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Allwinner chips to support Windows RT, Ubuntu, Firefox, Chrome OS (and Android)

Chinese chip maker Allwinner sells more ARM-based chips for Android tablets than just about anyone, but the company is starting to look beyond the Android space. At the HKTDC show in Hong Kong, Allwinner is showing off products based on its A31 quad-core and upcoming A80 octa-core processors — both of which the company says […]

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Now with Android 4.4: AOKP, Paranoid Android ROMS and RK3188, Allwinner A31 chips

It’s been a busy week for developers working with Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat software. Two of the most popular custom ROM builders have released their first public builds based on KitKat, and two Chinese chip makers have also released builds of Android 4.4 which support devices with their processors. Here’s a quick roundup of things […]

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Nextway F9X Android tablet mini-review (Allwinner A31 CPU, Retina-like display)

The Nextway F9X is a low-cost Android tablet with a quad-core processor and an iPad-like 9.7 inch, 2048 x 1536 pixel display. It’s a nice looking tablet, feels pretty sturdy, and looks great on paper. But real-world performance leaves a bit to be desired. The Nextway F9X feels sluggish at times, can take longer than […]

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Android netbooks with Allwinner dual, quad-core processors

Most major PC makers may have left the netbook market for dead. But Chinese vendors have continued cranking out cheap mini-laptops with 10 inch or smaller displays. Some models run Windows, but many of the cheapest feature inexpensive ARM chips and run Android or Windows CE. But it looks like some slightly more powerful models […]

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Allwinner releases kernel source code for A31 quad-core chip

The Allwinner A31 processor is a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor with PowerVR SGX 544 graphics. Like other Allwinner chips, it’s proven popular with budget tablet makers in China, as a low-cost quad-core processor that offers decent performance. Allwinner also has a decent reputation with some folks in the Linux community, since the company’s earlier (and […]

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Kimdecent unveils CS868 Android TV stick with Allwinner A31 quad-core chip

Chinese device maker Kimdecent’s latest Android TV stick is one of the first to feature an Allwinner A31 quad-core processor. The Kimdecent CS868 is available for pre-order from Ali-Express for $95. Like other TV sticks, it’s basically designed to let you run Android apps on a TV. THere’s an HDMI connector on one end which […]

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DH108A Android TV box packs a Allwinner A31 quad-core CPU

The Allwinner A31 chip is an inexpensive quad-core processor based on a low-power ARM Cortex-A7 design. It just started shipping in the past few months, and so far it’s mostly been used for inexpensive Android tablets. Now there’s also a set-top-box featuring the Allwinner A31 chip. It’s called the DH108A and it’s being marketed at Alibaba […]

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Archos 97 Platinum tablet with Retina-like display is just an Onda V972 with another name

The Archos 80 Platinum isn’t the only new tablet from Archos that’s actually built by Chinese device maker Onda. The Archos 97 Platinum passed through the FCC this week, and it looks like this 9.7 inch tablet with a 2048 x 1536 pixel display and a quad-core processor is just a rebadged Onda V972. The […]