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GOLE1 R mini PC has an RK3588 processor and optional 5.5 inch touchscreen display and battery (crowdfunding)

Chinese PC maker HIGOLE has been producing little computer that blur the lines between tablets and miniature desktops for years. But the company’s latest GOLE1 models are a little different. While previous members of the lineup have featured Intel processors, the new GOLE1 R is a compact computer with a Rockchip RK3588 ARM-based processor, 8GB […]

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GOLE1 Pro 2022 is a pocket-sized PC with a 5.5 inch display and Intel Gemini Lake processor (crowdfunding)

The GOLE1 PRO is a computer with a 5.5 inch touchscreen display, a battery, and a low-power Intel Gemini Lake processor. With a fanless design and a display smaller than most smartphone screens, it’d be easy to think of the device as a tablet. But it’s thicker than most tablets and has the kind of […]

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Gole1 mini PC giveaway

The Gole1 mini PC is one of the oddest devices I’ve reviewed in recent years: it’s either a tiny desktop computer with a touchscreen and a battery, or a chunky handheld tablet that can also be used like a dekstop, depending on how you look at it. I’m not entirely sure what you’re supposed to […]

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Gole1 mini PC review: Blurring the lines between tablets and desktop PCs

The Gole1 is a tiny computer that’s hard to categorize. It’s basically a compact desktop computer that you can also use as a tablet. Or maybe it’s a tablet with a really small screen, a bunch of ports, and a kind of thick case. Either way, it’s a small device that you can plug into […]

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Phone-sized GOLE1 is a $99 Windows 10 PC (with a touchscreen)

There’s no shortage of cheap, tiny desktop computers with Intel Atom processors and Windows 10 software. But the GOLE1 is a bit different. It’s basically a tiny Windows desktop that’s small enough to slide into a pocket. But in addition to four full-sized USB ports and HDMI output, the GOLE1 has a 5 inch touchscreen display […]