Amazon’s Fire tablets offer some decent bang for the buck — they’re inexpensive devices with decent displays and reasonably good performance. But while the tablets run an Android-based operating system called Fire OS, they don’t come with the Google Play Store or popular Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, or Google Maps.

But it’s pretty easy to install Google services on an Amazon Fire tablet — and that’s true of Amazon’s 2020 series tablets, the 10th-gen Amazon Fire HD 8 and Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus, which ship with Android-based Fire OS 7 software. Update: If you’re looking to install the Google Play Store on 12th-gen Amazon Fire tablets released in 2022, they run Fire OS 8 and the instructions are slightly different.

Update: If you’re looking for a easier method, you may want to check out the latest version of the Fire Toolbox, which simplifies the process and offers more Fire tablet hacking possibilities. But you may still want to check out the steps below if you just want to install the Google Play Store and other Google services. 

For more details on how to use Fire Toolbox, you can also check out Liliputing’s article on installing Google Play on the Fire HD 10 (9th-gen).

In addition to allowing you to access Google apps on an Amazon tablet, loading Google Play will let you install any apps, games, music, movies, and eBooks you may have already paid for in Google’s digital marketplace without paying again in Amazon’s storefront.

Keep in mind that it’s possible not every app in the Play Store will work properly. And there’s no guarantee that installing Google services won’t cause problems with your tablet, but you can always uninstall Google’s services if you’re not happy with things.

Something else to keep in mind — following the steps below will not root your tablet. It will still be running Fire OS rather than stock Android software. You’ll just have access to Google apps and services. The latest method for rooting Amazon Fire devices does not work on the Fire HD 8 2020 series tablets. You can, however disable most Amazon apps if you’re not using them. This can give you a more stock Android-like experience.

So without further ado, here’s a guide for installing Google Play on Amazon’s latest tablets.

Step 1 – Allow installation of unknown apps

  • Open Settings.
  • Select the Security and Privacy option.
  • Find and select the option that says “Applications from unknown sources.”
  • Tap the Amazon Silk browser option.
  • Slide the toggle that allows Silk to install apps from unknown sources.

Now you can download and install applications from sources other than the Amazon Appstore. So let’s go find the app installer files you’ll need.

Note: If you just want to be able to download apps from third-party sources like APKMirror, you’re good to go. But read on to find out how to load Google Play so you can access Google’s app store and access any apps or games you may already have paid for in Google’s digital marketplace.

Step 2 – Download and install the following APK files

Open the Silk web browser and download and install the APK files listed below in the order in which they’re listed. Note that if this is your first time downloading anything with Silk, you will have to grant the browser access to local storage before you can proceed. Also note that rather than link to a specific file, I’m telling you where to grab the latest versions whenever you read this guide:

After you download each file, you should see a pop-up alert asking if you want to install the app. Tap the OK button, choose Install, and then Done at the end and then proceed to the next app.

Steps 3 and 4 – Reboot your tablet and login to your Google account

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed all four apps listed above, hold the power button until you see the restart option and select it. This may not be entirely necessary, but it’s probably a good idea.
  • After the tablet reboots, find the Google Play Store icon, open the app, and login with your Google username and password.

At this point, the Play Store will walk you through the process of logging in. After that’s done, you should be able to download and install most apps available in the Google Play Store.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve got Google Play installed, you may want to disable specific Amazon apps or features that you’re not using. We’ve got a guide for that:

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40 replies on “How to install Google Play on the Amazon Fire HD 8”

  1. I have downloaded each of the files to my Amaxon tablet and installed them but I don’t see an app for Google Play Store. I have verified that the APK files have been downloaded to my tablet but nothing seems to work the way you described it.

  2. I’ve downloaded everything and signed into the store but I’m stuck on “checking for updates” and I can go no further. Help!

  3. I have done this and it works great. Today I got a software update notice. Will installing the software update from Amazon negate this “hack?’

    1. They usually do not remove the Play Store or Play services, but if you’ve disabled lock screen ads or made other changes, you may have to do them again after installing an update.

  4. Hi, I can’t seem to manage my Google account when I click on manage Google account button. Says (something went wrong. Some info may be out of date. Try again later). I’m wondering is it just me or has anyone experience this? Please advise, thank you.

    1. It did the same for me but then I realised you have to download and install the APK files in the correct order, once I deleted them then installed in the correct manner all was well.

