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Intel expects to see $200 touchscreen notebooks with Bay Trail chips

Right now if you want to pick up a cheap Windows notebook with a touchscreen display, your best bet is probably the Asus VivoBook X202E or Q200, which sells for under $500. But chip maker Intel expects prices to go much lower once its next-generation Atom processors hit the streets. CNET reports that Intel CEO […]

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Tablets with Intel Bay Trail chips could be 2x faster than today’s Clover Trail tablets

Intel’s Atom processors are low power chips designed for netbooks, tablets, smartphones, and other devices where long battery life and fanless designs are more important than bleeding-edge performance. That helps explain why an Atom chip from 2012 isn’t much faster than one from 2008 (unless you count the added support for 1080p HD video playback). […]

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Intel next-gen 22nm Merrifield, Bay Trail chips coming to future smartphones, tablets

Intel may be busy launching a new dual-core Clover Trail+ processor for smartphones, but the company’s already looking ahead to next-generation Atom chips for smartphones and tablets. The companys’s 32nm Clover Trail+ will eventually be replaced by 22nm “Merrifield” processors designed to offer better performance and longer battery life. Meanwhile the company’s confirming that the […]

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Intel Atom Bay Trail tablets coming by holiday season, 2013

Intel plans to launch its next-generation of Atom chips for tablets later this year. Code-name Bay trail, the new 22nm chips are quad-core processor that should offer a significant performance boost over the Clover Trail chips that are already available. The chip maker says the first tablets featuring Bay Trail chips should be ready to […]

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Next-gen Intel Atom chips to offer 2x the speed, 3x the graphics performance

You’d have to look pretty hard to find the performance difference between a netbook from 2008 and one from 2012. While Intel has been steadily reducing power consumption of the Atom processors for laptop and desktop computers, the company hasn’t really done much to boost overall performance, aside from adding support for HD video playback […]

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Intel Atom Bay Trail quad-core chips coming in 2014

Intel’s next-generation Atom chips for tablets, code-named “Bay Trail-T” are due to hit the streets in 2014, according to leaked documents obtained by Mobile Geeks. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about upcoming Bay Trail processors, but while Intel is working on next-gen chips for tablets, notebooks, desktops and other applications, these documents look […]

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Intel Atom Bay Trail chips coming in 2013, bringing major performance boost

Intel has been making low power, low cost Atom processors since 2008. But to be honest, the fastest Atom processors today aren’t much speedier than the Atom N270 chip Intel first released for netbooks four years ago. The company has moved from single core chips to dual core, and added support for HD video playback. […]