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The 12th-gen Amazon Fire tablet is the first device to ship with Fire OS 8, the latest version of Amazon’s tablet operating system, and it’s now available from Amazon for $60 and up.

While Fire OS continues to put an emphasis on Amazon’s apps and services, making Fire tablets most useful for customers who stream music, movies, and other content from Amazon or read Kindle eBooks, the operating system is based on Google Android. And that means that it’s surprisingly simple to install the Google Play Store on Amazon’s latest tablet. Here’s how (and why) to do that.

There are a few good reasons why you might want to install Google Play on an Amazon tablet. The first is simply that while there are tens of thousands of Android apps and games in the Amazon Appstore, there are millions in the Google Play Store.

The second is that you may already have an Android phone, tablet, or other device. And if you do, there’s a decent change you may already have some free or paid apps and games that you’d like to use on your Fire tablet. Installing Google Play will let you use those apps without purchasing them again from the Amazon Appstore (if that’s even an option), while keeping your data synchronized.

Third, some popular Google apps like the Chrome web browser, Google Maps, Gmail, or YouTube only work on devices that have Google Play Services installed. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend installing all of those apps on an Amazon tablet (Fire tablets tend to be budget devices that might slow down if you ask them to do too much), you might want to install one or two, and the guide below will help you do that.

But there are a few things to keep in mind before we get started. The first is that Fire OS doesn’t have all the features available in other Android devices, so some apps or games you download from the Google Play Store may not function properly because they rely on APIs that may not be available. And the situation on Fire OS 8 is a little different than earlier versions of Amazon’s Android fork: even after installing the Play Store, some apps including Gboard and YouTube Kids will trigger a warning message indicating Google Play Services isn’t installed (even though it is).

Another thing to remember is that once you install the Play Store, it will recognize some of the Amazon apps pre-installed on your tablet (like the Kindle or Alexa apps) and ask you if you want to install updates. It’s probably best to let the Amazon Appstore update those apps, or you’ll keep getting notifications… this is just what happens when using one device with two competing app stores.

Installing Google Play on tablets running Fire OS 8 (including the 2022 Fire 7 and Fire HD 8)

Based on Android 11, Fire OS 8 brings brings support for a system-wide dark mode, a built-in screen recorder, and privacy updates, among other things. It’s debuted with the new 12th-gen Fire 7 tablet, but also runs on the 12th-gen Amazon Fire HD 8 which was released a few months later. All the steps described below have been tested on a 2022 Fire 7 tablet.

There are at least two ways to install the Google Play Store and other Google services on your device. One is to use an utility like Fire Toolbox, which is a free tool for hacking Amazon tablets that will automatically download and install all the correct components with just a few clicks. If you want to do that, you can find instructions in our article about using Fire Toolbox to install Google Play on the 12th-gen Fire 7 tablet.

But Fire Toolbox is designed to run on a Windows PC and requires connecting your tablet to that PC with a USB cable. If you don’t have a Windows machine or just prefer to do everything on the tablet itself, you can follow the guide below to download four Android apps and install them on the tablet.

Step 1: Allow installation of unknown apps

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Select the option that says Security and Privacy.
  • Select the option labeled “Apps from Unknown Sources.”
  • On the following screen, you should see a list of apps that have the potential to install apps. Select the Silk Browser.
  • Slide the toggle so that Silk is allowed to install apps from unknown sources.

Now you’re able to download Android APK installer files from the internet and install them. If that’s all you want to do, you’re good to go.

For example, what if you want to install open source Android apps that may not be available from Amazon’s Appstore? Just visit F-Droid and search for apps or install the open source app store on your device. But if you want to install the Google Play Store, let’s keep going.

Step 2: Download and install the following 4 APK files

Open the Silk web browser and download the four APK files listed below, in the order in which they’re listed. Note that rather than giving you a link to the specific file you’ll need to use, I’m telling you how to get the latest compatible version for your device so that this guide doesn’t go out of date if new versions of the files are made available in the future.

  • Google Services Framework 10 (Do not use version 11 or later. While the tablet runs an Android 11-based operating system, the Android 11 version of this file would not install on my tablet, but the Android 10 version works perfectly)

Once you’ve downloaded each file, you can either tap the download notification to start the installation process, or you can open the Files app and navigate to your Downloads folder, then tap each file in order to start the installer.

