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Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung Black Friday deals are live

A bunch of stores are starting their Black Friday deals a little early this year. And that’s before you even take into account all the stores running pre-Black Friday sales. Anyway, if you’ve been waiting to score a big discount on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart speaker, or other device, today’s as good a day […]

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Daily Deals (8-21-2018)

Amazon’s Fire HD 10 tablet features a full HD display, a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor, and a starting price of $150… normally. But on Amazon Prime Day in July the Fire HD 10 was on sale for $50 off. And today it’s on sale for the same price… which means you can pick up a […]

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Amazon launches Fire HD 10 Kids Edition for $200

Amazon’s Fire HD 10 is a tablet with a 10.1 inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel display, a quad-core processor, and at least 32GB of storage. With a list price of $150, it costs almost twice as much as an entry-level Fire HD 8, but it has a bigger screen, more storage, a faster processor, and […]

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Amazon Fire Tablets gain “Show Mode” which turns them into Echo Show devices

Amazon has been blurring the lines between some of its most popular hardware recently. The new Amazon Fire TV Cube is basically what you’d get if you crossed a Fire TV with an Echo Dot. And the addition of the hands-free Alexa voice service to the company’s latest Fire tablets basically lets you use them […]

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Deals of the Day (4-09-2018)

Amazon’s Fire tablets, Fire TV media streamers, and Kindle eReaders are already pretty affordable at their normal prices. But Amazon has a habit of running sales on these gadgets so often that I have to wonder why you’d ever bother paying full price unless you were in a hurry. Anyway, if you’ve been waiting for […]

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What to do if your 2017 Amazon Fire tablet stops showing Google Play apps

Have a recent Amazon Fire, Fire HD 8, or Fire HD 10 tablet with the Google Play Store installed? Sometime in the past few weeks a number of users noticed that they were having trouble using some of the apps installed from the Play Store. Update: Some users are reporting they’re having the same problems […]

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Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) can be rooted (running Fire OS 5.6 or earlier)

There are a lot of things you can do to modify Amazon’s 2017 line of Fire tablets without rooting them. You can install the Google Play Store, try alternate launchers, and more. But there are even more things you can do with root access… it’s just that up until recently there was no good way to […]

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PSA: Amazon releases Fire OS 5.6 update, fixes install from unknown sources bug

Amazon recently rolled out a new version of Fire OS for its tablets and while Fire OS 5.6 brings a few new features including support for monitoring smart home cameras with Alexa, app icons in the notification tray and some tweaks to the settings menu, it also partially broke one feature: installation of apps from […]

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Amazon’s Kindle and Fire tablet Black Friday prices now live (starting at $50)

Amazon isn’t waiting for Black Friday to put some of its tablets, eReaders, and other devices on sale. The company’s Fire HD 10 tablet is on sale for $100 starting today, which is $50 off the usual price for this full HD tablet with a quad-core processor. The Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite are both $30 […]

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Amazon Fire tablets: Installing apps from unknown sources in Fire OS 5.6.0

Amazon recently starting rolling out Fire OS 5.6.0 for the Amazon Fire, Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets. Among other things, it includes an updated notification tray that shows icons for apps that want your attention rather than just a number showing how many notifications are available. But folks who have tried installing […]

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Amazon’s new $150 Fire HD 10 has full HD display, Alexa voice controls

As expected, Amazon is launching an updated Fire HD 10 tablet. What’s a little unexpected though, is that the new model has a higher-resolution display, a faster processor, more memory, and new features… and it’s still cheaper than the model it replaces. The new Amazon Fire HD 10 is up for pre-order for $150 and […]