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Acer Aspire D250 with Google Android coming this quarter

Acer is preparing to unleash its first netbook running the Google Android operating system on the world before the end of the year. The netbook will be an Acer Aspire D250 laptop which will actually dual boot Google Android and Windows XP. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure there’s a huge demand for netbooks with both […]

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Acer netbook with Google Android coming next month?

Just over a week after a Chinese web site posted some hands-on impressions of a pre-release version of Acer’s upcoming netbook loaded with the Google Android operating system, Gizmodo is reporting that Acer’s Android netbook will be available to the general public by November. The laptop will likely retail for around $300 to $350, which […]

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Verizon to sell Gateway LT2016u netbook for $150 plus service contract

This is just a quick update to confirm that Verizon will begin selling the Gateway LT2016u netbook starting Sunday, October 4th. Earlier this week Engadget snagged a leaked document with all the details. But Verizon went and made things official today with a press release. The Gateway LT2016u is basically a rebranded Acer Aspire One […]

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Gateway LT2000: An Aspire One D250 in Gateway clothing

Gateway has introduced its latest netbook, the LT2000. And if the specs looks familiar, that’s because it bears a pretty striking resemblance to the Acer Aspire One D250. Gateway is, after all, a subsidiary of Acer. The Gateway LT2000 does have a few cosmetic differences. The touchpad button looks smaller, and the area by the […]