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Soon you’ll only be able to install Google Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store

Browser extensions let you do everything from blocking ads to saving documents to changing the behavior of your web browser’s tabs, windows, or toolbars. I’d have a hard time getting anything done without the LastPass password manager extension, and I’ve got a few others installed that come in handy from time to time. Odds are […]

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Now you can run (some) Android apps on a Chromebook

As promised, Google is bringing support for Android apps to its Chrome operating system. That means in addition to running thousands of web-based apps, you can now use a Chromebook to run some apps that had previously only been available on smartphones or tablets running Android. There are only 4 Android apps available for Chrome […]

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Lilbits (9-10-2014): Intel Core M Broadwell chip benchmarked

Intel’s first Broadwell chip is ready to go and the first laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1s featuring the new processor should hit the streets soon. The Intel Core M processor is a 4.5 watt chip that has the kind of power consumption (and efficiency) you’d expect from a cheap Intel Atom processor. But early benchmark tests […]

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Devs can now offer Google Docs add-ons, paid Chrome extensions,

Google is updating its Google Drive platform to allow developers to offer add-ons for Docs & Sheets. Meanwhile the company is also updating its Chrome Web Store policies, allowing, (among other things), for developers of browser extensions to charge for their tools. You can access add-ons for Doc & Sheets through a new add-ons menu […]

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Google Chrome 33 will disable extensions from outside the Web Store (Windows)

Google is getting ready to step up security in its Chrome web browser by preventing most Windows users from installing browser extensions unless they’re downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. We already knew the change was coming, but Google is going one step further and actually disabling extensions you’ve already installed if they’re not hosted […]

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Google launches Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps in the Chrome Web Store

Earlier this year Google folded its online office suite into the Google Drive online storage service. Now when you type into a web browser, you get redirected to But this week Google made it a bit easier to create new text, spreadsheet, or presentation documents with a single-click. The company has released a […]

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Google introduces in-app payments for Chrome Web Store (Angry Birds for the web)

Google has announced that the Google Chrome web browser now has 160 million users, and the company is pushing new features such as speech input and updates to the Chrome Web Store — including support for in-app payments. Developers can now add the ability to use Google’s payment system to a web app simply by […]

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Google Chrome OS web store, gaming ambitions revealed?

OK, so Google might launch a tablet this fall running its browser-centric Chrome Operating System. OK, so Chrome OS is designed to run web apps instead of native apps stored on a hard drive. But what kind of apps are going to be available? Video gaming site 1Up snapped some photos at a Google presentation […]

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Google introduces Chrome web app store, WebM video format, and Wave public beta

Google opened up the Google I/O developer conference today with a couple of major announcements. First up, Google has announced plans for a new open source web video standard called WebM. Basically, Google is launching the VP8 video codec as open source today, and the new WebM format will use VP8 for video, OGG Vorbis […]