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What’s next for the Superbook? (LPX Show podcast)

When the folks at Andromium launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Superbook project in July, they were hoping to raise $50,000. They did that… and then raised more than $2.9 million additional dollars. Apparently they weren’t the only ones interested in an affordable accessory that lets you use an Android smartphone as if it were a […]

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FreeDOS keeps classic computing alive (LPX Show interview)

It’s been more than two decades since Microsoft started to move away from MS-DOS with the launch of Windows 95. But a generation of computers users grew up with DOS in the 80s and 90s and there are thousands of programs and games developed for the platform. Many are still worth running. Some classic games […]

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Funeral for an Atom: LPX Show mourns passing of Intel’s low-power chip

The first Intel Atom processor launched in 2008, at a time when small, inexpensive laptops were just starting to take off. Now it looks like the last Intel Atom chips may have been the Cherry Trail series processors that launched in 2015. Intel recently announced plans to scrap Cherry Trail’s replacement, formerly code-named Broxton, as well […]

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DragonBox Pyra: Crowdfunding an open source, modular handheld PC (LPX Show)

Before there was Kickstarter, before there were iPads, and before the smartphone market has really even taken off, there was the Pandora. It was designed to be a Linux-powered handheld computer which could be used for gaming and other tasks… but the crowd-funded project was plagued with shipping delays, which left a bitter taste in […]

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Chatting about chatbots on the LPX Show podcast

Facebook and Microsoft seem to believe that chatbots are the future… and that if you teach them well, you can let them lead the way. Or something like that. Microsoft recently released a set of developer tools called the Microsoft Bot Framework that helps developers create chatbots for news, retail, weather, or other services. And Facebook has […]

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On the LPX Show: Can a smartphone be a “fair” phone?

Fairphone showed off off its modular smartphone made from ethically-sourced materials at the South By Southwest Interactive conference and festival in Austin this week, where the Fairphone 2 was a finalist for an Innovation award. Fairphone didn’t win the award, but this marks one of the first times the team has shown off the phone […]

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On the LPX Show: The FCC’s plan to “Unlock the Box”

The Federal Communications Commission is accepting public comment on a plan that chairman Tom Wheeler calls “Unlock the Box.” At first glance, the proposal seems like a clear-cut win for consumers and startups: it would require cable, satellite, and other TV providers to make their content available in a format that would let you ditch […]

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On the LPX Show: A closer look at Remix OS

I’ve been covering Remix OS since Jide first introduced the operating system in early 2015. It’s an operating system that takes Google’s Android and turns it into a desktop operating system with a taskbar, desktop, and multi-window support and it’s come a long way in the year or so since it first launched. Originally available […]

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LPX Show is available in iTunes, Stitcher, anywhere you get podcasts

The LPX Show podcast is now even easier to find. The show features interviews with the people behind the technology we use… or will use. The first episode, for example, features interviews with the creators of a dual-OS phone and an upgradeable laptop project. When I released episode one earlier this week, you could listen to […]

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Introducing the LPX show (podcast)

Liliputing has been publishing mobile tech news, tips, and reviews since 2008. But something you may not know about me is that I’ve also been a radio reporter, host, and producer since long before I’d heard the word blog. Since Liliputing is more than a full time job, I haven’t had much time to dabble in […]