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Reminder: HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition giveaway

There are just a few days left to enter the final contest in the Liliputing Birthday Bash. To celebrate the site’s 1st birthday, we’ve been giving away prizes throughout the month of April. The final prize is a slightly used HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition netbook (the same unit I reviewed for the site a […]

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How to make Eeebuntu look like HP Mobile Internet Experience

The HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition features a unique interface that makes the mini-laptop user friendly for users who aren’t familiar with Linux, or even computers. I spoke with an official from HP yesterday, and he said the idea was to create an interface that’s intuitive and easy to use. When I asked why there’s […]

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HP Mi Edition Linux software (almost) works on non-HP computers

The HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition features a custom version of Ubuntu Linux designed for HP netbooks. But here’s a little secret: HP netbooks have many of the same components as mini-laptops from other companies. So you can install the Mi Edition software on most other netbooks and expect most things to work out of […]