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Lilbits: Google I/O Day one is all about AI, Netflix apps for Windows to disable downloads

Google kicked off its annual Google I/O developer conference today with a two hour keynote where pretty much the only thing the company talked about was AI. But there were a lot of AI features to talk about. In the short term, the Circle to Search feature that’s now available on 100 million Android devices now helps […]

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A Lenovo subsidiary designed this dual-screen E Ink book, notebook, laptop… thing

Lenovo subsidiary Hefei LCFC has designed a portable device called Gemini that combines two 7.8 inch E Ink displays in a way that allows you to use the system as a laptop computer (with a virtual keyboard), an actual notebook (with pen support), or a book (by folding the screen so you can see just […]

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Lilbits: Framework Laptop 16, Chromecast exploit, AYA Neo Slide review, and new Google Pixel features

This summer, modular, repairable, and upgradable laptop maker Framework introduced their biggest, most powerful… and most modular laptop yet. Not only does the Framework Laptop 16 have more user-selectable ports than its 13.5 inch sibling, but the input area is also customizable and there’s a new connector on the back of the computer for attaching […]

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Synaptics Gemini is a wireless docking station with dual 4K display support (reference design)

Docking stations can effectively transform a laptop computer into a desktop by allowing you to connect a display, mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals with a single cable. But a wireless docking station lets you do it without plugging anything into your laptop at all. They’re not nearly as common yet, but Synaptics wants to make it […]

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Compal GEMINI gaming laptop has an expandable display (15.6 inch to 17.8 inches)

Gaming laptops are interesting beasts that have to balance portability with the performance you’d expect from a high-end gaming computer. One of the first compromises is usually the display — you may want a big-screen monitor for your gaming desktop, but anything larger than 15.6 inches tends to make for an unwieldy laptop. So it’s […]

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Gemini dual-screen laptop (or two tablets) returns to Indiegogo

The Gemini dual-screen laptop (which is really just two tablets) has returned to Indiegogo about a month after the campaign was paused and put under review. According to the folks behind this unusual dual-screen/dual-device product, Indiegogo has “finished reviewing our functional product and video,” but the team doesn’t note one other change — the company […]

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Gemini dual-screen laptop is really just two tablets (update: fraud allegation)

Lenovo’s Yoga Book line of dual-screen laptops challenge the idea of what makes a laptop computer by replacing the keyboard with a second screen (that you can also use to type). The Gemini from GST Communications goes a bit further… or maybe not far enough. The Chinese company has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a […]

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Taihe Gemini portable monitor is still up for pre-order (through a second crowdfunding campaign)

Taihe’s Kickstarter campaign for its Gemini portable monitor has ended, and the company plans to ship displays to backers in May. But if you didn’t place a pre-order during the first crowdfunding campaign, now you have another chance — Taihe has launched an Indiegogo InDemand page for the Gemini portable monitor. 1/31/2020 Update: Taihe has […]

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Taihe Gemini portable 1080p touchscreen monitor preview

The Taihe Gemini portable monitor has made quite a splash since going up for pre-order on Kickstarter in January, having raised over $1 million from more than 3,200 backers so far — despite the project’s modest goal of just $10,000. Update 2/19/2019: The Kickstarter campaign has ended, but you can now pre-order a Gemini through an […]