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Google Pixel XL gets the iFixit teardown treatment

Google’s Pixel smartphones are now shipping, and this week I published more than 6 thousand words and a bunch of videos and pictures about the phone’s design, software, and performance. But sometimes it’s what’s inside that counts, right? So the folks at iFixit tore open the phone to see exactly what is on the inside… and […]

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Google Pixel XL review: This is what a “Google Phone” looks like in 2016

Google’s Pixel smartphones represent a new beginning for the company in a lot of ways. While Google has been working with hardware partners to release Nexus phones since 2010, the 5 inch Google Pixel and 5.5 inch Google Pixel XL are the first phones that are Google all the way. They ship with the latest […]

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Yep, the Google Pixel phones have unlockable bootloaders*

Google may be done selling Nexus smartphones, but that doesn’t mean the company’s new Pixel phones don’t have some of the same developer-friendly features. Wondering whether the Google Pixel and Pixel XL would have unlockable bootloaders, Dallas Thomas from Android Wonder HowTo reached out to Google for comment. The short answer? Yep. The longer answer: […]

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Google launches Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones for $649 and up

Google is launching the first smartphones that’ll be sold under the company’s Pixel brand. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are manufactured by HTC, but unlike Nexus smartphones the only branding you’ll see on the phones is the G for Google on the back. And that’s because these phones will be sold and marketed by […]

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More Google Pixel and Pixel XL details leak (photos too)

Google is expected to unveil two new smartphones (and a bunch of other things) at an event on October 4th. But thanks to a series of leaks in recent months, there’s not much mystery left. Now there’s even less. A series of listings on telecom and retail websites paint a pretty clear picture of what […]

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Google Pixel, Chromecast Ultra pictures leaked ahead of Oct 4th launch

Next week Google is holding an event where the company is expected to launch a whole bunch of new things, including two new smartphones, a 4K media streamer, a smart home device, and maybe a preview of a new operating system that merges features of Android and Chrome OS. But you don’t need to wait […]

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Google Pixel smartphones launching October 4th

Google’s next smartphones will be announced on October 4th during an event in San Francisco. We’ve been seeing leaked details about two new smartphones, code-named Sailfish and Marlin for months, and it looks like the wait for an official announcement is almost over. It also looks like Google is making a bigger publicity push for […]