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Sony acquires cloud game streaming service OnLive

Starting in May, NVIDIA’s GRID game streaming service will let subscribers stream PC games over the internet to the company’s Shield line of game consoles and portable devices. But OnLive has been offering a similar service for half a decade… although not without difficulty. The company nearly went out of business a few years ago before coming […]

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Streaming game service OnLive returns from the dead with new plans starting at $10 per month

OnLive is an online video game service that lets you stream games to a PC, Mac, or Android machine… or at least it was until OnLive pretty much fired its staff and shut down about a year and a half ago. Now OnLive is back, and this time they’re doing things a little differently. Not […]

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Ouya $99 Android game console to support OnLive internet gaming service

Ouya plans to launch a $99 video game console running Android early next year. It features an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and a wireless remote control. The project has raised more than $5 million from investors including developers and customers interested in pre-ordering a game console. But some […]

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This week in Mobiputing (6-25-11)

Disney launched a comic book app for iOS, we learned how to mount an Android device’s SD card on a PC or Mac without unmounting it from your mobile device, and we rounded up every good place to download Android apps we could think of. We’ve been busy little bees at Mobiputing this week. Here […]

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How to play bleeding edge games on low power netbooks (remote gaming)

Netbooks and other low power computers make surprisingly decent gaming machines if you’re cool with playing older games or recent games that don’t require quad-core CPUs and 1GHz graphics processors. Unfortunately a lot of the best games do require more serious hardware, along with higher resolution displays, which you would think would rule out a […]