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Japan display unveils 803ppi LCD for virtual reality, sets sights on 1000ppi

It’s not hard to find a smartphone display with over 500 pixels per inch (ppi). But put that display into a virtual reality headset and you can see a bit of a “screen door” effect. Since headsets include lenses that zoom in on the display, you can actually see the lines between individual pixels, which […]

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Samsung unveils 858 ppi display for virtual reality

Samsung’s Gear VR headsets may be designed to turn the company’s phones into virtual reality displays. But even phones with full HD or higher-res displays can suffer from a bit of “screen door” effect when viewed through lenses that magnify the screen so much that you can see the lines between pixels. The Samsung Galaxy […]

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Lilbits (5-12-2014): Tizen is coming

Tizen is an open source, Linux-based operating system that rose out of the ashes of the dead-before-their-time MeeGo, Moblin, and Maemo operating systems. It’s not a continuation of those products like Sailfish so much as a replacement operating system with the same key backers including Samsung and Intel. Samsung reportedly sees Tizen as an opportunity […]

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Acer’s Series 7 ultrabooks with 1080p screens: Too many pixels?

There might be such a thing as too many pixels… at least when it comes to Windows laptops. Companies have been duking it out to see who could pack the most pixels into smartphone and tablet displays, and Apple’s latest 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro laptops also have “Retina” displays. But those phones, laptops, […]