CyanogenMod 9 on the HP TouchPad

The HP TouchPad is a tablet with a 9.7 inch display, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, and 1GB of RAM. It originally shipped with HP’s webOS software, but hackers have been installing Google Android on the TouchPad for months.

Initially developers ported Android 2.3 to the TouchPad, but now you can also run newer versions of Android on the device — although some features such as the camera may not work in Android.

Update 6/04/2014: There’s a new tool called TouchPad Toolbox which greatly simplifies the process of installing Android on the HP TouchPad. You can use it to completely remove webOS, resize the tablet’s storage partitions, and load recent builds of Android 4.4 KitKat, among other things.

Check out our updated tutorial for instructions. I’d recommend using TouchPad Toolbox instead of the steps outlined below… but I’m leaving the original guide here for the sake of posterity.

Original (outdated) guide:

Here’s how you can install CyanogenMod or other custom Android ROMs on the HP TouchPad.

First I’ll talk about installing it from scratch — assuming that you’re starting from webOS and you’ve never installed Android on the tablet before.

Further down in the article I’ll also explain how to upgrade from CyanogenMod 7 or other Android software.

1. Make sure Java is installed on your computer.

Visit the Java download page from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer and download and install the latest version.

2. Install Palm Novacom driver

There are several ways to install the Palm Novacom software, but the easiest is to use the Universal Novacom Installer.

You can download the .jar file from Google Code, and once it’s downloaded, click it to run.

Follow the instructions and it should install Novacom on your computer. Note that this will only work if Java is already installed.

You’ll also want to make a note of where the files are installed. On my Windows 7 PC, the Universal Novacom Installer created a folder called c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc.

3. Downoad ACMEINstaller, Moboot, ClockworkMod and optionally gApps

The next step is to download all the files you’re going to need. You’ll find the latest links for most of these files at the CyanogenMod Wiki, but here’s a list of what you need:

  1. ACMEInstaller3
  2. A CyanogenMod 9 Nightly build or a CyanogenMod 10 build (from one of the update links at the top of this article)
  5. gApps for CyanogenMod 9 or CyanogenMod 10

Update: Note that if the download link for ACMEInstaller3 is unavailable (it sometimes is), you can try an experimental build of ACMEInstaller 4 instead.

You can find links for the first 4 files at RootzWiki. There are a number of different places to find gApps files. CyanogenMod is based on open source software and doesn’t include the Google Android Market or other Google apps such as Google Maps out of the box.

Note that instead of you can also use the latest nightly builds

You can find the latest gApps packages for Android 4.0 (ICS) or Android 4.1 (JB) and or use the RootzWiki guide to find the appropriate version for the Android software you’ve installed.

Bonus round: You can open the gApps zip file and remove the apk installers for any apps you don’t want to install. Just make sure to leave GoogleServicesFramework alone. 

As a matter of explanation, ACMEInstaller is an installer file which is run from your PC. the update-cm-9.0 file is the Android 4.0 ROM, update-cwm is the ClockworkMod custom recovery utility, and Moboot is an app that allows you to choose between Android, webOS, and ClockworkMod when you boot your tablet.

4. Place ACMEInstaller in the same directory as your Novacom files 

If, like me, Novacom is in your c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc directory, just copy ACMEInstaller to that directory.

5. Connect your HP TouchPad to your computer and enable USB mass storage mode

Use the USB cable that came with your tablet to connect it to a PC. You should see a USB notification in the upper-right corner of the TouchPad. Tap on it to enter USB drive mode.

This will allow your tablet to show up as a removable drive on your desktop computer.

6. Copy remaining files to your TouchPad

Open a file explorer on your computer and navigate to your TouchPad. Create a new folder called “cminstall” without the quotes. Then copy these files from your PC to that new folder:

  4. gApps 4.0.3

Do not unzip any of these files first. They’re supposed to be zip files.

If you’re using Windows, you may need to eject your TouchPad from your PC before continuing.

7. Reboot your TouchPad

  1. Tap the home button and then hit the arrow icon to bring up a list of applications.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. Choose Device Info.
  4. Select the red Reset Options button.
  5. On the following screen (see image below) tap the Restart option.

If you’re already running an earlier build of Android, you can restart much more quickly just by pressing and holding the power button and then choosing the restart option.

8. Press and hold the volume button

As soon as the screen goes dark, press the volume up button until you see a big USB icon on your screen. Then wait for your computer to install any drivers. Assuming you’ve already installed the Palm Novacom software correctly this should just take a minute or two.

9. Open a command terminal and navigate to the Novacom directory

After your computer installs the drivers, it’s time to get ready to run ACMEInstaller. Here’s how you do that on a Windows computer:

  1. Click the Start Menu.
  2. Type “cmd” (without quotes) in the search box.
  3. This will open a command prompt.
  4. Type “cd /” (without quotes) to enter your root directory.
  5. Navigate to the correct directory. Typing “dir” (without quotes) will show a list of directories.
  6. On my computer, I next typed “cd Program Files” and hit enter, then “cd Palm, Inc” and hit enter again.

10. Run ACMEInstaller

Now enter the following command, without quotes: “novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller3”

The USB icon should disappear from your TouchPad screen and now you should see lines of text run across your screen for a few minutes. If you don’t, it’s probably because the Novacom drivers haven’t been installed properly.

Try rebooting your computer and trying again. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling Novacom by revisiting step two.

If everything works properly, your TouchPad should now boot into Moboot.

From here, you can choose to boot into CyanogenMod by hitting the home button. Or you can choose to reboot to webOS by using the up and down volume keys to navigate to the webOS option and then hitting home.

11. (Optional) Install additional packages

Update: This step was originally written to explain how to install the update-chargerfix, but that’s already built into the latest versions of CyanogenMod 9. But these are the steps you would use to install any additional packages (including gApps or future CM9 updates) using ClockworkMod Recovery. 

Download the file that you want to install and place it on your HP TouchPad. Then follow these steps to install it:

  1. Place the zip file in the root directory of your TouchPad’s storage (or in a folder that you can remember).
  2. Press-and-hold the power button to reboot the touchPad.
  3. From the Moboot menu, choose ClockworkMod.
  4. Use the volume keys to scroll down to the entry that says “install a zip from SDcard” and tap the home button to select.
  5. Using the volume and home keys, highlight the zip file and select it.
  6. Scroll down to select yes.
  7. When it’s done installing reboot into CyanogenMod.

gApps addendum: Note that some users have reported that ACMEInstaller2 doesn’t automatically install gApps, but you can use ClockworkMod to install the gApps zip following the steps outlined in part 11 for applying the charging fix. Just substitute the gApps zip file for the update-chargerFix file.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with ClockworkMod anyway, since it provides the simplest tools for backing up and restoring your system, wiping data, or applying OS updates.

Upgrading from CyanogenMod 7, MIUI, or any other Android software

If you’re upgrading from an earlier build of Android you can skip many of these steps. In fact, all you need to do is download on your TouchPad, reboot to ClockworkMod, and install update from ZIP.

But, and it’s a big but, you’ll run into trouble if you do this without wiping your data first. In other words, you’ll lose all your apps and settings. So the preferred method for upgrading from CyanogenMod 7 Alpha 1, 2, 3, or 3.5 to CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 is to use ACMEInstaller2.

Note that the original ACMEInstaller will not work. So make sure to upgrade to version 2. Then just:

  1. Copy and the latest gApps zip file to the cminstall folder on your TouchPad.
  2. Connect your TouchPad to your PC.
  3. Reboot the TouchPad, pressing the volume-up button until the USB icon appears.
  4. Run ACMEInstaller2

This should install CM9 without erasing your preferences. You’ll also probably want to install the latest gApps. But there’s no need to update ClockworkMod or Moboot unless you really want to.

Once you’re done, you may also want to check out step 11 above for instructions on applying an update that will help the Touchpad charge more quickly.

It’s also probably not a bad idea to use ClockworkMod to make a backup of your system before starting, and it’s never a bad idea to use it to wipe your cache.

While it is theoretically possible to triple boot CM7, CM9, and webOS, it’s apparently a pain in the behind, and the CyanogenMod team doesn’t plan to release any tools to make it easier.

This upgrade method should work whether you’re running CyanogenMod, MIUI, or any other software — assuming you’ve already installed ClockworkMod and Moboot.


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717 replies on “How to install Android 4.0 or later on the HP TouchPad (CyanogenMod)”

  1. Hi , I have to install android on HP Stream 7 tablet. Can you guide me on process ?

  2. My have not started since I Installed cyanogenmod 9, I had Evervolv Earlier, But in that playstore was not working, & alot of apps were not working, So I thought of Reinstalling the android and now I’m Stucked… Plzzz Help…

  3. Help please! I am using toolkit and have installed everything on touchpad but keep getting aborted when I try to install android. Error messages include incompatible recovery and incompatible apps. Can someone please tell me which of the rom, recovery and apps files are compatible to do the install? I have spent many hours trying to figure it out.

  4. i entered in to the recovery mode but it appears as usb sign and its not doing any thing please advice if any buddy knows of it

    1. I have successfully installed the CM9 i just entered into the boot menu by restarting the tab and clicked on the webos Recovery and suddenly the USB sign appeared on the Tab and its doing nothing now not accepting any keys please help out if any buddy knows the solution

  5. i have installed successfuly but when i select the android version it just restsarts

  6. Hi,

    While doing step 7, i have clicked on Erase Apps and Data option instead of Restart.

    Touch pad displayed message Erasing, and then i have followed step 8 , 9 and 10.
    But while step 10, after running that novacom command, USB drive icon disappeared and HP logo icon appearing. And it stayed there. I am not even able to switch off the touch pad.

    Anybody please suggest.

  7. Everything works just when i try to get into the playstore it just says “Unfortunately, google play store has stop”

  8. stuck on no 9 this part….

    On my computer, I next typed “cd Program Files” and hit enter, then “cd Palm, Inc” and hit enter again.

    when i type this into cmd i get ” the system cannot find the specified path…..”

    please help.

  9. Hi Brad and the rest of the community –
    I really appreciate the excellent instructions. My Mom purchased four of the Touchpads for my nieces and because HP bailed on them there were very few apps that the girls liked and they soon lost interest. Npw they will have access to tons of great apps. Thanks again.
    Happy New Year, Rob D

  10. Just wanted to let you guys know that you are awesome. I was worried that now that my wife has ‘upgraded’ to an iPAD AIR this old Touchpad would have no life left in it but then i found all your stupendous efforts – great job!

  11. When I load up any Cyanogenmod version, I only get start up screen and it continues to boot forever > 15 minutes, ANy suggestions

    1. I was having the same problem. I downloaded ACMEInstaller5 (replacing 3), reloaded the files (using cm-10.1-20131210-SNAPSHOT-VPN-tenderloin). Worked like a charm.

  12. For some reason the Android keyboard force stops itself with no way of input for Wi-Fi, G-Mail Account, ect. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

  13. Thanks camera, wi-fi,audio,bleutooth all working perfect Thanks……………………………….Thanks

  14. Do you have a copy of the ACMEInstaller 3 that you can send? The file is still missing and I do not trust ACMEinstaller 4. Or do you know where else I can download it?