Step 4: Reboot and login

After completing the steps above, you should see the Google Play Store icon on your home screen. While you could theoretically login right away, I’ve found it’s usually a good idea to reboot your tablet first. Just press and hold the power button, choose the reboot option, and wait a moment for the tablet to restart.

Then tap the Play Store icon and login with your Google account credentials to access the Play Store.

8/25/2022 Update: When the Fire 7 (2022) tablet began shipping in June, it took me just a few minutes to figure out how to get the Play Store up and running and I was able to use it to install a handful of third-party apps that were not available from the Amazon Appstore. But many other users have reported that they had trouble logging into their Google account after installing the Google Play Store and other Google Mobile services.

Since then, the Play Store has stopped functioning reliably on my tablet as well. Sometimes the Play Store fails to fully load when I launch the app. While some users have indicated that deleting the memory and cache for the Play Store and Google Play Services allows it to run once, that trick alone doesn’t seem to work for me unless I reboot the tablet once or twice as well. Fortunately the apps I’d already installed from the Play Store continue to work, although it’s unclear if they’ll reliably download automatic updates. 

Overall it seems like the 12th-gen Fire 7 tablet with Fire OS 8 is a lot less Google Play-friendly than earlier Amazon Fire tablets. It’s unclear if this is due to steps that Amazon has taken to lock down the operating system or if it’s a side effect of the fact that the latest version of Amazon’s Android fork is based on Android 11, which would sort of make it Google’s fault. 

12/7/2022 UpdateIn late November, Amazon began rolling out a update for the Fire 7 (2022) and Fire HD 8 (2022) tablets and users began to notice that they were able to install Google apps and services again.

I’ve confirmed this by uninstalling and reinstalling the Play Store on my tablet, and I can now install Google apps including Google Maps and YouTube… although some apps, like YouTube Kids still don’t work properly. Some users have found that installing an older version of YouTube Kids resolves that particular issue, but if you go that route, you’ll need to tell the Play Store not to auto-update YouTube Kids if you want to continue using it. 

This article was first published June 29, 2022 and most recently updated December 26, 2022.

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  1. I downloaded the 4 files from your links, the first 2 loaded ok, the 3rd is a BIN file and will only open with a WPS file viewer app. I uninstalled everything and tried it all again with no joy. I’m using a fire HD 8 12th gen. Do I need something to run these BIN files?

  2. I have Amazon Fire HD8 (2022). Whenever I go to try to download the APK app it wants to install it on my phone and won’t let me download to the fire. HELP

        1. And you’re clicking the download links listed in this article? I can’t see why that would install the apps on your phone instead of the tablet. In fact, if you haven’t already installed the Google Play Store on your tablet, I cannot think of any way that you could easily install an app on your phone from your tablet unless you login to your Google account from a web browser and visit the Play Store website.

          1. I try to load the API app from silk and it asks which device but only shows my phone as an option. I am totally confused. Same if I try to directly download the 4 Google files in the direction.

          2. Did you watch the video? Is what you’re doing on the tablet matching what’s shown in the video?

            Because honestly, I cannot tell what you’re doing wrong from your description. Downloading a file from APKMirror.com should not result in a message asking if you’d like to download to a different device.

          3. i think I finally am getting somewhere but am not sure. There are a few steps that are a bit unclear from the video as some of what came up when I tried to find files were different from those shwn on the video. I seem to have all for files on my fire npow, but when I hit the google play icon, it askes me to sign in to google but won’t let me go there. I probably have a wrong file downloaded but am not sure how to determine that.

  3. Good to see that it is possible to run Android apps on Fire HD and it is not much of a hassle. I was thinking of getting it for my kid and this was a worry.

  4. Received my new Fire Max 11 on Wednesday & it is a beauty! Waited until Thursday to attempt to sideload Google Play Store, using Lilljputing steps for Fire HD 8. It worked first time, & continues to work every since. Here are the choices I made:
    1. Google Account Manager, used version 7.12 (6.25gb)
    2. Google Systems Framework, used version 9, (4.6gb)
    3. Google Play Services, version 23.22.15 (arm 64, Android 9+), (161.35 gb)
    4. Google Play Store, version 36.2.11 (arm 64, Android 5+), 56.63 gb)
    YMMV. But it is well worth the effort! Thanks, Lilliputing.com. (BTW, I supported your platform!)
    Blessings from NC,
    Patrice M

  5. Hi Brad,
    This worked, at least partially for what I need my tablet to do. I do indeed now have Google Play on my tablet. However, I am trying to open an app from Tapjoy and when I do I get a message that says “an error occurred” or it automatically opens in the Amazon App Store, or a message that says External Market Links Disabled. It says I can update this option in the External Market Links section of AppStore Settings but I can’t find this option.

