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WOWKeys iPhone dock looks like an Eee Keyboard… with an iPhone

The Asus Eee keyboard computer-in-a-keyboard lets you surf the web from the couch without sticking a PC tower in your home media system. Just fire up the Eee Keyboard, use the wireless HDMI system to connect it to your TV, and use the built-in touchscreen LCD to navigate and you can watch video, read web […]

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Asus is finally ready to ship the Eee Keyboard this month

About 16 months after introducing the Eee Keyboard at CES in 2009, Asus says the computer-in-a-keyboard will finally be available for purchase in the US by the end of the month. Engadget reports that while Asus has finally committed to a ship date, there’s no official word on pricing. The last I’d heard the company […]

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Video shows what you can do with an Eee Keyboard — but not when you can buy one

Asus has been teasing us with a computer-in-a-keyboard called the Eee Keyboard since early last year. The computer has yet to make it to market, but Asus did put out a short promotional video this week that shows just what you would do with a device like the Eee Keyboard. Basically, the Eee Keyboard is […]

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Chinese Eee PC knockoff forgets the battery, wireless HDMI

It’s been over a year since Asus first introduced its Eee Keyboard concept which packs a full fledged computer into a keyboard with a battery, a touchscreen display/controller, and wireless HDMI output to connect to your TV or monitor. Asus has yet to actually bring the Eee Keyboard to market. But a year is plenty […]

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NorhTec launches Gecko Surfboard: A $99 computer-in-a-keyboard

Asus isn’t the only company working on a device that packs a whole computer into a slightly chunky keyboard. NorhTec, makers of the low cost, low-power Gecko EduBook netbook plan to bring a new device called the Gecko Surfboard to market. The Surfboard uses a low power x86-compatible system-on-a-chip that combines processor, graphics and memory […]

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Asus Eee Keyboard gets updated hardware, software – Video

The Asus Eee Keyboard has been making the rounds at trade shows for 10 months, but Asus is still putting the finishing touches on this computer-in-a-keyboard and it probably won’t be available until early 2010. But Sascha and Nicole from Netbook News got a chance to spend some time with the latest version of the […]

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Asus Eee Keyboard dissected again… this time by the FCC

Sure, we’ve seen the upcoming Asus Eee Keyboard with its top off before. But it’s always so much more exciting when an official government body like the FCC does the dirty work for you. It makes it feel both more official, and a bit more like we’re seeing something we weren’t really meant to see. […]