  15. The link for
    is broken. Not sure what it even is supposed to be?

  16. So I know you said it was going to be a couple of days but do we have an update as to when AcmeInstaller3 is going to be back online? or can I just send you my Touchpad? Haha

  17. Tried to follow the link to AcmeInstaller3 and I get a file not found message at the host site?? Any ideas as to why, or where it’s gone, or where else I might find it? I finally cleared an evening to try this, and now I can’t!

  18. i have a serious problem i accidentally held down the power and vol up button when the screen went blank in step 8 and now my tablet isn’t turning on no matter what i press. Please help i don’t know what to do!

  19. Help….I misspelled the cminstall folder and the setup has ended ‘cannot find CMINSTALL, how can I recover?

  20. Hi i want know sumthg..:/ while i was doing the whole installation process my Pc switched off accidentally does it effect the installation process?? plzz guide me

  21. I see the discussion slightly below mine, in which it seems that I need to do the following:

    a) use acme uninstaller…



    . ran ACMEInstaller3 with the following

    AND THEN try to update using moboot… to see if it works.

  22. OK. SO I did most of what you said. good
    thru step 10 (quite impressive… so far, especially the linux install stuff flying by!

    however, here is what I did… slightly different, I guess

    step 3 :
    3.1 used Acmeinstaller3
    3.2 used
    3.3. did not use this initially… (

    (by the way the rootzwiki to find the correct gapps file for the correct version is quite confusing, as we

    don’t discuss which version of android 4.2 (4.2.1, 4.2.2, etc) is being used.

    step 6)
    6.2) initially did not use this
    6.3) used
    6.4) used

    steps 7,8,9,10 worked fine, and dazzled me as they installed the data…

    but big problem, when it booted I didnt get a pretty screen, but a icky partial android android

    at any rate, it seemed to continuously go into a boot cycle.
    it seems that the CM10.1 didnt completely load.
    it did seem to go into clockwork ok.
    did I screw up using the moboot 0.38?
    I used the .38, since the cm10.1 had the word tenderloin in it too.

    thanks for the tips…

  23. I installed CM9 a month ago but for some reason gapps did not make it so I just used Amazon but I wanted what gapps have to offer. So I just downloaded gapps to tp and ran clockwork update but now Android keyboard does not work, any input on why and how to fix it?

  24. HI All , I successfully completed all the steps and installed the mod..when I completed gaaps installation i am getting an error “Unfortunately, Andriod has stopped”, can i know what could be the reason, and how can I rectify this??

  25. Hey guys here is a problem. I have just setup the android in my tochpad and its almous great but 1 big problem when i sturt my tochpad it says welcome to cm tendention l. Toch the android to begin and wgen i toch him there is a mastake “sorry the program setup wizard have ben crashed” but i even can’t cloze that stupid setup what can i do ?? And some 1 a almost forgot i can’t restart it some thing is buging ((( (i am from ukrain) )))

  26. i tryed to rebbot my touch pad but the screen is freezed with the HP symbol, what can i do??

  27. I just did this three days ago. everything works and i love it but my sync options arent there and thus Google ply wont connect so i cant get any of my apps

  28. I have installed Android on my TouchPad, but when I restart the pad it shows a blue menu (can’t select from it – touch screen is not accepted), then it times out and loads WebOS. Dose anyone know what I have done wrong?

    1. nothing controls are the volumes buttons ( for up and down) selcet is the home button on the bottom.

  29. I am having problem. I followed the instruction, and used build.

    But after completing all the steps, at the boot screen, when I choose “boot to cyanogenmod” the device automatically reboots and shows the boot screen options again. WebOS is booting properly. Any help will be highly appreciated.


    1. Ditto. FWIW, the installer tried to install gApps and failed, so I did it manually from ClockworkMod and it succeeded. Still in a reboot loop for CM. WebOS boots fine

  30. Everything seemed to go fine but then when it goes into the Moboot then the boot CyanogenMod, it keep repeating the cycle of rebooting process by going back to Moboot then to reboot CyanogenMod. What do I do?

  31. Trying to update CM9. How do you install ACMEInstaller3? The file I downloaded has no extension.
    Also, how do you install the Novocom Installer? When I unzip all I get are folders full of .class files.

    1. download it threw fire fox . i had the same issue using opera. but i did it threw firefox no issue then drop it in then palm inc folder

  32. I just installed CM10.1 20130808, I am only getting CyanogenMod option alon with boot WebOS, boot WebOS Recovery , reboot and shutdown option. When i use CyanogenMod option the tp boots and then reboots to moboot. Anyone faced this issue?

  33. Hi, I just followed this tutorial step by step and it seems that Android installation went through. However, my tablet keeps restarting when I select it to boot into Android!! My Touchpad never had Android running on it, and I install the 8th August 2013 (with Bluetooth working) build – the latest one stated above. Unfortunately, because it wasn’t working, I had to wipe off everything, reinstall webOS and tried installing Android again (same ROM) and its stuck at the same thing – simply reboots every time I want to boot into Android!

  34. I am stuck on step 8. I hit the volumn up button and get the USB symbol but then nothing happens. I have deleted and installed novacom a couple of times. seems like that’s the problem but not sure how to fix. I have a windows 8 system if that matters. any ideas will be helpful.

  35. I followed the instructions using the latest August 8th nightly load and using the latest apps. I get to the “boot CyanogenMod” but only loads an image (attached). Stays there for 10 seconds and then automatically reboots and the cycle starts again. I now can’t get my computer to recognize the HP TouchPad when I plug in the USB cable so can’t see what files are loaded again there. I am somewhat of a neophyte with this so any help is appreciated.

    1. Same happening for me. I have used Acmeuninstaller and reinstalled following a steps.
      Although the non recognized Touchpad issue does not apply in my case. Just the endless loop.

    2. same for me using

      On a clean webOS (first time moobot).

      Going to try a later gapps version

      1. no good.
        tried CWM to install
        same result. Boot loop.
        NOTE: booting into webOS via moboot works ok. I can access USB via webOS.

        Anyone got the combination above working? Suggestions?

        1. Now also

          Ran ACMEUninstaller to remove previous install.

          Reinstalled using

          Still see Android logo then boot loop. Will try CM9.

          1. no matter what I did couldnet get CM10 to run. just boot looped.

            working now with CM9. will try CM10 again later.

            If it helps – this is what I did.
            1. ran ACMEUninstaller

            2. ran ACMEInstaller3 with the following

            THANKYOU for all those before me that shared their experiences.

          2. Thanks for posting your experience! Same thing happened to me with the looping bootloader and I thought I bricked my Touchpad! lol I read your posts and simply installed the zips you were succesful installing! Thanks again! If you ever figure out how to install CM10 from the current CM9 let me know. Have a good one!

          3. I’ve waited a year before updating my HP Touchpad as most roms had issues of some sort.
            Followed the instructions above and got the rebooting loop. Then updated through CWM with the 8th August bluetooth rom and the Gapps zips.
            All working really well and very impressed with the results.
            Play market works well and have installed quite a few Apps, launcher, Live Wallpapers etc.

            Many Thanks to all concerned with this implementation.

            25th September update
            Been using for 4 days and can only praise all the developers. This is one quality rom. Have loaded lots of Apps including the currently free FIFA 14 which runs really well.
            Also XiiaLive Internet Radio shows the sound quality of the Touchpad. Highly recommended.

            More than happy with the tablet.
            Again. Many Thanks to all concerned.


  36. i really got F up saw the two penguins with some installation files running..after 3-4 minutes of installation got a message press power when ready or something similar since then noting happend totally stuck..i tried many ways to power off or restartby pressing the power button/volume up button nothing works please help..

    remove the usb cable and tried to connect to laptop now i dnt see the touchpad in my computer..

  37. I installed the current version but my touch pad wotn charge more then 1%?

  38. I can not access the GOOGLE PLAY STORE… it says I have no devices. Can anyone help? I used my exisiting account ad then created a NEW one. Same thing.

  39. I am unable to access GOOGLE PLAY. It did not give me a Google Play App so when I went to download it from the Play Store using my existing account it said that it was already installed. When I tried to create a new account it gives me the error “There are not devices”. When am logged in using my existing account it only downloads programs to my existing android devices.
    How can I download apps?
    Some genius out there please help me?

  40. I am having a problem. I was running an older version of cyanogen mod 7, I did not like so it sat for months. Decided to upgrade to mod 9. I have two touch pads.

    The first went well with no issues, the second is not working, in moboot 0.3.5 I select boot cynanogenmod and it just keep rebooting never getting to the OS. It gets to the little green rectangular box that says cyanogenmod then to goes balck and then back to moboot screen. Any Ideas?

    Here is what I did

    created a cminstall folder in touch pad copied over
    3.Gapps ICS 4.0.3 11.12.22

    then in novacom dir ran the following command
    ” novacom.exe boot mem://<AMCEInstaller2 "

  41. i’m at stage 10 but instead of the lines of text i see the hp touchpad sign

  42. Great How To, Thank you very very much, it was very easy to install Android on a TouchPad using your How To

  43. looks like its bricked ..usb icon never came up -now cant turn on device..

    1. reset device with power down and home -it came on luckily..will retry procedure and report back

      1. success:) ran novacom command -note there is a space between boot and mem ..its taking off so far so good -(btw the issue was pressing down on volume instead of up )

  44. I’m having a problem too; follow your instructions but once I get to reboot “CyanogenMod” I get the logo screen Loading… but then it reverts back to HP logo… then “MOBOT 0 3 5” …. and repeats the cycle… I tried to reinstall, double checked all my files; but after 3 hours still no luck! Any suggestions?

    1. i also running into same problem mentioned @1ec58edc643c9985b98a2d76e1c3c920:disqus .Any help.First time i am istalling android on my touchpad

  45. I followed the steps above and everything looked like it installed correctly but when it rebooted to CyanogenMod, the tablet just hung. The Cyanogen symbol was just spinning. Does anyone know how to fix this?


  46. How to go to 4.1 or 4.2 from 4.0.4? I have Ice cream sandwich but want to upgrade for using camera and mic. Thanks.

  47. I am trying to install Schizoid 2.0 for the first time on my hp touchpad. Does anyone have detailed instructions for how to do this?

  48. hi.. i am new to this methodology and first time installing android on my touchpad.. i followed the above steps in order specified and thought everything worked (like i see driver installed successfully, see some commands on my touch pad after executing novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller3) but after the install, when the touch pad was restarted, i thought after clicking home button, it will go to android version but i dont see the option. i.e., after restart, i see mobot 0.3.5, boot webOS, boot ClockworkMod, boot webOS Recovery, reboot, shutdown.. I see everything in blue except mobot 0.3.5. using volume/home button combination, i could go to anyother option but not this one.. Can you please help..

    Note: for gapps and cyanogenmod, i downloaded the latest versions provided in link

    The file names are



    1. note: i have done upto step 10 as other steps are mentioned to be done if installing older version.. Please help

  49. I am not being able to instal google apps. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work. In the 2 penguin mode it tells me that it could not find gapps installer and then it shoots down. What can I do?

  50. My TouchPad has been sitting around for a year unused. 32GB and i’m an Android freak, so it feels like it’s time to take the plunge. I’ll be using an iMac to do this; any special precautions? I’m nervous that i’ll really screw this up as i’ve never rooted before – is this a reasonable place to start? I cannot imagine how cool it would be to have 4.2.x on the touchpad!

  51. Hello~ Can I ask? I have a problem. What am I going to do? My brother click the home button while installing the android part which is the two penguins (The one with many lines) And now it’s just stop (hangs) I dont know what to do. How can I turn it off? Please help thanks/.