  6. I just bought the Amazon fire he 8 kids and I have tried these stores numerous times. Every time I launch the AppStore it open and then imminently close straight after I tried the method 6 times uninstalling and reinstalling it too. Any idea would appreciate it thank you

  7. FINALLY! This worked! Thank you, thank you. Have tried several times over many months & this time it worked! Hooray on Pi Day!
    Patrice from Hertford NC

  8. IV noticed most games that require online play either bog down or crash within five mins of play..(am fire 8 12th)…..but I can download a emulator and play offline old school games fine?…(very occasional crash)….I’m no whiz with programming by far and forgive me if I’m asking a question you may likely have already answered?….but is there a version of play services I should download for games such as hill climb racing 2 and raid shadow legends?…

    1. Me too. Star Wars card trader crashes. Sometimes I can be on for 5 minutes, sometimes not at all.

  9. How do you get over the issue on the 12th generation of youtube kids saying play services not installed? Is there a simple explanation how to overcome this?

  10. Just in case this helps anyone else get the Google Play Store and Youtube Kids working on an Amazon Kids Profile (i.e. being able to install apps from the Play Store) on a Fire HD 8 2022. I basically did Stepan’s instructions below but using OneDrive instead of ‘ES File Explorer’ and also made sure to install Google APKs on both the Child and Adult Profile (if you only install them on the Child Profile then you can’t install any apps from the Play Store – it just gets stuck ‘Pending’).

    1) Factory reset the tablet if you installed google services to adult profile (not sure if it’s necessary).

    2) Get RocketApps app from Amazon App Store, add it to child profile and install it on the Child Profile (Using ‘Add Content’ from the Amazon Kids Parent Dashboard – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GVAD4XCGKTKBKPPV ).

    3) Install OneDrive app from Amazon App Store onto the Adult Profile, add it to Child profile and then install it onto the Child Profile too.

    4) Go to Adult profile and download the Google APKs mentioned in the article above from apkmirror.com using Silk Browser. Also, download an older version of the Youtube Kids apk (I downloaded the most recent version of 5.XX – https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/youtube-kids/youtube-kids-5-51-2-release/youtube-kids-5-51-2-3-android-apk-download/ ). If any of the APKs are bundles then you’ll also need to download the APK Mirror Installer – https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/apkmirror/apkmirror-installer-official/apkmirror-installer-official-1-3-2-17-5-release/apkmirror-installer-official-1-3-2-17-5-android-apk-download/

    5) On the Adult Profile, open the OneDrive App and log in with a Microsoft account (create a new account if you don’t have one). Upload all of the APKs from your Downloads folder on your device to your OneDrive Documents folder.

    6) Go to the Child Profile and open the OneDrive App and log in. Download all of the APK files and save them to the Downloads folder.

    7) Open RocketApps and click Settings to add the ‘Files’ app. Open the Files App and install the APK files in the order mentioned in the article above (i.e. com.google.android.gsf.login, com.google.android.gsf, com.google.android.gms, com.apkmirror.helper.prod, com.android.vending, com.google.android.apps.youtube.kids). If any of them are bundle files then open the APKMirror App and browse to the Bundle file and install it.

    8) Reboot the device

    9) Go to the Child Profile, open RocketApps and add the ‘Google Play Store’ and Youtube Kids apps.
    Open the Google Play Store app and sign in with a Google account. Go to account settings and disable the Auto updating of apps.

    10) Go to the Adult Profile and open the Files App and install the Google APK files in the order mentioned in the article above (i.e. com.google.android.gsf.login, com.google.android.gsf, com.google.android.gms, com.apkmirror.helper.prod, com.android.vending). If any of them are bundle files then open the APKMirror App and browse to the Bundle file and install it.

