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Intel to retire Celeron and Pentium brands for 2023 notebook chips

Intel is rebranding its entry-level laptop chips. Starting with the company’s 2023 processor lineup, you won’t find any more chips with Celeron or Pentium branding. And that’s probably a smart move, as the current line of processors marketed under those names is a bit of a confusing mess. What’s a bit strange is what’s coming […]

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Intel Celeron powered mini-PCs for under $200

A handful of new mini-computers featuring Intel Celeron dual-core processors, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of solid state storage have popped up at AliExpress. These little computers are about the size of a Nintendo Wii, but they’re full-fledged computers. They come without an operating system, but they should be able to run most versions of Windows […]

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Samsung Chromebook with Celeron makes a brief appearance

We’ve known for a few months that second-generation laptop and desktop computers designed to run Google Chrome OS would use Intel Celeron chips instead of less powerful Atom processors. Now through a series of leaks we have more details. TigerDirect appears to have accidentally sold at least one Celeron-powered Samsung Chromebox a few days early […]