  52. Under Linux Mint 13, I ran into problems installing Java and installing the Palm Novacom drivers. I ended up intalling ICS using a Windows machine, but today I solved the Java and Novacom Problems.

    I am not even sure how, because clicking on the UniversalNovacomInstaller did nothing except open up the pkg and display its contents. On the HP website there’s a page describing the installation of the SDK and/or PDK mentions that there’s a connection between Novacom and Oracle’s Virtual Box. Since I have been Using VBox for quite a while now I’m wondering if Novacom was installed as part of VBOx. In any case I searched my file system and found the equivalent of Windows’ /ProgramFiles/Palm,Inc at /opt/Palm/novacom

  53. I was running a CM9 build from July 2012, it was running fine but had some a lot of useless junk and apps I didn’t use so I decided to uninstall CM9and start fresh with the latest nightly. After uninstalled, I followed the instructions from this site and used all the files mentioned (ACMEInstaller3,,, For CM9 I used It installed fine with the exception of gapps which didn’t get installed for some reason. I booted into CWM to install the gapps zip manually (install from sdcard) and the installer finished successfully. However when I boot back into CM9, the gapps are not present. Anyone have ideas ideas what the problem could be?

    1. It turns out user error is to blame here. I was looking for the wrong app icons to detect gapps was installed, I was looking for Gmail and Google Maps icons, and I thought the Play Store was part of Android not part of gapps. Stupid me.

  54. I’m stuck. At step 8 the USB icon is no longer on the screen, but the HP icon is. Everything is installed and the HP tablet IS connected to the computer. The device now reads “Palm” I’ve moved on to step 9 but it says the system cannot locate the AcmeInstaller3 file, yes I moved the file to the Palm, Inc folder. My touchpad is also stuck, I can’t get it to turn on or off, nor get the USB icon up. help! 🙁

  55. I am having problems with gapps. When I try to download an app from the market i get an error saying “unfortunately, market has stopped. What can I do?

  56. Hi,

    I installed everything properly and the hp touch pad booted rebooted with moboot and then to hp web OS..

    I unfortunately restarted the hp web OS again and press the volume key..

    it went into the mode to accept command again..

    unable to exit from the mode.. i tried to reinstall acme installer through command prompt.. but now my hp pad got stuck and is still in the double penguin mode..

    Can anyone tell me what to do..

  57. I have an issue, I’m on the screen with the linux penguins and the words going down and it is stuck there

  58. I gave it another try, just like I did a month ago, but I still have the same issue:

    I followed the steps in this tutorial, and the moboot 0.3.5 appears, but when I choose “boot CyanogenMod”, it shortly shows the splash screen, and then it reboots into the moboot menu again. I think I did something wrong, but I don’t know what.

    I copied the following files to the cminstall folder on my touchpad:

    I successfully came to step #10 of this tutorial:
    “If everything works properly, your TouchPad should now boot into Moboot.”

    It did… but when I choose “boot CyanogenMod” it shortly shows the splash screen, and then it reboots into the moboot menu again… so it’s like an infinite loop.

    Can any of you guys explain what I’m doing wrong? I’m a bit lost…

    1. I found the solution to the ” boot loop issue” I was experiencing on this website:

      To make a long story short:
      – I used the ACMEUninstaller to uninstall the Android leftovers
      – I used ACMEInstaller2 (instead of ACMEInstaller3 !), to install moboot and the latest nightly build

      – Followed the instructions (pretty much the same instructions as here on

      Google Apps installed, and now I’m a very happy Android-on-HP-Touchpad user!

  59. Hi I downloaded the files as per instruction (i already have CM9 installed but it doesnt perform too well) if I boot in cyanogen then my windows 7 laptop cannot download the drivers, if I boot in webOS the drivers download ok to my laptop but the touchpad appears as removable device F and I get a message saying disc on device F needs formatting first.. this means all data will be erased (not a good option either surely) please advise as I cannot find a way to load the files to the touchpad (confused) thanks

  60. Hello:

    I’m not sure where I went wrong, but I’m stuck on step 8.

    Here’s what I did:

    I installed the latest Java

    I double-clicked the ‘UniversalNovacomInstaller-1.3.jar’

    I installed it (when the ‘Install Novacom’ dialog box came
    up, I clicked on it to install)

    I verified the folder ‘c:Program FilesPalm, Inc’ was

    I downloaded step three files –,,,

    I copied ‘ACMEInstaller3 to ‘c:Program FilesPalm, Inc’

    I connected Touchpad to PC and copied step three files to ‘cminstall’

    I ejected Touchpad from PC (but left USB cord connected to

    I rebooted Touchpad

    I held volume up key as soon as Touchpad went dark

    I held volume up until USB symbol came up

    It sat for ten minutes, I then did a hard restart to get it
    to reboot (top button + volume up button + middle button), then went through
    steps 7 and 8 again, but with no luck; the USB icon won’t go away.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Btw – this is a first-time install on the Touchpad.


  61. I am a little behind the times, but want to do this with my touchpad. I am having trouble with the novacom install part…. how the heck do I do that? I used the link but it never brings up a way to install itto my computer.

  62. This guide worked awesome! And I am loving Android on my Touchpad!

  63. hi! first time rooting my touchpad to andriod. i did the cm9 nightly, and had to redo since the first try didn’t install gapp or market. now finally had the play store but is it normal to not have the market app? or u can only have google or market, not both? just wondering

    1. Google Play Store is the successor of Market, so Play Store is the “new name”… so indeed: you can’t have both.

  64. I did the update to 10 it ran once then after a reboot it just gets stuck on the loading screen…. How do I start over? I didn’t backup but that’s fine.


  65. Okay, I followed this entire process; working great! But I didn’t get the gApps installed… How do I add that to the tablet as it is already operating the Android system? Where do I put the file? Do I have to reboot the tablet too?

    1. Just copy them to anywhere on your device, reboot into recovery (ClockworkMod) and follow the instructions to flash a zip file. Then reboot into CyanogenMod and login with your Google account.

  66. I am installing CM 10. The files I downloaded are below. Is the -update-cwm_tenderloin-1012 file necessary or is this an update file that applies to CM 9?


  67. Mine is stuck with the text on the touchpad screen is there any way to reboot from there

  68. mine is stuck with the text on the touchpad screen is there any way to reboot from there?

  69. I followed the steps in this tutorial, and the moboot 0.3.5 appears, but when I choose “boot ClockworkMod”, it shortly shows the splash screen, and then it reboots into the moboot menu again. I think I did something wrong, but I don’t know what.

  70. I have backed up my files as i had installed a version without the camera functioning, how much space does this take on my 16gb tab, also can i remove it safely without affecting function of the current CM on there?

    1. forgot to say that i have upgraded the CM mod, to allow camera function i think. I am very new to this so may need explaining to me in simple terms…

  71. Hey I just updated to the new Cyanogen 10 but some of my apps don’t work. I checked over my steps and I did the step with the full of bugs zip but I can’t figure out what’s the deal.

  72. I currently have android OS on my HP touchpad, but I’m having issues tethering it to my computer now. My laptop won’t recognize the device so I can’t copy files over. Any ideas? Thanks!

  73. hey, you’ve probably mentioned this already, but i had trouble getting the google play store to run… long story short, it runs now, but i have no keyboard. is there a patch or update available to fix that? im running CM9 (ice cream sandwich).

  74. I installed the ooVoo web chat app, and the video is not working, but the audio is.

  75. Hi there im having trouble with the cmd steps it comes up saying “device not found” I’m not sure whats wrong with it

  76. Everything loaded fine but then it prompts me to touch the android and after I do it says the set up wizard has failed. What do I do?

  77. You are a GOD SEND! My wife bought me a HP Touchpad as a thank you pressy for helping her out after her shoulder surgery which was awesome until I realised it runs WebOS and then I found your guide and I am in LOVE WITH YOU! In a non=sexual way of course. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  78. I just installed Android following the directions above. I don’t have the google play icon, but can go with the browser to the play store, but I can’t download apps. I see below that others have had this problem, but I don’t understand what they did to fix it! I also can’t turn my Touchpad off or figure out how to boot in WebOS mode! I’m beginning to regret having done this – can someone help a non-tech person?

  79. Joel again.
    Forgot to mention that my pc is registering a new device [the notepad] but can’t read/access it. So it would appear my notepad is powered just not functioning.

  80. Help. I installed CM 10 and other appropriate files to my PC and then transferred the required files to my touchpad. Unfortunately when I rebooted by touch pad I then press and held the on/off button rather than the volume button and now I can’t get my touch pad to turn on again; is there anything I can do to get it functioning again. Any help or guidance would be truly appreciated Thanks

    1. Hmm.. something like that happened to me and i just forced shut it down even though it was on and then waited for a bit. I just pressed the power button for bit after and it started. I was going to go nuts to :/

  81. i have a problem when i touch the android it tells me that wizard has stopped

  82. This was successful. However, my device is not connecting to wifi and it keeps on saying it is searching for ip address. it never once connected to the internet since the conversion. please help!

  83. Hi there,

    I’m having an issue in the early stages, after downloading the Universal Novacom installer… Can’t seem to get it to open or run, when I click on it all I get is a flash of a DOS type window, and then nothing. I get no “Palm.Inc” file path anywhere… Help? And yes, I’ve installed Java first as detailed in the previous step.

  84. I have installed it ok, but it keeps saying my android keyboard has failed. Then I can’t do anything without keyboard. Any Help please

  85. I have completed all steps and everything seems to be okay except for there is no app store. How do i get one or what step did i miss??

  86. Worked fine on first try. However took a bit of interpretation to realize that when you eject the HP device (step 6) that you will need to reconnect it between steps 8 and 9. Figured it out and it all went well. Also had to do the optional step 11 as it did not find Gapps on its own, but again instructions gave that hint. Finally the reboot and install process appear to stop at times, but then continue to just wait for it all to finish. Was bit concerning at moments.

  87. Ok, I finally got it working, in the process of setting up GMAIL account for it. I printed the guide out, and should have looked here for the spacing on the novacom command, and it is like this for those that do print it out. novacom.exe_boot_ mem://_<_ACMEInstaller2, where _ is a space. And revj you do a great job in your videos.

  88. I like to send folks this way because this is one of the best guides that I have seen, but several of the files are now out of date. Users should be looking for:

    – JcSullins’ Cwm Recovery v 2012-12-15 (fixes fs corruption/inode errors)

    If using Twrp, version or higher is needed (same reason)

    – JcSullins’ Moboot 3.8 (v 3.5 is fine, but 3.8 fixes device S/N reporting to the OS needed for certain apps like Asphalt 7)

    – AcmeInstaller3 should be used for all CM9/10 installs because it sets the “system” partition size to 400mb (needed for CM10) vs Acme2 at 300mb.

    – CM9 is now in an “Official nightly” status (Weekly actually) with camera and many other fixes.

    – JcSullins’ CM10 experimental Build 20121216 at Rootz is nearly as functional.

    1. Edit: I see the mention of Updated CM9/CM10 at the top. I overlooked it.

  89. I’m finally installing this from scratch and I’m getting a device not found message. I uninstalled and reinstalled novacom as well.

