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Deals of the Day (8-25-2016)

Want a cheap Chromebook that can run Android apps, but don’t care whether it has a touchscreen or not? Right now there aren’t any non-touch Chromebooks capable of running Android apps, but later this year Google plans to roll out support to dozens of Chrome OS devices… including the Asus C201 Chromebook. And right now […]

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Deals of the Day (8-22-2016)

We’ll probably see a lot of interesting new Chromebooks later this year as device makers start to produce convertibles, 2-in-1s and other devices optimized to run Android apps as well as Google’s Chrome-based operating system. But if you’re in the market for a cheap laptop and don’t care that much about having a touchscreen, there […]

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Libreboot ported to Asus Chromebook C201 (free software bootloader)

There are plenty of open source operating systems available for laptop and desktop computers. But in order to run Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, or other Linux-based software on most computers, you’ll need to rely on some proprietary, closed-source firmware for the bootloader, WiFi card, graphics, or other hardware. Libreboot is a project that takes aim at […]

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Lilbits (5-01-2015): Building (another) open handheld game console

The developers of the DragonBox Pyra are designing a handheld game console with a 5 inch, 720p screen, an ARM Cortex-A15 processor, 2GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a compact design, while still featuring game controller buttons and a QWERTY keyboard. The system is designed to be as open as possible, supporting GNU/Linux software. The project was unveiled over […]

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Asus C201 Chromebook now available for pre-order for $169 (with Rockchip processor)

Google unveiled the first low-cost Chrome OS laptops with Rockchip’s ARM-based processors in March. At the same time the Hisense Chromebook and Haier Chromebook 11 went up for pre-order for about $149. But if you’ve been holding out for a model from a company with a longer track record in the notebook computer space, now there’s […]

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Chromebooks with Rockchip processors are priced at $149 and up

Google and several computer makers are introducing a new line of Chrome OS laptops featuring Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processors and low price tags. In fact, Haier and Hisense are each launching new Chromebooks with starting prices of $149. These aren’t the first Chrome OS laptops to feature ARM-based processors. Samsung launched a line […]