    11) Reboot the device

    12) Go to the Adult Profile, open the Google Play Store app and sign in with a Google account. Go to account settings and disable the Auto updating of apps.

    13) Go to the Child Profile and you should now be able to open Youtube Kids and install Apps from the Google Play Store (using the RocketApps app).

    1. this is a great guide, thank you!

      Since I wrote my comment I figured there is an easier way to upload files (apk, or anything else) to Child profile that makes unnecessary to deal with ES file explorer or OneDrive:

      1) Connect Kindle to a computer using a regular USB cable
      2) Go to Child profile
      3) Using RocketApps enable Settings app
      4) In Settings app find Usb settings -> Allow file transfer via USB (I don’t remember exact wording).
      5) After this you should be able to see an internal kindle storage mounted on your PC and you can transfer any files over from a computer.

    2. if you only install them on the Child Profile then you can’t install any apps from the Play Store – it just gets stuck ‘Pending’

      That’s exactly what I was fighting with as I didn’t install Google service to Parent profile, and I ended up just downloading apks for everything 🙂

  11. I have the fire HD 8 tablet with 12the gen. I followed the instructions found the Google play services for arm 64 and 11. But when I download YouTube TV it says I need to download play services when I try to open YTTV

    1. You can download Chrome and watch YTTV through the browser. A little clunky but it works. Anyone know if that’s the only work around? I even uninstalled and reinstalled another one. It seems my Google services install works for chrome and everything else just not YouTube TV.

  12. All good, thanks. One minor clarification: I couldn’t install any of the apk files that were listed as “bundles”, so I had to redo the installation and it worked just fine using the apk files NOT bundles.

  13. Just got a fire tablet 8 12th gen….I so need Google on here and oh how I dread this installing process I gotta do…I’m a bit on the slow side when it comes to this stuff….I find that I’m gonna have to write this all down on paper and go from there…guess its just how my old school brain works..thanks

  14. I’m uneasy about installing packages from APKMirror. It is full of annoying popup ads of the type found on malware sites. If these packages are really from Google LLC, aren’t they available directly from Google, or at least from some reputable, non-ad-ridden source like F-Droid?

    1. There is always risk associated with installing files that are downloaded from third-party websites rather than directly from the source. But unfortunately Google does not officially make these apps available to the public, and they would never, ever end up in F-Droid, which only hosts open-source apps.

      APKMirror is a site I trust about as much as any other, which is why they’re the ones I linked to. It is an ad-supported site, but it’s run by Artem Russakovskii, who I’ve known for over a decade and who was the founder of the Android Police blog (which has gone seriously down hill since he sold it, but that’s a story for another day).

        1. Maybe one day I’ll write a guide showing how to find the actual download links on APKMirror while avoiding the ads made to look like download links.

          To be fair, APKMirror probably doesn’t design those ads… it’s just what happens when ad networks put their stuff on a site like this.

    2. The version of Google Account Manager (7.1.2) on apkmirror.com has a community score of -19 on VirusTotal. That, plus the multiple layers of deliberately deceptive ads on apkmirror.com that try to trick you into clicking on them, makes me even more doubtful about that site.

  15. The Fire 10 I bought in Nov. 2022 has NO Android Settings menu.
    It’s replaced Android settings with this list of settings. These are ALL of the settings on the device. I’m returning this fascist piece of trash to fascist Amazon.

    Device Name
    Push Notifications
    Color Theme
    Download to SD card
    Group Series in Library
    Show Personal Documents in Library
    Send-to-Kindle E-mail Address
    Book Updates
    Auto-Download Audible Books
    Whispersync for Books
    1-Click Payment Method

    1. Oh, my mistake! The Android settings is still there; I was going to the Settings menu given within… um, I can’t find it anymore. After I set up the device, the only Settings menu accessible is the one I typed in above. But now, I can no longer find that Settings menu, but rather only the Android settings menu, which is available from Home.

      1. To enable Developer Options, you now have to go to
        Settings > Device Options > About Fire Tablet
        and tap on the Serial Number repeatedly.