  90. I’m badly stuck! then
    I ran the procedure until step 10. Run ACMEInstaller
    I ran novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller3
    I saw the line of text running on the tablet screen, no problem..
    But it stopped after couple of minutes and the line was saying something like:
    ".. not enough space, space required 22897896, space allowed 23789345. Abort?
    Then I lost connexion with the tablet: The PC doesn't see the device anymore and the tablet is stuck…
    Please help! How can I reboot the table and continue?

    1. I found out how to reboot the Touchpad ( “Hold Power and Home for 20s”).
      But now after the ACMEInstaller runs I get this:
      “no cminstall dir found, nothing to install.”
      “Power off when ready”
      I tryed to power off but, button doesn’t power off.
      What can I do?

  91. I am not able to make this work. It keeps saying that novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2 isn't a command. And now my tablet is just sitting with the usb symbol and won't do anything! HELP!

  92. I’m having a problem after installing cyanogen mod which is on the side of the screen some letters are running anyone can help me

  93. I can’t find the acmeinstaller2 download. It’s no longer available.

  94. For cm10 you should be using acmeinstaller3 as the partition is too small when using acmeinstaller2 although it still seems to work.

  95. OK I did everything and it all worked great, but I forgot to install gapps while doing all this. So now I’m trying to go back and do gapps. I can’t get the tablet to recognize that I have the USB plugged into computer!? Like before, I could tell it that I wanted USB, now I don’t know where to find that!? HELP! Please!!

  96. When I click on cyanogenmod in moboot, it starts loading, then the hp symabol shows up and it goes back to moboot

  97. I just upgraded from 7 to 10.1 and it updated apps etc but went straight to a screen asking me to draw pattern to unlock. I didn’t lock it in the first place so I have no idea what the pattern is. What do I do?

  98. Hi

    I’m about to install Android on my TP.


    1. In this Dual Boot situation, what will happen to my existing data (user
    files like Word and PDF docs etc.) on webOS?

    I assume that they will not be accesible after booting Android….

    If so, I probably would need to copy those files to the Android section?

    2. How to partition the user memory to allocate memory to webOS and Android?

    I didn’t see any mention of this issue, so maybe there is no need to wory about

    Maybe the User Data is visible by both, webOS and Android?
    Thanks a lot

  99. Well done! the install was a breeze. The links to files above were outdated/broken in some cases but google searches for the files resulted in quick finds. Thanks for this install guide.

  100. when i type in novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2, command prompt says the system cannot find the path specified.i got up to palm, inc part.WHAT DID I DO WRONG?????????

  101. HELP ME!!! I used your instructions above to add ICP to my new HP Touchpad last night. On step 10 when I added the ACMEInstaller, the USB icon did not disappear on my Touchpad. Now my Touchpad won’t boot up at all! When I connect it to my computer it says “Found new Hardware”, but it is unable to find hardware to install my device. Please help me! What do I do now?

  102. I tried installing the CyanogenMod 10, and used the latest files “cm-10-20121205-EXPERIMENTAL-tenderloin-FOR_LIMITED_TESTING_ONLY_CAM” and “gapps-jb-20121130-signed”. After the installation and touchpad boots, I get the Moboot boot options, but do not see the CyanogenMod in that, only “WebOs”, “WebOS Recovery” and others. I tried using the CyanogenMod 9 builds and it worked fine. Can someone please help me if I am doing something wrong. Thanks.

  103. Hi my problem is i am missing the bootclockworkmod in my moboot how can i fix this?

  104. hi I want to install android on my HP tablet but have trouble reading, it sounds hard but need my netflix streaming movies I heard about you can install android but NEED HELP? Frank

  105. I need help installing this to my HP tablet is there someone can help me with this

  106. I have attempted the instuctions but now my touchpad is stuck on the usb screen any can anyone help?

  107. I cannot seem to get the Play Store open. I have tried installing the newest Gapps as a zip file and than reboot but when it turs back on, still doesnt work. Im very confused

  108. Thank you so much for these instructions. It took me two times to get it to install, but I am pleased that my touch pad is so much more now. I am lovin’ this:-)

  109. Having problem with ICS on Touchpad, upgraded from android 2.3, install appeared to work, but after boot into ICS I only have background and virtual number pad displayed and clock. No other icons displayed and can not swipe to to change home screens. I have tried upgrading multiple times, no change. Any suggestions?

  110. Okay so I installed the “cm-9-20121028-NIGHTLY-tenderloin” and the “gapps-jb-20121011-signed” so I can now use it one the android platform and can load the play store but it says server error even though my wifi service is working well. Is it not yet supported in that version? (noob)

  111. Everything seemed to work fine for me until it wanted to boot up for the first time. When I tell it to boot CyanogenMod it just goes in circles back to moboot. If I select webOS it boots fine. The only difference in how I installed it was I used the new ACMEInstaller3 instead of 2. :

  112. i upgraded from 7 to 9 but the andriod side is asking for a lock pattern and i never had the hp password protected. any suggestions

  113. This solution and instructions worked perfect me. Now I’m running Android on my HP touchpad. My question is once I’m booted up into the Android system, and I plug the touchpad into my Windows 7 computer, the USB Drivers won’t load up. Something about MTP USB Device. While I have the latest MTP USB Driver and have reinstalled the driver, the driver just never loads while I’m booted into the Android OS.

  114. I just finished the process and everything worked out fine. The only problem I have had so far is the wi-fi. It wont turn the wi-fi on at all. I have already rebooted the device, and the webOS wi-fi still works fine, just the Android OS won’t turn the wi-fi on at all. Ideas?

  115. My Touchpad run perfect with android, but, after reboot and not turn-on anymore. Please HELP!!!!!

  116. Great instructions. The first set that I stumbled across were so vague, and got my Touchpad stuck in USB connect mode after copying the files over and rebooting. That method had me install the HP WebOS Development Kit for access to Novacom… which didn’t really work as described. You’re link to the Java installer for only the driver did the trick. Thanks for the thorough instructions!

  117. Could anyone give me simple instructions on how to get the mic to work. I installed cynogenmod 9 exactly following these instructions and it worked out fine for me. the only issue is I cannot get the mic to work. I am a super newbie so I request anyone explaining it to me to use very non technical language! thanks!

  118. When running novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2 I keep getting "local_clk_disable_reg: clock 33 status stuck at 'on' (bit 4 of 0xfa012fd4)" and then it hangs. Has anyone else seen the same problem? Please help.
    I could not use the universal Novacom installer because it stuck and I donwloaded it from somewhere else, but Novacom seems to work ok. I can connect with TouchPad using novacom open tty:// and run commands there.

  119. Frustrated as hell with this. Installed on two 32GB touchpads. The second one works fine. The first one, worked fine for about ten minutes then started booting me out of the App Store at first, then started re-booting the machine every few seconds. I seriously can’t go five minutes without it rebooting now. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times and even went so far as to reset teh WebOS to factory settings, redownloaded all the files (including the Novacom driver), same thing keeps happening. I’m using the CM9 version (nightly from 9/23, but also tried 9/30). The installer never seems to add the gApps file or the cm_tenderloin nightly automatically so I keep adding those through the Clockwork after install….but that worked on the other Touchpad. Strange and confusing! Help please!!!

  120. I installed android as per the instructions but I am not getting the option of CynogenMod. I can see Clockworkmod and can also boot to WebOS but not Android. Can someone please help me as to why this is happening and what should I do? I used the latest nightly build

  121. thank you very much! the instructions seem difficult to follow, but i got android on my touchpad on the first try.

  122. not possible to install novacom, the installer keeps running without doing anything. can’t download acme installer 2. can someone post all the files

  123. I got a problem with play store, can’t not connect it. Have any way to fix it? Please help, thanks

  124. Hi! I would like to first say thank you for everything so far . I have done almost every step . How ever when I get to step 9 # 6 I am getting a message cd program files is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file. this is with or without quotes. please help me , thank you in advance.

  125. same here, all the links have the same problem.. “The file you requested was not found”

  126. All I can do right now is choose between CWM based recovery and WebOS !!! Where the heck is ICS ????? Seriously when I choose the alternative to boot from it shows an Android boot but then goes to CWM. I am so frustrated here.

  127. I have two touchpads. It worked fine on the first one but the second touchpad wont install the drivers after I put the zip files on.

  128. install worked fine however it asking for a slide unlock that i never set and cannt get past

  129. I’m confused. I have Cyangenmod 9 Alpha 0 with Android already installed on my TP from 6-7 months ago. If I want to update it with one of these nightly builds, I simply load it into the folder, boot into ClockWork, and load? Or is there preliminary things I must do beforehand?

  130. Is there a way to install paid games from the play store, which i downloaded from the internet, onto the touchpad?

  131. Having some difficulties. It seems to install the boot-loader, and perhaps one or two other items, but seems to fail to install Android itself. I’m attempting to install (using ACMEInstaller2), but no luck.

    After restarting and booting to the loader, I get choices for WebOS, WebOSRecovery, etc. Nothing related to Android. Any suggestions?

  132. Where can I download ACMEInstaller2? Some link can’t found. The Data file which I have downloaded is .html extension. Can I use it to set up Android 4.0၊

  133. how long is it suppose to take to download Novacom driver step 2
    its taking forever for me

  134. I cannot get passed the Novacom install. It detects my OS, I click download, and it hangs at ‘Installing Driver’ saying its ‘Initializing.’ I’ve tried this on my laptop (Windows 7) and now on my other computer (XP). Same result. What’s going on?

  135. Unfortunately, I am not able to get the Novacom drivers installed despite having updated Java. How is it supposed to take?

  136. A million thanks need to go out to the development team for creating an operating system that makes the HP TouchPad an enjoyable experience, because the WebOS certainly doesn’t do the device justice. I’m anxiously awaiting the release that resolves the WiFi problems, and resolving the camera problems will eventually be the cherry on top of the proverbial cake. Keep up the great work!

  137. Excellent work sir … my touchpad seems to get a new life …. very detailed steps mentioned … took me ~1 hr to be up and running

  138. if i stop at usb mode (V+ and power button) and cant turn off TP what should i do

  139. I just tried everything to update CM9 with the latest nightly build of CM9, including running the uninstaller first. Nothing worked.

  140. I’ve followed the directions however when my TouchPad reboots moboot 0.3.5 is listed in white on the boot menu at the top but is not “selectable.” I can boot into WebOS,ClocjkworkMod. Any ideas eha I did wrong?

    Thanks. I’ve never tried anything like this before.

  141. I can’t seem to download java on the touchpad. The file won’t open. Please help?

  142. Hi I am running Cyan 7 on the touchpad. Attemepted to update to Cyan 9 using Win 7. I kept getting the couldnt connect to server problem. Went into Services console and found Palm Novacom was disabled. Started that and update started correctly. But here is the weird thing, despite completing and rebooting it is still Cyan 7. I had downloaded the latest Nightly build. Any ideas please? Have tried it twice same result nothing changed and states Cyan 7.

  143. Very detailed and step by step instructions. I was able to install ICS in first try with no issues. Thanks a lot guys.

  144. I was stuck on this for like 20 minutes. I added the file extensions to the files – .exe to novacom and .zip to ACMEIntsatller2 – and it worked just fine.

