahh, the phone that lost the substance of what was appealing about Samsung phones to mimic that other unspeakable company’s style and pander to idiotic metal-case enamored pundits?

          I’ll have you know that a high quality Polycarbonate case will protect your phone’s display better than a metal case, in case you drop it on the marble floor of your mansion.

      1. Usually, getting their $700 phones for $200 really means they’re paying ~$1100 for them, when you compare with phone-less contracts.

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