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Lilbits (6-26-2013): Chromebooks with Haswell chips on the way?

When the first Chromebooks hit the market, they were powered by Intel Atom chips designed to keep prices relatively low, battery life relatively long, and performance relatively poor. OK, that last bit might have been the unintended consequence of going with Atom rather than a goal. But Google recently showed that Chromebooks don’t have to […]

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Chromebooks will soon be sold in 6600 stores for $199 and up

Google has announced that Chromebooks will soon be available in 6,600 stores around the world. That’s about three times the number of stores that currently offer laptops running Google’s Chrome OS software. Up until now you’ve been able to buy the devices from Best Buy, Amazon, and the Google Play Store. But soon you’ll be […]

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Is a Google-branded Chromebook with a touchscreen in the works?

Google already sells a line of smartphones and tablets through the Google Play Store. While technically these devices are made by Samsung, Asus, and LG, they’re sold under the Google name. According to the China Times, Google could be preparing to do the same thing with an upcoming Chromebook. Chromebooks are basically laptops that run […]

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27 thousand students getting Chromebooks

Android isn’t Google’s only operating system. The company also offers Chrome OS — a simple operating system based on the Chrome web browser that’s designed to run on low-power laptops or desktops which Google calls Chrombooks or Chromeboxes. But you don’t hear much about Chrome OS these days, because Chromebooks haven’t had much commercial success. […]

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Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks drop to $399 and $449 on Amazon

Though they’ve only been available for purchase since June, Samsung has already decided to drop the price of its Series 5 Chromebooks. The Wi-Fi only version is now $30 less at, priced at $399. The 3G version is now only $449 — down from its original $499. Acer’s Chromebook offerings remain cheaper at $349 […]

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Chromebook accessories start shipping on the eve of the Chromebook launches

The Acer Cromia and Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks go on sale tomorrow. These are the first two laptops designed to run Google Chrome OS, with prices ranging from around $380 to $500 depending on which model and configuration you get. While the laptops will feature Google’s unusual new operating system which is basically a full […]