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Sharp’s RoboHon smartphone is also a robot (and a projector)

Sure, Siri, Cortana, and Google’s voice search let you talk to your smartphone and listen to it talk back. But you know what your phone probably can’t do? Walk. Fortunately, Sharp is on it. The Japanese consumer electronics company has unveiled a new smartphone called the RoboHon. But it’s not just a phone. It’s also a […]

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Lilbits (10-07-2014): No wearables from HTC this year

Almost every major consumer electronics company has a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or other wearable device to sell you. But one company isn’t quite ready to jump into wearables just yet. HTC is holding an event to launch new products this week, but the company’s expected to focus on smartphones and cameras, not smartwatches or smart […]

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Arduino Robot kit makes building, programming robots simple(r)

Folks have been using the popular Arduino DIY computing platform to build robots and all sorts of other simple computing devices for a while. Arduino boards are inexpensive and relatively easy to use devices with support for a range of sensors and motors. Now there’s an official Arduino Robot kit which makes it even easier […]

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Too busy to clean your tablet screen? Here’s a $17 robot that does it for you

Robots have gone from the stuff of science fiction to overpriced toys, to… rather cheap toys designed to perform menial tasks that you don’t have time for — like cleaning your phone or tablet screen. Japan’s Takara Tomy has introduced a $17 Roomba-like robot designed to slide around the display of your phone or tablet […]

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Next up from Asus: An Eee Robot… running Android

Asus is continuing on its quest to slap the Eee brand name on every form of consumer electronics imaginable by going someplace I honestly didn’t imagine: robotics. PC World reports that Asus plans to launch an educational robot called the EeeBot. The EeeBot will be available to children in Tawian as part of a government […]