    So, novacom.exe boot mem:// <

  145. is the any advice for performing this from a MAC home computer with the touchpad or is it the same advice? Thank you

  146. A brilliant guide. Easy to follow and fast to do. Thank you for the guide.

  147. This was my first try at installing the mod and I must say I thought for sure I broke my Touchpad. But I just had to edit some of the entries while in command prompt and she booted right up like a charm. I just downloaded the latest nightmod as of june 12 and there are some improvements in there. Have to say I am jealous of my Touchpad now that it is running like a champ. I had given it to my wife since the webOs system was just too slow and confusing to her. Now she can’t put it down. I have to go back to my Acer A500 tablet. Great article and even turned me into a guru!

  148. Per your screenshot of the USB connection, I can see that it’s totally photoshopped. Obviously, since it’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

  149. Seriously great instructions. I’m not very well versed in computers but I was able to get all this done in well under 30 mins. I can’t believe I waited so long to do this. I actually don’t regret buying my touchpad anymore!

  150. Hi,

    I get to Step 10 The USB icon should disappear from your TouchPad screen and now you should see lines of text run across your screen for a few minutes.

    I get an “Unable to resize filesystem. Minimum size 23697082 sectors, 22544384 requested. resize failed! Abroting! Please reboot

    What suggestions can you make to get past this stage? I’m not tech savyy! 🙂 Thanks,

  151. Anyone had battery question mark and fixed the issue? I have tried every single options including power/home/volume button resets… nothing works and HP asking $235 to fix the issue. Seems to be common issue with HP / Webos… any help or direction ?

    1. Had the same problem, sent it back to HP since it was still under warranty. Didn’t pay a dime.

  152. I just installed Android on my Touchpad using the above tutorial and the only thing I’m not sure of is how to update the software to the latest nightly tenderloin release. It says the best way to update is by running the ACMEInstaller2 but, it does not tell you how to do it other than booting it up with the power button and volume up button pressed to get to the USB mode and then “Run ACMEInstaller2” This is a very vague command unless we are supposed to use the same command that was used earlier to fully install Android on the touchpad. So a more in depth explanation would be nice. I see that an update was just released 7/01 and I’d like to install it. So all I’m really wanting to know is how to “Run ACMEInstaller2” to make it install the latest update?

  153. WOW! Thanks for the thorough instructions! Perfect – I had trouble with the Novacom drivers, but I followed your directions and uninstalled then reinstalled. Now I have a tablet I can use, thank you so much for teaching me how to do this!

  154. This set of instruction is flawless. I follow it carefully to the details and it work perfectly first time. Great job putting it together. Thank you so much.
    Playing with Android is so much fun so far.

  155. I just got my HP Touch Pad with Web OS and Android installed. Very informative video . Had to watch a few times with tablet in front of me to follow. Audio instructions of what he was doing would help. Thanks

  156. It seems everything is installed right. but it wont load cyanogen. just a endless loop of trying to load it

  157. Hi I installed cyanogenMod9 on my HP touch pad. Wireless net working was working but there were no apps like market,gmail etc .on applying upgrade file I got app but wireless network would not work. Any suggestions?

  158. Please can you help. I’ve been at this for months now and still not successful. I always get stuck after the cmd prompt to launch ACMEInstaller2. I’ve checked my device manager to make sure the palm novacom bootie file is there. My dir is exactly the same as ReverendJ’s in his idiot proof video. However the TP just freezes on the USB symbol. if I unplug it i get “novacomd socket was closed prematurely novacom: unexpected EOF from server thats the best I get. Which to me suggests that there is a recognised connection. So why won’t the TP unzip CM9 and the other files. It just sits there. I want to see peguins and text so badly now. I’ve even flattened my TP to original factory settings and tried. Tried new USB leads, old ones. Just same result. Please, please can you help otherwise my TP is useless.

  159. everytime i download novacom installer its says service removed PLEASE HELP

  160. prased is right. It got me working and I had the same problem…. I clicked on my account name and I got it working, It didn’t work for me making a new account

  161. After upgrade, unable to use WI-FI network. It sees my router, connecting to it, but nothing after that. Any suggestions?

  162. hey… any new updates coming soon? Is there ever going to be stable Wifi or a Beta?

  163. As usual with these things I fell at the first hurdle. When I try to install the Novacom files I get a dialog saying ‘Downloading Novacom Drivers’ and a progress bar that says ‘ Initializing’ but the progress bar don’t move.

    Dying to try this but disappointed it didn’t work for me. I suspect it may be because I’m using a 64bit machine, but, what do I know though…lol

  164. The app store is not working…. can anybody pls send me a link to download it..

  165. HELP! Carger fix was applied after the latest update and now I can’t boot into android (message regarding not being able to start one of the files relating to phone) and worse yet, I cannot get it to connect on USB through web OS to be able to reinstall the base CyanogenMod files to make it right (yes, they were removed from the cminstall folder to preserve space). The usb connect will flash on the screen and then dissapear when I hit the connect icon but not connect.

  166. what do you mean eject it from the computer? like unplug it? and can i install the latest version of GAPPS or do i have to go with this is the only part im confused about

  167. I just installed this tonight, the directions were very easy to follow and I was able to do it in about a half hour or so.  Thanks so much for this guide, it was awesome!

  168. I have a problem, when I enter the command line in the cmd nothing happens and the touchpad turns to the hp logo and stays like that forever. Plz someone help me I’m stuck  :'(

  169. I unzipped the files on my touchpad cminstall(yes i know,my fault).I was unable to install it. my problem is how do i put zip files on my touchpad(screen has usb icon in it)?. Thank you.

  170. help i cant load this and now im stuck with a usp signal on my screen

  171. This might be a really dumb question, but can I delete the old tenderloin files from my cminstall folder? I have all the old updates in there and I wouldn’t think I’d need them.. Thank you 

  172. pls i need help cant go beyond the restart step before a use the command prompt as my screen is now blank……… pls help.

  173. I am curious why after I follow the steps above and I have no google map and chrome apps on my touchpad ? 
    are they usually come with the installation or I need to download by myself ?

  174. I have a problem After Now enter the following command, without quotes: “novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2″.. I see the texts going on into the tab and it shuts down and starts again there is no CyanogenMod option… tried reinstalling but same isssue what might the problem be.. pls help

  175. I’m having the same problem as you, nothing works for me I tried all the above also tried new gaaps and clear cash and creating different account, still receiving the same error message, please help

  176. how can i get to get to the command prompt if im using windows xp with no serch bar #PLEASE HElp

  177. It looks intimidating when you read it but really isn’t. I am so much happier with my TP now that I can run Android apps. This gives you the best of both worlds with a TP and in my mind makes the Ipad obsolete.

  178. You should note that in step 9 

    Type “cd /” (without quotes) to enter your root directory. 

    To access root directory you have to do “cd “

  179. awesome. Waited forever to try this, was worried I would break my tablet, and $150 is a lot for me. Not to mention, trying to find it for that price. Worked great once I fixed what I did wrong. Thanks so much! 

  180. I upgraded from Droid 2.3 to this… Now I can’t use my wi-fi at all. It scans and sees the networks. It even asks for the Passkey, but when I hit “Connect” it just says No Internet Connection

    1. It also keeps saying Clock, Email, Camera and other essentials are not working or have stopped working,

  181. How do I upgrade to the newer builds? I have one from a month ago and am a bit unsure how to go about it. Thanks 

  182. Please of you are reading this help! I need to know how to get apps! PLEASE!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  183. My screen went to the one with the 2 linux birds and then nothing.  No way to reset.  Help??????????

  184. liliputing staff and others, I REALLY need to know how to download android apps on my new android 4.0 hp touchpad…. this will be a waste of downloading android  if i cant find out how to get apps. god bless you if you answer my question!! thanks a lot!

  185. i love turorail havent done it yet any opinions
    and will all my webos stuff still be there

  186. Excellent work guys, really easy to follow guide! First time I’ve done anything like this, took a bit longer on step 10 than I thought but stuck with it and eventually it rebooted as planned 🙂 Awesome CyanogenMod Alpha 2 – Much better than original WebOS! 

    Thanks very much!

  187. hi I am following your instructions but wheneever I type in the cd program files it doesn’t recognise it, what am I doing wrong

  188. I have done everything, but at the startup in the boot directory I see the “moboot 0.3.5” in white and hit the home button, but the touchpad keeps booting WebOS.  Please help!

  189. I am having problems with my computer not installing the drivers for the touchpad during step 8, any suggestions?

  190. I got the part where you have to hold the volume button down and it just killed my Touchpad. I had to do a reset (hold power button and centre button) but I dare not try it again! Any help!?!?
    Basically all that happened was I pressed the volume up the moment the screen went black, then no usb icon appeared at all. It just stayed black. My computer tried to install drivers but it tried to do it online and found nothing at all… Any help?!

  191. my internal compass doesnt work on ICS 4.0.4, any else have this problem, is there a fix?

  192. I’m having a problem….I’ve installed everything onto the touchpad but I am not getting a “boot CyanogenMod” option.  The only options I get on the moboot 0.3.5 is “boot webOS” “boot ClockworkMod”, “boot webOS Recovery”, “reboot”, and “shutdown”.  Does anyone have any idea what I may have done wrong?  Please help!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks

    1. this happened to me with the nightly build. i followed the instructions on Step 11 to install via Clockwork mod. i just selected the zip file and installed.

    2. All you need to do is put “update-” at the start of the nightly build folder, it should then look like this “update-cm-9-20121212-NIGHTLY-tenderloin”

  193. That was a very easy install with your GREAT instructions. Thank you so much! You made an good product into something very special. As long as you follow these directions precisely and do not make any typos, you should be fine.

  194. I have performed a step wrong during the installation, correct step is

    Open a file explorer on your computer and navigate to your TouchPad. Create a new folder called “cminstall” without the quotes. Then copy these files from your PC to that new folder:

    where I named the folder on my own as “Android related downloads”, as the download progressed, now it’s stuck saying it couldn’t find cminstall folder.. how can I over come this

  195. was able to successfully put this on my touch pad but how do I now add the Netflix app?

  196. My HP TP is death. I accidentally unplugged it and stop flashing. And now I cannot reboot it at anyways.  Is there anything I can do?

  197. When installing nightly updates do I need to install all the previous updates or can I just install the most recent nightly?

  198. Thanks folks! Android installed perfectly (installed “update-cm-9.0.0-tenderloin-20120414-0800-signed”) and I’m loving it! However, 
    when touchpad autolocks, screen often gets locked up  and screen fails to respond..i can get to the shutdown/restart menu by using Home+Power button, but unable to even select shutdown/restart option using Volume up/down buttons..Only thing i could do is let the battery run down for me to be able to use the touchpad again..
    Can anyone please suggest fix for this issue?

  199. I had installed this on my touchpad right after I got it, and it started acting weird about a week after I installed it. I thought I was going to be stuck with boring.  I just found this and so far it’s running pretty good.  It started out by getting stuck on the opening screen, which was a swirl of colors.  It finally moved on after I pressed the home screen and it let me log into my google account.  Is this normal???

  200. I read the instructions multiple times and followed them to the T but when I booted my tablet and and pressed down the power button myaptop displayed a message that the software was not installed successfully and now my tablet won’t power up at all. HELP!!!

  201. also those of u hu have already installed it for the first time could you tell me how to get android there some kind of instruction or something or do i need to download it please tell

  202. I just wanted to thank you all for putting together this guide.  Rockin’ Android on my TP right now.  🙂

  203. Just found the Xfinity app for email for Android on the Google Playstore. Works great. Just in case anyone else with a Touchpad is trying to figure out how to get their online email. I have not figured out how to get my Comacst email on the WebOS side yet. But, no need now. Just go to CM7 and use the app there for that task.

