It’s open season on big smartphone leaks. Samsung’s expected to unveil its next-generation Galaxy Note soon, but Evan Blass has posted some pictures and specs that give us a good idea of what to expect.

Sony, meanwhile, hasn’t yet officially acknowledged the existence of the upcoming Xperia C5 smartphone with super-slim side bezels. But we already know it’s coming… and now we have some real-world photos to show what it looks like.

samsung galaxy note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung has two lines of flagship phones. The company updated its Galaxy S series earlier this year with the launch of the Galaxy S6 featuring a 5.1 inch quad HD display and an Exynos 7420 processor.

Now it looks like the Galaxy Note 5 will have the same screen resolution and processor, but a bigger display… and of course it’ll work with an S Pen digital pen.

The Galaxy Note 6 is said to feature a 5.66 inch, 2560 x 1440 pixel display, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 16MP rear camera, and a 5MP front camera. It’ll reportedly ship with Android 5.1 software, come in normal and “Edge” variants (with curved left and right screen edges on the Edge model) and like the Galaxy S6, this model will lack a microSD card slot.

Sony Xperia C5

This phone is expected to feature a 6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel display, a MediaTek MT6752 octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and a 2930 mAh battery.

xperia c5

Sony’s C-series phones are mid-range devices. The company’s most powerful products are sold under the Xperia Z line. But this model which is expected to sell for under $360 has one interesting feature: bezels that are just about 0.8mm inches thick on the left and right sides of the phone.

You can find more photos of this phone at Xperia Blog, which also has details about the upcoming Xperia M5 with a faster processor, more RAM, but a less distinctive design.

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15 replies on “Phablet leaks: Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Sony xperia C5”

  1. Oh, I know what this has to be!
    Samsung is making their products unattractive to help out SONY!

  2. No wonder Samsung’s sales are sliding…

    Trying too hard to get chummy with Google or something? Removing the Micro SD card slot from the Note series is even more retarded than removing it from their regular flagship.

    Samsung also plans to co-op with Crapple to eliminate SIM cards – which is like an immesurable favor to Telcos….

    Imagine begging your Telco over the phone to get the SIM code in your phone changed to some local sim for the duration of your vacation.

    I think its time to actually boycott Samsung.

  3. Have my Note 4 just recently updated, now my GPS is acting up just when I am new to this town. Just slow as always, good bye touchwiz!

  4. And Samsung is wondering why their flagship phones aren’t selling well.
    Consumers should just say no to companies that are removing most
    wanted features in their phones.

  5. Samsung removing the Micro SD slot? This appears to be a truly clueless company. I refuse to rationalize their bad decisions or play the apologist. They’re just dumb.

    1. There is nothing dumb about it. You know why they don’t include an SD card slot? Because the vast majority of people don’t need it, and they don’t use it. We live in a cloud-based streaming world these days. Almost nobody loads up their 32GB phones with dozens of MP3s any more, they use Spotify and other streaming services instead — and they stream the videos they watch from the likes of Netflix and YouTube.

      So get used to it. Samsung is not going to cater to the vanishingly small number of users who need more than 32GB on their phones. It would be pointless.

      1. Nothing dumb about it??? Google designed kit kat to eliminate sd card functions they actually learned how dumb it was and reincorporated in lollipop and marshmallow. Still waiting for a stable build for lollipop on Samsung… Sony has my vote now based on updates and fixes when problems arise. But I do hate Sony pictures though because they are too aggressive with shutting YouTubers and their content. #allhavesinned #Jesus

  6. Not a fan, but the “no SD slot, no user replaceable battery” thing is probably just going to get more common. It makes the devices more reliable and easier to make weatherproof if not waterproof and leaves more room inside for the workings.

    1. Nonsense. No battery is nothing more than planned obsolescence. No removable storage is either trying to drive you to the “cloud”, and/or just plain stupidity. Waterproof is not a high user priority.

      1. If you include a user-replaceable battery in your design, you necessarily increase the weight and thickness of the phone. I don’t like it either, but it’s not just about obsolescence — customers were already upgrading their phones on a regular basis even when they had phones with replaceable batteries.

        As for no removable storage — the majority of users are already in the cloud and have been for years. None of my nieces and nephews use local storage for their audio or video — they stream all of it. If you’re not already in the cloud when it comes to media consumption, then you’re one of the few stragglers left behind.

      2. I disagree. Waterproof is very important for phablets, which people buy because they double as canoe paddles.

  7. yep, total dud. Low storage, no SD, high price.

    The Zenfone 2 & new Moto X are still in the running for my next phone. The only 1 left to see is the new Nexus which I’m sure will be a disappointment.

    It’s more & more likely that I am going unlocked/off-contract for the 1st time in my life. So sick of US carrier plans, phone prices, & slow updates.

    1. Also watching the OnePlus 2 & G4 Pro.

      I could get the highend zenfone 2 ($300) & zenpad ($300) for what this piece of junk Note 5 will cost.

  8. So…file sizes bigger than ever thanks to HD screen, yet make storage more expensive and less of it available. Oh yeah, I’m sure in the next year or two we will all have 24/7 wifi for cloud storage. Sure, sure. Oh, I forgot. Highest price for Note 5, but that’s in addition to the reducing of expandable storage. Nice one Samsung. Take your customers as being idiots much?

  9. “and like the Galaxy S6, this model will lack a microSD card slot”

    And I’m out

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