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Archos launches Platinum 8, 9.7, and 11.6 inch tablets with quad-core chips

Archos has been showing off its new Platinum line of Android tablets with quad-core chips since the Consumer Electronics Show. But now the company’s making those tablets official, and promising to ship the first models this month. As expected, Archos is also adding an 11.6 inch model to the lineup. The Archos Platinum tablets are […]

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Archos 97 Platinum tablet with Retina-like display is just an Onda V972 with another name

The Archos 80 Platinum isn’t the only new tablet from Archos that’s actually built by Chinese device maker Onda. The Archos 97 Platinum passed through the FCC this week, and it looks like this 9.7 inch tablet with a 2048 x 1536 pixel display and a quad-core processor is just a rebadged Onda V972. The […]