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Lilbits: Google introduces audio switching for wireless headphones, promises to bring app permissions back to the Play Store

Google’s new Data Safety information is now live in the Google Play Store, which means developers have to submit information about how their apps collect, use, and protect information about you. But ahead of launch, some users noticed that Google had also removed a Play Store feature that showed which permissions were used by apps, which […]

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Lilbits: Asus PN64 mini PC with Intel Alder Lake, Framework’s modular laptop, and Android app privacy

Framework’s 2nd-gen modular laptop is set to begin shipping to customers this month… although customers who already have a 1st-gen model can also save some money by purchasing just a new mainboard with a 12th-gen Intel Core “Alder Lake” processor that will fit into last year’s laptop shell. But that’s just one of the ways […]

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Lilbits: New Android and Windows 11 features, Pocket PC handheld, and the Honor 60 smartphone

It can be easy to forget that you granted an app permission to track your location or access your local storage if it’s an app you use infrequently. So Google introduced a feature with Android 12 that will automatically revoke permissions for apps you haven’t launched in a while. You can always grant permissions again […]

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Firefox and Chrome are making website notifications less annoying

The web is littered with sites that show pop-up notifications asking if you’d like to sign up for alerts — and Mozilla says according to its research, 99-percent of them are either ignored or actively denied by Firefox users. So Mozilla has announced that the latest version of Firefox will make these pop-ups less annoying. […]

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Firefox to hide notification permission pop-ups

Hey, did you know that you can subscribe to websites in your web browser to receive notifications when new content is available? You probably did… because over the last few years millions of websites have added annoying pop-ups that prompt you to sign up for notifications. And unsurprisingly, the vast majority of people either ignore those […]

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Google may remove (or hide) Play Store apps that lack privacy policies

There are more than 2.6 million Android apps available for download from the Google Play Store. But soon some of them may disappear… or at least get harder to find. The Next Web reports that Google is setting a note to some developers letting them know that they have until March 15th to make sure […]

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Hidden goodies in Android 4.3: Support for 4K screens, per-app permission controls

Google Android 4.3 may be a minor update to Google’s mobile operating system, but it has some nice features including performance tweaks, Bluetooth improvements, support for limiting a user’s access to some apps or content on multi-user devices, and much more. But if you dig into the source code, it looks like there are also […]