  16. Managed to install Google Play Store on my Fire 8 Tablet, 12th Gen using the instructions here. It also seems like regular YouTube installs and plays fine after the latest OS updates. However YT kids still seems to have issues. The latest version from the play store gives the error message, as the notes in this article suggest that the framework is not installed even though it certainly is. However if you download an older version of YT Kids apk (5.XX) it installs and plays wonderfully. The last bit I cannot figure out is how to get the app to show up in my kids profile. When you go to Add Content, Share Content, the YT Kids app isn’t in any of the tabs. Why is this so frustratingly difficult? If anyone knows of a solution, please let me know.

    1. I managed to get YT kids to child profile but it wasn’t straightforward:
      1) Factory reset the tablet if you installed google services to adult profile (not sure if it’s necessary, but otherwise the solution didn’t work for me)
      2) Get rocketapps app from amazon playstore and add it to child profile
      3) Install es file explorer and add it to child profile
      4) Go to child profile and download google apks (including older version of YT kids). I used Esfile explorer + Files combo for it, but maybe there is an easier way to download those.
      5) Install apks to child profile. Make sure you can load google play store – use rocket apps for it. Try to load YT kids.
      6) Hide everything else except YT kids in rocket apps

      1. Oh, my mistake! The Android settings is still there; I was going to the Settings menu given within… um, I can’t find it anymore. After I set up the device, the only Settings menu accessible is the one I typed in above. But now, I can no longer find that Settings menu, but rather only the Android settings menu, which is available from Home.

  17. Interesting, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck with Amazon’s ads or its launcher; the amount of troubleshooting required to use regular Android apps is also now far beyond what all but a relative handful of users are willing to put up with. I think it’s past time to write off the use of Fire tablets as Android devices with the exceptions of the 2021 editions of the Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 10+; at full price, these aren’t that competitive — do let us know if the Fire HD 10 goes on sale for $75 again though.

      1. But you can’t install Google Play on it, because the Android Settings menu has been removed.

        1. Er, you probably can. As I said above, immediately after setup, the only Settings menu was one associated with my Amazon account. Now that Settings is no longer available, and the Android Settings is.

        2. The Settings menu looks much like Android’s but that isn’t germane; the 2021 edition of the Fire HD 10 and 10 Plus (not “refurbished” models) still (I believe) ship with a version of the Fire OS early enough to be successfully modified with the Fire Toolkit — I’ve got Google Play and use Lawnchair 2 as my launcher. I only use it occasionally, but it seems to work well.

  18. Unfortunately the foregoing APK solution for the installation of Google Play on the latest Fire 8 H D 12th generation tablet doesn’t work. It refuses to open.

  19. I have tried to install Google Play manually and with Toolbox… Google Play will not open. Any ideas?

    1. same here, i’ve tried toolbox and now the manual download and installation of each file, but the play store only opens shortly and crashes….. nothing works… will need an working fix…. anyone could help?

  20. This guide worked great to get the play store working on the new 12th gen Fire 7 (2022). I did run into the issue with the YouTube kids app and Google Services not working. My grandson loves YouTube kids so I was trying different things and versions and still couldn’t get it. While looking around on APKMirror I found a YouTube kids for Amazon fire tv. That one did the trick and works well if anyone is interested.

      1. There’s a way around to download youtube kids without getting any errors:
        Go online and look for an older youtube kids version apk ;(ex 5.40.3.)
        Then install it as normal.
        Then go to your google playstore-app settings and click DO NOT AUTO UPDATE APPS .
        This should work as the fire 7 recognizes the newer versions and block it but not the older ones

  21. Brad, thanks for the tips. I successfully added Google Play to a Fire tablet 10 with no problems at all but I have tried multiple times on my new Fire 7 12th gen with no luck. I’ve picked the latest APK files per your instruction as well as working my way backwards through the list with each failed attempt. I’ve also stayed away from Beta versions and with each failed attempt, I reset back to factory settings to ensure no lingering files exist. Each time I’ve had the same result, the applications successfully load, but when I go to open Google Play for the first time, I get to where I can enter my account but when I enter my password, the application crashes. From that point forward, the application doesn’t respond when clicking on “Sign In” and also the Silk browser crashes every time I try to open it. Any ideas?

    1. My experince EXACTLY!!! It is as if I would have written this post! Just hoping the geeks will come up with the proper installation process in the near future.