  204. Fantastic! Am using Win7, first time using USB to hptouchpad. Able to see and use hptouchpad as a USB drive even though it still complains with a red cross on taskbar, “Device driver software was not successfully installed”. HP TOUCHPAD is listed as a portable device in device manager. Looks ok to proceed.
    1. double click on UniversalNovacomInstaller and follow instructions to extract and install. Then copy ACMEInstaller2 file into same directory where novacom.exe is installed in on Win7.
    2. remember to create “cminstall” folder on HP Touchpad main folder when copying files over. 

    * I forgot and it stated Power off when ready after lots of files displaying on HPtouchpad screen, the read through the last few sentence, it stated cannot find “cminstall” files.  I pressed and hold ON/OFF button and pressed “Home”; then it seems able to power off. For a moment thought I am stuck with that Linux screen. Create “cminstall” folder on HPtouchpad using USB mode again, copy files over and try again.

    3. Upon resetting from device info, then upon bootup, press power and up to set HPtouchpad to USB mode, then plug back USB cable to Win7. Note Win7 cannot see any USB drive as before after this reset, the USB mode. Think it is is “mem” mode as needed by ACMEInstaller2. 

    Then simply type in MSDOS:cd to directory where novacom.exe is installedcd C:Program FilesPalm, IncC:Program FilesPalm, Inc> novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2 and the screen starts with the linux stuffs; and extracting those files that we put in "cminstall" folder.4. It auto reboots and the screen goes to boot prompt, it counts down and booted to cyanogenmod.5. Win7 still not able to see any USB drive as USB cable is still connected.6. Follow through till it scan for WIFI connection and password setup, next till finished!7. Cheers to the HPtouchpad Andriod version.8. Press power and reboot. Then press up button to select webOS, then press home button. Back to hp webOS. All files created in webOS are intact.note: I actually copied these 5 files as not sure if needed the "recovery-clockwork-tenderloin-1012" or just the "update-cwm_tenderloin-1012"…

    – gapps-ics-20120317-signed
    – update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-Touchpad-alpha2-fullofbugs
     (tempted to try – update-cm-9.0.0-tenderloin-20120412-0800-signed but not yet as this is the first time doing it)
    – moboot_0.3.5
    – recovery-clockwork-tenderloin-1012
    – update-cwm_tenderloin-1012

    now "cminstall" folder is left with only "recovery-clockwork-tenderloin-1012" file intact.  Must I delete it? I am not sure.Everytime, after disconnect using Win7 "Eject webOS-device" and after "..can be safely removed from computer" message pops up. Then when I remove the physical USB cable from Win7, hptouchpad always complains "OWWW! that hurts. Next time please unmount the drive from the desktop." and goes back to webOS.9. I am booting back to CyanogenMod though still not sure how to backup and copy files created in webOS into Win7. Will Andriod complains the same as webOS? Guess that's ok.10. Yes perfect 10!  Thanks everyone out here for the sharing & especially "Bryan Ngiam" whom lead me to this wonderful link!

  205. have been running latest version CM9 for a couple weeks, and now all the sudden Poof no internet connection.  when i launch web OS, i have connection, just not in CM9.  any thoughts on this? suggestions?  i tried rebooting, it doesnt work. i was doing so good with it too! Damn.

  206. Hey man
    For the last step novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2,mine doesnt work
    is the ACMEInstaller file suppose to be Chrome HTML Document (.htm) file ?

  207. Shut down my tablet and it won’t start back up again anyway I try to… I think I bricked it. Any help? Please?

    1. When the tablet is shut, try to press the power button and the enter button (the button in the lower center of the tablet) for 10-15 seconds, HP symbol will com on..then it would be a normal boot to select either the cynogenmod or HPWeb OS. Hope this helps.

  208. I got to step 10 didn’t work, so I reloaded novacom and rebooted. I hit the volume up, got the USB symbol and it is bricked. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. Nothing. It doesn’t even see it as a drive on my PC, but shows under devices as Palm (Novacom bootie) When I try to eject it, I get an error saying that something else is using it. Please help! I sure don’t want to buy another tablet!

  209. I’m using WindowsXP and am having an issue after rebooting the touchpad.  I hold the volume up button until I see the “USB logo.” 
    I then go to cmd
    Then I type cd /
    When I type dir, the list of directories it shows are on my touchpad.  Basically, it’s showing my touchpad as the c: drive.

    Has anyone experienced this issue, and if so, how did you remedy it?

  210. I followed the instructions and everything seemed to work fine but I don’t get any option but webos boots.  Any ideas on how to fix it?

  211. Hi all,

    I am a noob to ics rooting on touchpad. I followed the instructions and dowloaded ‘nightly’ version. Now I see moboot in my touchpad but there is no ‘cyanogenmod’ option. When I go into clockwork recovery and install file from zip, the ‘update-cm9-nightly’ shows ‘no files found’. Is the downloaded cm9 update is wrong or I am doing something else? Any help is appreciated. TIA!

  212. wow that was a terrible luck, button reboot worked after all (10-15 seconds), no need no more for now.

  213. at step 10 my tablet freezes and hp reboot came up but stays there like for half an hour now. hope I don’t brick my tablet, tried to reboot by the button but no luck stays stuck in HP reboot logo… any suggestions???

  214.  I had Cyanogenmod 7 and followed the instructions to install version CM9 and it went thru with the installation but on reboot is stuck at “Cyanogenmod Loading” screen. Any ideas?

  215. hey i am having trouble at the cmd part. When i type “dir” i dont see program files or my computer or c drive as one of the directories. Please help

  216. my WIFI doesn’t work properly..its becoming tough job for me to get connected. i have to restart ROUTER multiple times to get connected..

  217. I get stuck on Step 9 everytime…. my command starts out with C:Documents and SettingBrett Spicer…. and I can only get that directory…I’m stuck can someone help?

  218. apologies.. i am running ICS 4.0.3, this has got me extremely confused as prior to this, the system had been running perfect.

  219. tablet has been fantastic, no problems..until today! i have both a 16gb and 32gb running the ICS 4.0.1..however thismorning, both devices arent connecting to ANY wi-fi. They are displaying the network, just will not connect! HELP!

      1. This happens to me all the time .disconnect your wifi on Android by selecting your wifi connection and selecting forget, then turn your wifi off completely on Android, then turn it back on and reconnect your wifi

    1. I’ve had that happen from time to time. Not sure what causes it or for sure what clears it but I’ve… powered the router up and down (seems unlikely source of the issue), powered the tablet up and down, done reboots, removed the home network and then added it back in (seems to work the best).

      This only happens periodically and when I can’t connect its the same for both WebOS and ICS. Never had the problem with Mod 7.

      Eventually it clears but I’m not sure why.

  220. Thank you soooo much for this post. I am new to root/custom ROMS and this helped alot. I am a computer engineer major, so it wasnt too foreign though. I changed a few things like the gapps package. I went with a different one so maybe thats why i didnt have some of the problems that others did. Thanx again

  221. did anyone else load up CM9 and have a default pattern set? I did for some reason?

  222. Hi, After installing Andriod 4.0, I am facing following issues, please help anyone, i installed andriod first time on touchpad and net getting the way out.
    1. my laptop is not detecting USB.
    2. Camera is not working
    3. Mic is not working
    4. Headphone are not working. Sound stops in tablet but doesnt come into headphone.
    5. when i play any song in browser and move to any other screen or browser, the songs stops playing.

    PLease nayone tell me if i can fix any problem. I installed release alpha2

  223.  great tutorial! i’m not such a geek and i could do all by myself! it worked on the first try! thanks 🙂

  224. I got everything too work but Netflix, don’t know what’s wrong.

    1. I have sound with Netflix, but no picture.  Anyone know a fix for this problem.  Everything else works great.  Thanks!

  225. Thank you!  This worked perfectly for me.  My only snag was that I couldn’t find the download via RootzWiki–so I just googled each one and found them easily.  I was worried when the install seemed to stop for a while–I even unplugged the TP, plugged it back in, and was just about to execute the command again, when it continued to scroll text. 
    GApps and Market work perfectly.

  226. Did all of this and there is a 9 dot lock screen how do i fix or is there a default lockscreen code

  227. After updated to CM9 Alpha 0.6, I can’t watching video on Youtube and can’t open images file on my email. Did anybody have the same problem? Can someone help. Thanks

  228. i got to step 7 holding the volume button and my touch pad went black and never came back up and will not even turn on now. what do i do now.

    1. Make sure it is charged – press the power button – hold it down and press and hold the home key at the same time for about 45 seconds.

  229. Can’t connect to WiFi after reboot. No WiFi icon near clock and battery. Can anyone please help me?

  230. Hmm… I thought it was always sunny in Philadelphia. TV has let me down again!

  231. Touchpad will not fully shutdown (and reboot with menu screen). Any suggestions?

  232. Everything seemed to work great except now I cannot view videos. Sound but no picture. BTW a big thank you.

  233. forgot the following in the instructions;
    install Gapps

    1. Use volume keys to select ClockworkMod (select by hitting home button)
    2. Use volume keys to select “install a zip from SDcard”
    3. Select “choose zip from sdcard”
    4. Select “cminstall”
    5. Select “Gapps ICS 4.0.3”
    6. Select “Yes – Install Gapps ICS 4.0.4”

    Select “reboot system now”

    1. After installing CM9 Alpha0.6, things seem to be working fine but I cannot connect to my PC no more it keep saying that Driver was not successfully install…..Do u have the same problem?


  234. After copying the files, ejecting the Touchpad from Windows and tapping “Restart” the tablet shutdown and will not start back up again.

    I have tried holding the Volume up button, Power button, Home button and nothing is getting it to start.

    Did I just brick my Touchpad?

    Had previously installed Preware and the Uberkernal(Touchpad)…..could this have something to do with it?

    I just got this tablet tonight and hoping I have not just turned it into a paperweight.

    1. Nevermind, got it to start up again….whew…had me scared there for a bit.

  235. My touch screen on my touch pad no longer works.  I called HP tech support.  My touch pad is still under warranty so I will be sending it into them to get it fixed.  Has anyone had a warranty rejected because the technicians noticed that ICS had been installed?

    1. I think I may have the same problem with the touch screen. Did you get a reply from HP? 

      1. I got a return authorizatieon number from HP, but I never disclosed I had installed android ICS.  However, here is an update.e  I completely drained the battery of the touch pad.  Then when i recharged it and booted back up, the touch screen came back to life.  I have no idea why.  Long story short, I did not send it in for repair.

  236. I’m having the same problem with “Unfortunately, Email has stopped.” every time I try to load it. Everything else is working well so far with 9 though.

    1. I’ll second both things. As a troubleshooting step I removed my account in SETTINGS. The email setup modules work fine. I smoked my Hotmail account and created from scratch. When I hit next I got “Waiting for Sync” “Your email will appear soon”. I have bounced the tablet a couple of times. Now when I launch the email app I get the “Waiting for Sync” message. So, somewhere in the email sync modules and perhaps the email Inbox modules things went awry. Regardless, alpha 2 is RATHER impressive looking. Thanks for all the tireless work. This is really maturing nicely. Cheers!

  237. thanks a bunch! i just finished booting up ICS! havent explored much yet…tomorrow!
    thanks for the steps!

