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WOWKeys iPhone dock looks like an Eee Keyboard… with an iPhone

The Asus Eee keyboard computer-in-a-keyboard lets you surf the web from the couch without sticking a PC tower in your home media system. Just fire up the Eee Keyboard, use the wireless HDMI system to connect it to your TV, and use the built-in touchscreen LCD to navigate and you can watch video, read web […]

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Asus is finally ready to ship the Eee Keyboard this month

About 16 months after introducing the Eee Keyboard at CES in 2009, Asus says the computer-in-a-keyboard will finally be available for purchase in the US by the end of the month. Engadget reports that while Asus has finally committed to a ship date, there’s no official word on pricing. The last I’d heard the company […]

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Video shows what you can do with an Eee Keyboard — but not when you can buy one

Asus has been teasing us with a computer-in-a-keyboard called the Eee Keyboard since early last year. The computer has yet to make it to market, but Asus did put out a short promotional video this week that shows just what you would do with a device like the Eee Keyboard. Basically, the Eee Keyboard is […]

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Chinese Eee PC knockoff forgets the battery, wireless HDMI

It’s been over a year since Asus first introduced its Eee Keyboard concept which packs a full fledged computer into a keyboard with a battery, a touchscreen display/controller, and wireless HDMI output to connect to your TV or monitor. Asus has yet to actually bring the Eee Keyboard to market. But a year is plenty […]