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Lilbits: SH1MMER lets you jailbreak enterprise-managed Chromebooks

Chromebooks have grown in popularity over the past decade in part because they’re easy to use and tend to offer decent performance even if you opt for a cheap model with low-power hardware. But a big part of the reason there are so many Chromebooks these days is that they’ve made inroads with education and […]

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Unlock the Chromecast with Google TV bootloader to run LineageOS or Ubuntu (older models only)

The $50 Chromecast with Google TV is a dongle that hangs from the HDMI port of a TV, allowing you to stream video, listen to music, or play games using Google’s software. Want to use it for something more? A team of developers have just released a method for unlocking the bootloader. That makes it […]

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Lilbits: Getting what you pay for with enthusiast-grade hardware

Pine64 has produced some of the most interesting hardware aimed at open source enthusiasts over the past few years. They’re not exactly high-performance machines, but what they are is cheap – among other things, Pine64 sells Linux smartphones for as little as $150 and Linux laptops for as little as $100. Those low prices, combined with […]

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Hackers bring multi-boot support to newer iPhones and iPads

Apple makes it easy to upgrade an iPhone or iPad to a new version of iOS and often boasts about the high-percentages of users running the latest version of the operating system. A few things the company doesn’t make easy? Downgrading to an earlier version of iOS, installing an alternate operating system, or dual-booting. Or […]

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Most iPhones and iPads could be jailbroken via the new checkm8 exploit

A newly released exploit for iOS devices could mean that every iOS device with an Apple A5 through Apple A11 processor can be jailbroken. The new checkm8 exploit is said to work on everything from the iPhone 4S (2011) through the iPhone X (2017) could be vulnerable to the new exploit — plus most iPads […]

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2nd-gen Amazon Fire TV can be rooted (again)

It’s been a few years since hackers discovered how to root Amazon’s 2nd-gen Fire TV the first time. But Amazon patched the vulnerability used to gain root access with a software update, starting a bit of a cat and mouse game (another root method was later discovered and then lost due to another over-the-air software […]

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Nearly 15 million Nintendo Switches are now hackable (other NVIDIA Tegra X1 devices too)

Earlier this year hackers started to show evidence of an exploit that allowed you to load custom software on a Nintendo Switch game console. Theoretically that opens the door for homebrew applications, modified games, or even running an alternate operating system such as a GNU/Linux distribution on Nintendo’s latest game system. It could also make […]

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Intel issues statement on security vulnerability

Intel has confirmed reports that a security vulnerability affecting its processors. In a statement, Intel says the company doesn’t believe the security exploit could be used to modify, delete, or corrupt data… but stealing your passwords and other sensitive information is probably bad enough, which explains why a massive effort is underway to address the […]

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Running unsigned code on some Roku media streaming boxes

People have been hacking streaming media devices such as the Apple TV, Google TV, Chromecast for ages by gaining access to root permissions and installing third party apps that wouldn’t otherwise be supported. Now it’s Roku’s turn. Roku makes some of the most popular devices for streaming internet content to a television, but the built-in […]

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Google pushes first Chromecast update, removes root exploit

Just days after Google released the Chromecast media streaming device, the company started pushing its first software update for the $35 device. Officially the new software patches some bugs and improves security and reliability. As a side effect, it also makes the Chromecast a lot tougher to root. The folks at GTVHacker recently discovered they […]