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Sager offers the Clevo W110ER gaming laptop for $899 and up

The Clevo W110ER is a gaming laptop with an 11.6 inch display, Intel Ivy Bridge processor and NVIDIA Kepler graphics card. It’s one of the most powerful computers available in an 11.6 inch form factor — especially for gamers. Clevo is a Taiwanese PC manufacturer, but a handful of companies are slapping their names on […]

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Clevo W110ER 11 inch gaming laptop reviewed, mostly liked

Computers designed for gaming tend to be big, heavy, and generally a pain to lug around. Notebooks with 11.6 inch displays, on the other hand, are typically aimed at folks that prioritize mobility over graphics performance. They tend to be thin, light, and easy to stuff in a bag. There hasn’t been a whole lot of overlap […]