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Lilbits: Comparing single-board computers, Thunderbird for Android, and Nothing’s next phone could come to the US

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first Raspberry Pi computer hitting the streets. And while the folks at Raspberry Pi certainly weren’t the first to release a compact, low-power, single-board computer, they were among the first to offer such a device at a low cost, while encouraging adoption by educators, students, and hardware […]

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Lilbits: Hackers make a foldable iPhone, Intel launches Sapphire Rapids Xeon chips and Ponte Vecchio Data Center graphics

Samsung currently dominates the foldable smartphone space. But a number of other companies including Motorola, Huawei, and Xiaomi also sell foldables. And Apple? Rumor has it the company is working on foldable iPhones, but it’s unclear if or when they’ll be available for purchase. Some hardware hackers in China decided not to wait… and made […]

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Open source android email client K-9 Mail to become Thunderbird on Android

A month after announcing plans to launch a mobile version of the the open source Thunderbird email client, the folks at Thunderbird have explained how they plan to do that. Rather than designing a mobile email client from the ground up, the organization has acquired the existing open source Android email app K-9 Mail and […]

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Lilbits: Magisk v25.0, Thunderbird 102 beta, Apple M2, and iOS 16

There’s a major new release of Magisk, a tool for customizing and controlling rooted Android devices. After previewing a bunch of new features coming to the open source Thunderbird email client last month, the developers have released a public beta. Apple is following Google’s lead and cleaning up reactions in chats between iMessage and SMS […]

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Lilbits: Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 leaked, Microsoft’s new adaptive accessories, Android 12 Beta, and more

During the first day of the 2022 Google I/O developer conference we learned that the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro are all coming this year, with a Pixel Tablet expected to launch in 2023. That’s a lot of news for one day. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. In […]

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Lilbits: Google buys Raxium, Thunderbird is going mobile, and Zoom puts time limits on free 1:1 calls

Zoom became a household name shortly after the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, as folks flocked to the easy-to-use software for hosting group video calls. The company’s freemium model doesn’t hurt: calls up to 40 minutes are free, while you have to pay for a subscription for longer group video calls. Up until this […]

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Thunderbird 78 open source email client released (Dark Mode & integrated Calendar and Tasks)

The latest stable version of the free and open source Thunderbird email client is now available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Thunderbird 78 is an extended-support release (ESR) that includes a number of changes from last year’s Thunderbird 68 ESR. Calendar and Tasks functionality has been built into Thunderbird, so you don’t need […]

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Mozilla moves Thunderbird email client to a new subsidiary called MZLA

The Mozilla Foundation’s most popular and well-known product is the free and open source Firefox web browser. But the organization has been developing the Thunderbird email client for nearly as long. Mozilla released the first build of Firefox in September, 2002 and the first version of Thunderbird in July, 2003. But in the years since […]

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Thunderbird open source email client looks to the future

It’s been nearly 5 years since Mozilla announced that it was going to stop investing heavily in development of the open source Thunderbird email application in order to focus on the much more popular open source Firefox web browser. But over the years it’s become clear that Thunderbird isn’t exactly dead. Development of new features may […]

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Lilibits (9-17-2013): What’s up with CyanogenMod?

Don’t like the software that came with your Android phone? For almost as long as device makers and wireless carriers have been offering smartphones running Google’s mobile operating system, hackers have been building their own versions of Android which you can install on many Android phones and tablets. CyanogenMod is one of the most popular. […]

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Mozilla is (nearly) ceasing development of Thunderbird email app

Thunderbird is probably the most popular open source email, calendar, and contact management app. It’s basically an open source answer to Microsoft Outlook, capable of running on Linux, Mac, and Windows computers. But desktop email clients aren’t as popular as they once were, with many email users just logging into Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail using […]