  238. I don’t see the “clockworkmod” on my moboot 0.3.5 screen?  I haven’t been able to update.  Did I miss something?

  239. I installed CM9 Alpha 2 and I can’t connect to my exchange server to receive email, contacts, and calendar.  Does anyone have a fix?

  240. Great set of instructions – took me no time to install android.  I cannot get my google calendar to sync tho – or my exchange calendar.  Is there something i missed or is it a known issue?  Any help would be appreciated..thanks.


  241. I’m having problem on my touch pad running alpha2 when I open ESPN , the video/PICTURE don’t open. .its alll black screen. Anybody can help me on this?

  242. upgraded from CM7 to CM9 Alpha 2, all worked perfectly thanks! 🙂

    1. Did your USB port work with your PC? My Window7 cannot install driver for touchpad

  243. EXCELLENT set of instructions!  I am not a programmer type and was able to follow your instructions and get  Android up and running in less than 20 minutes last night.  As new builds become available, do I need to follow all these steps all over again or do i need to just process with the new build file?  The version I got still has a couple minor issues, like headphone jack and microphone not working.  THANKS!

    1. Nope, basically all you need to do to update from Alpha 2 to a future version is download the latest to your TouchPad and then follow step 11. 

  244. I had installed CM9 Alpha 2 properly but had some WiFi issues. I uninstalled it using ACMEUninstaller. Now when I try to reinstall, after the big USB screen, once I hit enter at the novacom boot command, there is a HP logo instead of the lines of codes that I am expecting. Then nothing happens. I have to restart with the Power+Home button. Any suggestions on how to make it work again?

    1. I had the same problem.
      But now the problem is
      solved!!! When you have
      Internet access, go to Play Store and install the app Wifi Fixer. I have HP Touchpad 32GB with CyanogenMod 9 Alpha2 and it 100% works for me!

  245. Hi,
    I followed the above instructions ,after couple of try i manage to install Android to my touch pad. After install Android my headphone & camera not working and battery not able to charge. Any solution to solve this problem. i have installed Alpha 2 version.

  246. Having an issue trying to synch my none Gmail account on HP touchpad

  247. I need help.  looks like forgot to install the ACMEInstaller into the ciminstall folder on the touchpad and now just have the large USB symbol and the pad is locked up. any help with this?

      1. That isn’t working for mine. I have the USB SYmbol and it is locked up – won’t even register as a drive on my PC anymore. HELP!

  248. I have alpha 0.6 installed and working as expected – with known deficiencies.  Can someone tell me if the microphone works with alpha 2?

  249. thx for the instructions, they were perfect (too bad no netflix video though)…

  250. The Gapps package you use is so important. Use the wrong one and you are done until you correct your error.

  251. Can anyone help me PLEASE?! I can’t open the .jar file.  Every time I try, it says, “UNABLE TO LAUNCH APPLICATION” and when I click on “details” it says, “The following required field is missing from the launch file:”  Does anyone have any idea what that means?

  252. Hello,
    I applied the steps mentioned above step by step. Everything was working as mentioned until the time it rebooted. I didn’t getthe option to boot as CyanogenMod. I get a screen with a title moboot 0.3.5 with the following options only: boot webOS / boot ClockworkMod / boot webOS Recovery / reboot / shutdown. 
    Please help me out of how to boot into CyanogenMod. Thanks

  253. Hello,

    I applied the steps mentioned above step by step. Everything was working as mentioned until the time it rebooted. I didn’t give the option to boot as CyanogenMod. I get a screen with a title moboot 0.3.5 with the following options only: boot webOS / boot ClockworkMod / boot webOS Recovery / reboot / shutdown. 
    Please help me out of how to boot into CyanogenMod. Thanks

  254. Help. I just installed Android 4.0 from Android 2.3 and when rebooting the touchpad it took me straight to a lock screen. What is lock code? I can’t get in at all. 

  255. Thanks for the excellent instructions!!! My ICS Alpha 2 install went through flawlessly. I was a bit worried during the synch when it seemed to hang during the file copy with a couple line errors. Just be patient if this happens to you. It eventually moves past this and everything installs just fine.

  256. The tutorial is really helpful, but looks like I messed-up the installation and not sure if something can be done abt this. I created a folder with the name androidinstall (not sure why) on the touchpad and started the installation. The folder was not found and told me to power off. But now the touchpad is stuck with all the lines and linux logo. Can you please help if i can do something here?

    1. No worries, things did fall in place. Thanks again for the great tutorial.

  257. I’ve been trying to install Novacom for the past couple of days with little to no success. Any thoughts?

  258. wow, downloaded install files last night and ran setup this morning. took 10 minutes tops. Netflix on the touchpad just made this tablet complete for me. Thanks to everyone!

    Like some other commenter mentioned, I ran:
    novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2

    that's without the .exe after novacom

    Hope those with issues get it all sorted out.

    One other thing, the market place seems to be working fine without having to manually install it.

  259. I am installing the CM9 alpha2 first time and followed correctly till the step number 7. During the step 8 my touchpad went dark and nothing is happening now. It is like dead as of now. I pressed all the buttons on the touchpad but no result. Can you please help me?

    1. This happened to me as well. I think it was because the device driver (QHSUSBdrivers) on my Windows 7 computer did not install properly.
      Somehow I managed to get it alive again though (after trying a combination of the following (not sure what brought it back to life again):
      – Power button, volume down, and home button for 20 seconds
      – Power button and pressing home button 10 times
      – disconnected USB cable
      After this and installing the device driver properly on my PC, I did step 8 again and it works Ok now…. my daughter can play “where is my water” on Touchpad which is why I started this… 😉

  260. HP has the giant USB sign on the screen. It’s been like that for the last fifteen minutes.. How long is it supposed to take?

  261. Install worked perfectly, thank you.  My only problem now is that I can not connect via USB to my computer anymore as it does not recognize it and I am thus unable to transfer anymore files to my touchpad, including an updated ROM.  My computer with Win 7 is trying to install MTP device when I try and connect and then it fails.

      1. This is easy to fix.

        a) Go to Settings
        b) Go to Storage
        c) Touch on menu on upper right corner and select USB Computer Connection
        d) Make sure the box next to Media Device (MTP) is checked.

        That’s all there is to it. You might still receive an error in Windows regarding the driver failing to install (I did), but the device should be available in Windows Explorer.

    1. If you installed Moboot properly, every time you turn off the tablet and turn it back on you should see a menu giving you the option to boot into CyanogenMod, ClockworkMod, or webOS. 

      Use the volume buttons to move up and down through the options and the home button to select the OS you want to boot. 

  262. Hello,

    I followed these great instructions & everything works great with once exception, my netflix app is streaming AUDIO ONLY, no video, the screen is just blank but I can hear everything clearly. Is there something I can do to fix this or is this normal?

    At first I had the cm0.5 file but then I updated it to the cm0.6 file but just downloading that file directly to the touchpad & installing from zip.

    Any Help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  263. Help! I upgraded from cm7 to cm9. Everything went fine and smooth then i decided to install the update-chargerfix. Then i got the has stopped message. Instead of clicking ok and rebooting quick i clicked ok and unlocked and that made matters worse the message loop was instant nothing to click but ok. So i tried holding down all buttons to try and get it to shut off, it did. Problem is now it wont turn on. At first i noticed it was still trying to connect through usb but install was failing. That happened a couple times. Now it wont do a thing, not a peep. Is this bricked? Did it just become a paperweight? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    1. Which version of CM9 did you install? You shouldn’t need to use the update-chargerfix unless you were using Alpha 0. 

      Did you have a full battery charge? You might need to charge the tablet for a while before it will turn back on. 

  264. Fantastic instructions and excellent first time results …..thanks … it has made the HP touchpad a great device now !!!

    Can anyone help with what is the best printer driver for a wifi HP laser printer

  265. This guide tells you to type in:

    novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2but the correct command in cmd is:
    novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2 

    There SHOULD NOT BE .exe in the command. I verified this in other guides and it works. I encountered the same problem as an earlier poster with the Touchpad simply booting straight into WebOS (no moboot etc.). Also, the penguins and lines of text flashed for a second instead of actually installing things for a couple minutes.

    1. how did you go about redoing all of it once it booted straight into webos?  I am having the same problem but I run it again with the correct .exe command and it does the same thing, no option to log in through android network

  266. OK I need help I followed all the instruction even uninstalled and reinstalled. I did clear cache wipes ect but when i get to the  screen where it says WElcome to CM_ Tenderloin touch android to begin when i touch the android i get the error message that says unfortunately  Setup wizard has stopped.  What can I do to thix this?  I am getting frustrated and I saw an earlier post where someone was ahving the same problem but noone replied to him.  Please help me out I love the Hp touchpad but I really love Android operating platform.

    1. boot to webos, drop the gapp for ics zip file on the touchpad, reboot to clockwork and install zip- select zip- select gapp, reboot in to cm9, works

  267. THANKS TEAM! This fixes one of my issues — my Touchpad in WebOS mode would connect wirelessly at work, but under Android it would connect but not pass traffic.  Very happy to report that this has been fixed in the CM9 Alpha2 build I’ve installed (previously running alpaha0.6, before that CM7).  REALLY HAPPY WITH YOUR WORK!!

  268. hi i just installed “update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-Touchpad-alpha2-fullofbugs” on my touchpad and i can’t find the android market place anywhere. 
    Please HELP ME 

    1. I’ve installed this over the CM9 alpha 0.6.  Used the ACMEInstaller2 method (I lie – I tried using the clockworkmod/twrp method and it failed) — but after the install with ACMEInstaller2 I found that the gapps was still sitting untouched in the cminstall directory.  So, I rebooted into recovery mode and installed the gapps again — added my google account back in and I was up and running again.

    2. HI … I had the same problem. I ended up saving the gApps file directly on the root drive of the touchpad and then following step 11 for the gApps file as mentioned …. then all go 🙂  

  269. Tried to install, but ive been stuck at the screen with lines of code after running the acmeinstaller in the cmd screen. What do i do now. The touchpad is not responding to any of the hard keys. When i do press a hard key there is another line of code that appears reading that i just pressed the button

    1. Did you use the ACMEinstaller2 (note the 2)?  If not, try that.  When I installed this, there was no feedback on the command prompt, and I also run the command prompt as administrator (right click the cmd icon, select run as administrator), but that may just be my paranoia.  Kick off the ACMEInstaller2 and go get some coffee. HTH.

  270. Great Work man!!! Everything works and your tutorial is easy to understand. kepp it up!

  271. Hi,
    I’m unsure if this has public knowledge, but does skype work on CM9 alpha 1? My skype app fails echo test. The call just drops right away. I think I read somewhere that anything SIP/VOIP related isn’t working. Is this correct? Or are there some sip clients that work?

    1. The mic doesn’t work right now, nor does the camera.  Still, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this on my touchpad right now.  If you want Skype to work, it was working for me on CM7 (Android 2.3).

  272. I was able to install the Cyanogen but I don’t see the link for market. Please help.

    1. You need to install the gapps, mine was left uninstalled in the cminstall directory.  Follow the steps in step 11 above, but install the gapps files instead of the chargefix — after that, you can add your google account and get the market.

  273. Thanks so very much for the guide, it worked beautifully for me! I’m a novice too 🙂 The market did not install with moboot so I just followed your instructions for the manual installation of the gapps file. Your instructions were easy to follow and understand, thanks again! 