    2. If you have access to a Windows computer, I’d suggest uninstalling all of the APKs you’ve installed and then using Fire Toolbox instead of trying to do it manually. It helps reduce the risk of installing the wrong file by automatically downloading and loading them for you:


      That said, it’s still not a perfect solution. Fire OS 8 does appear to have some changes that make certain apps installed from the Google Play Store unhappy, even if those same apps run without problems on tablets running Fire OS 7. If and when we find a fix for that, I’ll update this article.

      1. Hey Brad,

        Again, I really do appreciate your help with this as I know it’s not an exact science. I see if I can get my hands on a Windows PC to try this out. Unfortunately, I have 4 laptops in the house and they’re all Macs…

  22. Any workaround to get youtubekids working? I get the error message you described but cannot launch it past that.

    1. I was able to get YouTube kids working on Fire 7 12th gen by following all the above instructions. Got the Google framework missing services error. Went to APKMirror and did some searching (search YouTube Kids) saw a YouTube kids for Amazon Fire TV. I thought what the heck and tried it. Well it works well! Not sure if you even need all of the Google play store files above but I did install them first so I could get play store apps as well.

    2. There’s a way around to download youtube kids without getting any errors:
      Go online and look for an older youtube kids version apk ;(ex 5.40.3.)
      Then install it as normal.
      Then go to your google playstore-app settings and click DO NOT AUTO UPDATE APPS .
      This should work as the fire 7 recognizes the newer versions and block it but not the older ones

  23. (Brad, thanks much for your help. I tried it with your link, no go).
    I bought the Fire HD 10 in Nov 2021, and installed thePlay store within minutes.
    But with this Fire 7 (12th generation) I tried everything, followed your instructions, the Store opens up, but apps like Chrome, Gmail, Keep, cause it to crash.
    Guess we will just have to wait till the dust settles and the correct files are uploaded.

    1. Interesting. To be honest, I usually don’t install Gmail because I prefer to use Amazon’s tablets for reading/watching and not for productivity. And I stick with the Silk browser for similar reasons (I don’t need my sites and passwords to sync if I’m mostly using the tablet for entertainment, and I figure they’re not particularly powerful tablets, so the fewer resource-intensive apps I install, the better).

      But I was able to install Feedly, the NYT app, and a few others without any trouble.

      Anyway, the developer of Fire Toolbox is working to add support for the 12th-gen Fire 7 and/or Fire OS 8 more generally. It still seems to be a work in progress, but I suspect the kinks will be worked out within the next few days, offering a slightly more foolproof method for getting Google Play up and running on the tablet, as it will automatically download and install the correct Google apps for your device. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/windows-tool-fire-toolbox-v28-1.3889604/

      1. Thanks a million! I am happy to wait until everything will be worked out. Appreciate your prompt response!

  24. Excellent article and I was able to install on my brand-new 2022 Fire 7 tablet. Thanks for the assistance!

    1. Spoke too soon, Gmail crashes and now the play store says it cannot connect to the Internet. Trying again…

  25. When trying to load Framework it has a pop up that states “There was a problem parsing the package” Any suggestions?

    1. I downloaded 9 and it installed. Play store keeps crashing when trying to load. Will try an earlier version

          1. Same here .. .. msg ‘won’t run without Google Play services’ but it shows up in the apps list

    2. So I have had zero luck installing Play Store on Fire 7 Gen 12. I dug deeper into it and it appears that the underlying reason for the failure is that Google Play Protect requires a certified OS in order to run properly. And since Google Store requires Google Play Protect in order to login to Google Account Services the whole network of Google apps simply won’t function together. This looks like it would require a Google update in order to support/certify OS 8 which frankly they have no incentive to do.

  26. You lost me at installing Google Play Services. Please direct as to exactly which one to download and how to find that specific APK.

    1. This changes frequently, which means that this guide would go out of date in a matter of days if I linked to a specific file. But, for example, if you wanted to download a compatible version on June 30, 2022 , I’d suggest this Google Play Services APK from June 27, 2022 (22.24.13 arm64-v8a +_ armeabi-v78 Android 11+ nodpi): https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-play-services/google-play-services-22-24-13-release/google-play-services-22-24-13-150400-455379205-2-android-apk-download/

    1. Fire tablets are not for you. One can run Linux in a container on rooted devices — not sure how successfully; I installed Linux Deploy on my old LG G6, but I didn’t have network access immediately and I haven’t done the research necessary to proceed. How about a more detailed look at Linux on Android, Brad?