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Lilbits: Intel Arc A750 and A770 reviews are in, Google Nest WiFi Pro launched, Amazon Glow canceled

Intel’s new Arc A700 series desktop graphics cards will finally be available starting next week. And it turns out they’re… apparently not bad? The first reviews are in, and while some testers say that Intel’s graphics drivers and/or support for some older games could be better, overall Intel seems to have delivered on its promise: […]

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Lilbits: Windows on the Surface Duo 2, Fire TV on the Echo Show 15, and new Echo Dot smart speakers are also eero WiFi range extenders

It’s been four years since Microsoft updated its Surface Studio line of all-in-one desktop computers, but it looks like a new model could be coming soon. Amazon is adding new features to its Echo Show 15 and eero mesh WiFi router systems, and the company’s newest Echo Dot smart speakers also have eero capabilities baked […]

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Compare Kindle specs: Amazon Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis

The Amazon Kindle devices are some of the most popular eBook readers with electronic paper displays due to ease of use, tight integration with the world’s most popular eBook store, and probably most importantly, their relatively affordable price tags. Starting prices range from $100 for an entry-level Kindle to $350 for a Kindle Scribe with […]

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Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd-gen) has a mic, speakers, WiFi 6E, HDMI input and a faster processor

Amazon’s new Fire TV Cube goes up for pre-order today for $140 and ships October 25. Like earlier models, it’s a media streamer with a built-in microphone, allowing you to use either a remote control or your voice to control media playback. But the new 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube has a faster processor than the […]

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Amazon Kindle Scribe is a 10.2 inch E Ink writing slate for $340

Amazon’s new Kindle Scribe is the company’s first large-screen E Ink device since the company canceled the Kindle DX. It’s also the company’s first Kindle that supports pen input. While other members of the Kindle family are designed for reading eBooks, the Kindle Scribe can be used for reading and writing thanks to its 10.2 inch E […]

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Lilbits: The next Nintendo Switch could have 10X the graphics power, a DIY eReader with mechanical keys, and more on the new Fire HD 8’s processor upgrade

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful game consoles in history, but while Nintendo has released a few different versions of the Switch since the first model began shipping in 2017, every version has had the same NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, which puts a bit of a bottleneck on the graphics capabilities of […]

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Compare Amazon Fire tablet specs: Fire 7, Fire HD 8, and Fire 10 tablets

Amazon’s Fire tablets are some of the most cheapest tablets worth buying thanks to a combination of decent screens, acceptable performance (for some tasks) and really low starting prices. Normally you can pick up an Amazon Fire tablet for between $60 and $180. From time to time, they go on sale at deep discounts. But […]

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Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022) arrives with a faster processor and a $100 starting price

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet has been one of the best budget tablets available for years, offering a better screen and processor than the entry-level Fire 7, at a lower price than the higher-performance Fire HD 10. Now Amazon is refreshing the Fire HD 8 with new 2022 models that… look an awful lot like […]

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is now available with up to 16GB of storage

This month Amazon launched a new entry-level Kindle featuring an upgraded display, faster wireless, and 16GB of storage, which is twice as much as the previous-gen model. What’s odd is that this means an entry-level Kindle has more storage than the latest Kindle Paperwhite, which has just 8GB. But now Amazon has introduced a minor […]