  5. I did use your instructions to add Google play store to my Amazon tablet, GREAT!! THANKS!!!
    I wanted some apps from Google that Amazon didn’t have. BUT when I go to my child’s account it won’t let me share content downloaded off Google, only Amazon. I want to share the Google family link so I can assign my child schoolwork through Google classroom. Any suggestions how to bypass the issue?

  6. Hello. Every time I try to open the 2nd app, I get the error message “there was a problem parsing the package”. What am I doing wrong? Fire HD 8 . Thanks.

  7. New Kindle Fire HD 8 (10th gen)

    I’m able to log in to the play store, and get a notification on my phone that I’ve logged into a different device. Play Store appears to be working fine, BUT when I attempt to download an app it gets endlessly stuck on “Waiting for download….”

    I’ve downloaded and tried with multiple different apk files, using the guidelines given here, and keep getting stuck here! Any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

  8. could not parse the framework file; whatever that means. Tried several file download methods. Nothing works.

  9. i did this before on my sons kindle fire 8 he now has the 2020 version and i have downloaded and installed the 1st 3 links but i can’t download the play store i click on download the apk and it just doesn’t it say download will start but doesn’t any Suggestions why or how i can download it please help

    1. I have the same issue, everything loaded, but google sign in button does nothing.

  10. Completed on Kindle 8 (10th Gen) today. Easy and worked like a charm. Thanks for the working process and getting me on my way.

  11. I’ve installed Google services on previous Fire Tablets, such as the 2017 HD 8, with no problem. The method outlined here is largely the same as back then, except Google Play Services doesn’t work. There’s three APKs on the apkmirror page linked to here, and all three of them provide the same result; The Play Store works, Account Management and everything else works, but I cannot use Google Play Games. I cannot log in, I cannot save Cloud Data, and I keep getting the notification that Google Play Services needs to be updated. When I tap the (constant, incessant) notification about this, I am taken to Google Play Services on the Play Store, but there is no option to update it, only deactivate it. Then it continues sending the obnoxious notification.

    So, for now, I have resigned myself to not having Cloud Saves in mobile games, and I’ve disabled the annoying notification in options. Something clearly isn’t right here, though, either in the tutorial itself or in the APK files contained on apkmirror. 🤷‍♂️

  12. The main reason I use a Kindle Fire Tablet is for Privacy. Google can’t spy on me if I don’t use their apps.

  13. Finally educating myself, a little, about the options available for my favorite affordable tablet, a Kindle Fire hd8… Have been really abused by cyberthugz using subatomic quantum nuclear physics particles espionage equipment! I got five(5) Kindles so when I am being bullied on one, I can just switch to another, and somehow the cybertyrantz actually manage to hack all five(5) simultaneously! It is a miserable experience, being unable to utilize your device’s potential and being relentlessly harried, harrassed, haurangued, hindered, and harmed by cyberfelonz who operate as cybercratz! I have been very,very depressed by my predicament, being held hostage in a closed circuit, finite, “No DNS” ethernet in lieu of the real, actual, legit, genuine, true Internet! All I want is access to news, music, movies, books, and games without the tyrannical overlording of parties unknown who intercept our network and directly interfere with all our devices… Do Not want to ever be a “developer”! Just want the unfettered access we pay handsomely for each month but have our access denied by imposters… they are exponentially at fault, only their culpability outstretches their liability! Please Help!!

  14. Any ideas as to why google framework services (second download) would not be loading? Tried the latest 9 and still no go.

    1. Version 7.1 of the Toolbox doesn’t yet support the 10th-gen Fire HD 8 (2020), but the developer plans to add support in the next update. As of June 7th, 2020, the best way to do this is to enter the commands manually.

      1. Update: Starting with version 7.2, the 10th-gen Fire HD is supported. Using the toolbox might be more user friendly for some folks.

  15. Brad…

    Appreciate the tutorial. I’m waiting for Amazon Prime Day to nab one of these, but definitely bookmarked this page for later.

    Still fighting with myself on the new 8 vs a 10. Can’t decide to be honest with you.



    1. I got the HD10 (previous generation) and it is very nice. But the new HD8 is the latest and the Plus has even more ram than the current HD10. If you need one now, I’d get the 8, otherwise I’d wait for them to update the 10.

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