  274. Although I did have a successfull installation, I have a question about one small issue.  When I power down the Touch Pad using the power button and selecting Power Off, the system just reboots anyway.  The only way I have found to make the shutdown stick is to intercept the reboot process and go into clockwork and shutdown there.  Anybody else have that issue?  Any suggestions for a direct shutdown procedure?

  275. Successfully installed ICS alpha 6.  Did have the issue that gapps did not install automatically so I used the procedure described in step 11 above. You can tell that gapps did not install if market is not there.  For first time installers, I strongly recommend the Idiots Guide video using ACM2 and making sure use the latest gapps.  Installed my favorote chess app from market as a quick test.  Works great!!

  276. I have gotten to step 10 but when i enter that into the command, all that happens is my tablet then shows the hp icon and it is frozen. I dont know where I went wrong but I have redone this a few times and cant seem to figure out what i’m doing wrong.. Any Ideas??

  277. I have installed this new version but I can’t seem to figure out how to put it in USB mode so I can copy my movies or other files from PC to Touchpad.  [email protected]

    1.  Get Airdroid from the marketplace. Otherwise you have to boot up WebOS for USB mode.

  278. I have installed this early yesterday morning at 130 am, I was playing around with it at 11 am and it stated to pop up “unfortunately, System UI has stopped”  any one have any ideas I don’t have the notification screen at the bottom and I cant log on to any wifi network.

    1.  Re: wifi problem. I was having the same issue, it resolved when I went into WebOS and turned wifi on. Hope that helps

    2. I had the same problem.
      But now the problem is
      solved!!! When you have
      Internet access, go to Play Store and install the app Wifi Fixer. I have HP Touchpad 32GB with CyanogenMod 9 Alpha2 and it 100% works for me!

  279.  i got everything to work but i cant find the market app..and if i go online to go on the market i cant download anyhing..any help with this?

    1. go to the android market, go to the settings and select your account.  then it should work

  280. Installed ICS CM9 . Perfect.
    Installed battery charge fix.  Got error popups on the screen and can’t shut down.
    Battery ran out and now won’t even charge.  It won’t even show the charging icon.
    ********** HELP ******************

    Is there a hard reset button or something that will reboot or reset with adapter plugged in.

  281. for all those people getting an error with the HP logo showing up, I just had that same issue and resolved it:

    1. Check that your java is up to date with the latest version
    2. Check your novacom or reinstall it
    3. Check your ACMEInstaller2 (make sure it is not the .md5 file…i guess there are two you can download from the link and I downloaded the wrong one the first time)

    I redid all of this and it worked. Hope this helps!

  282. i really need help everything worked fine besides GAPPS and i cant seem to get the clock work recovery on the mobot screen HELP please, my email is [email protected] if someone is kind enough to help i would really really appreciate it 

  283. I followed all the above instructions.
    when choosing  boot CyanogenMod my touch pad is freezing on screen

    cyanogen loading …

    did any one else faced this issue ?

  284. Does the microphone work in 0.6? And do you have to choose the correct ‘Gapps’ for your country ie. will the gapps suggested work in the UK.

  285.   i tried doing this and everything worked up until the part where it said
    the option to boot Cyanogen.  The only options I have are
    Boot WebOS
    Boot ClockworkMod
    Boot WebOS Recovery

     I really need help

      1. Same Problem here…I dont have a Boot Cyanogen option…Please help

  286. After 3 tries i got it loaded
    thanks for every one that has worked so hard on this

  287. aside from it being “new” and “better looking”…is there any other reason to upgrade from cm7 to cm9? cm7 is stable to me and the apps i use works on it…anyone? anyone?

  288. Try this version of gApps People! This one will works, I have tested it. (2/15/2012)

    You may need to totally uninstall first. Put this file into the Palm, Inc File folder…ACMEUninstaller

    redo the install but the last line will be like this and then it will be removed. 

    “novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller″ 
    Then reinstall with the proper gapps file and the market will work.

    see what people said about it here

  289. is there a way to undue this whole thing if I decide during mid process that I want to revert back to web os? Please help

  290. Not sure if it was supposed to work this way, BUT
    I followed the instructions above but got a little overzealous and put the 0.5 and 0.6 zip files into the cminstall folder under WebOS

    I had never installed CM or any Android on this TP.

    I followed the rest of the instructions word for word and the install seemed to go fine EXCEPT that for Step 10 I was never prompted for Moboot.  It went straight into the Install.

    Freaked me out a but but when it was done,
    CM9 0.6 was installed
    GApps were installed, Moboot was installed
    And after CM9 was done installing I was greeted by the welcome wizard which gave me the option to restore my device (my Android 2.3 Phone associated with my gmail account)
    I said yes and it immediately started downloading all my apps (paid and unpaid).
    Even installed the Bloatware that Verizon loaded on the phone (but unlike the Verizon phone I was able to Uninstall easily from the TP)

    Anyway, not exactly like instructions but wanted to say THANKS as this was VERY smooth.

  291. After going through the CMD promt and doing novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2 my touchpad just goes to the HP logo and loads back like normal.. what am I doing wrong?

  292. I’ve tried to install android cm9 about 7 times now.. First time I did but there was no Android installed. After that I just waited and it did run more lines and then just sits there for as long as I wait.Right at the end of the text string I get a line that says that “no cminstall dir found: nothing to install. Power off when ready. THERE IS A CMINSTALL DIR!Any ideas? I ran Webos dr and can’t see that it did anything.

  293. Help! I have followed the instructions for installing CM9 as above about six times. It starts installing (I think) I see many lines of text scrolling across the screen on the touchpad. Eventually it stops and there’s a line that says to disconnect when ready. First time I did but there was no Android installed. After that I just waited and it did run more lines  and then just sits there for as long as I wait. Ninety minutes is the longest I’ve waited. No android or moboot or any signs of any of the products that should be there.

    What could I be doing wrong? I’ve done everything the instructions say to do. Is there something I should do to the touchpad first?


    1. Same thing happened to me.  I backed up everything I had on WebOS and then ran WebOS doctor and it worked. 

      1. Thanks. After the WebOS dr did you reinstall the android or was it there already?  I know, it sounds like a dumb questions but I’ve spent hours on this. Thanks again.

  294. i installed CM9 and after installing gApps in CWM Recovery and rebooting the boot screen is not ending. i waited for about an hour. can anyone help me in solving this problem.

    1. try downloading the google apps fixer. or try using the newer gapps version

  295. Works great….noticed however there’s a sync errorwith Android calendar when connecting with exchange, mail and contacts works fine

  296. Workaround for netflix.
    A back door way to get Netflix on the HP Touchpad with CyanogenMod 9 Alpha is to install the Splashtop Remote Desktop App from the Market, and then link to your desktop browser playing Netflix.  A little jerky – depending on your network speed – but it does play audio and video.

  297. I have installed the Android 4 as above and my  touchpad works well. But I do have some problem in booting the cm9 as it crushes very easily and it takes several attempts before it settles down. Sometime it crushes also during operation. 
    What am I doing wrong?

    many thanks,


  298. Successfully installed, unfortunately its locked on the pattern and I didn’t a pattern activated on the previous android version, does ayone know how to get around this?

  299. Brad, Awesome work by liliputing !! A million thanks to you guys !!
    I will do my piece of reporting a few issues which I noticed in a couple of hours of use, these issues may have already been reported.
    – gapps did not install with andriod i had to follow step 11 to install gapps
    – youtube doesnt work on browser and HD videos doesnt work on youtube app
    – Netflix doesnt show video but audio works.
    – Wi-Fi is dropping but not that bad
    – know thing with camera not working

  300. Thanks ICS is working very well on my TP, but Netflix will not show video the audio works.  I know this was a bug but it was crossed out in that paragraph. Is Netflix still not working or is there a fix for that? Thanks!

  301. Update: I managed to get out of the infinite crash loop and did a “Factor reset: delete user data” out of clockwork in an attempt to reinstall everything from the beginning. Now my touchpad has been displaying the boot-up animation for several hours and won’t turn off or go anywhere. 

  302. I followed your directions, and after applying the battery charge update my tablet is bricked with a “Unfortunately, the process ha stopped” message that will not go away. Is there anyway to force shut down the device?

    1. Robby, I’m having the same 
      “Unfortunately, the process ha stopped” message but I can’t get out of it.  How did you do the Factory reset?  

      1. I went to the lock screen and shut down the tablet from there. The error message still popped up, but if you’re quick, you can select “shut down” between error messages.

    2. Had the same problem after applying the update.

      My fix was to go back and substitute the uninstaller program (available at ).

      To use, simply download and unzip the Uninstaller. Then connect the TouchPad to your computer via USB. Then restart the TouchPad with the volume-up key held until you see the large, white USB logo. Then, issue this command on your Terminal/Command Line on your computer:
      $ novacom boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller

      Then I reinstalled Android from scratch as described above – but without the battery charge update.

      Has been working perfectly ever since.

      Cheers, and good luck!

  303. Super-important missing info:
    * On mac, novacom is installed to /opt/nova/bin.  This is where you need to copy the ACMEInstaller2 file.
    * When rebooting the tablet (pressing volume-up), the USB display that appears is identical to the one you see when connected to a laptop.  If you see the touchpad desktop (even if it has the small USB logo), it didn’t work.  Reboot the device to try again.  For me, it was that I always mix up volumeup and volume-down on this thing.
    * Step 8 says to wait for drivers to install.  I don’t know what that means (host machine sends drivers to tablet?  tablet installs drivers itself?) but it appears to be of no consequence.  Ignore that sentence.  Neither the desktop nor the tablet will show any sign of changing so dont wait for them.


    1. Hey David, 

      How do you do steps 9 and 10 with a MAC?

      Many thanks,

      1.  Hi Aurelaurel,

        I was having the same problems as you and I found this great video on youtube. Here’s the link:

        Follow the instructions exactly as he says, except it’s ACMEInstaller2 instead of ACMEInstaller at the 09:11 mark on the video. Make sure you have the spaces correctly. There should be a space after the last forward slash and after the less than sign.

        When you see all the text flying on the touchpad, be patient because it takes a while. You will then see some graphics at some point and it will look like it will never leave that screen. At some point it will have an android screen and just follow the directions.

        I hope that helps

  304. can someone give me a non-megaupload link of as you know, it’s not available anymore

  305. Good night, i have some questions to do. If i want or the Android does’t work i can revert this change? (If i can, how i do this?). The Bluetooth will work with a Android Phone? I will be able to install apps like, Picsel Smart Office? The Wi-fi will work fine? And to finish, this Android version has the language Portuguese of Brazil? I’m very interested in change my OS, so please, answer my questions. Since now, grateful!

  306. Good night, i have some questions to do. If i want or the Android does’t work i can revert this change? (If i can, how i do this?). The Bluetooth will work with a Android Phone? I will be able to install apps like, Picsel Smart Office? The Wi-fi will work fine? And to finish, this Android version has the language Portuguese of Brazil? I’m very interested in change my OS, so please, answer my questions. Since now, grateful!

  307. I download the suggested link to get ICS. it is success to be ICS but all default apps are missing, even android market icon. now, i cannot install any app. how can i do ?

  308. If you face a reboot/rebooting/bootloop problem, when you start up your TP, go to the clockworkmod option using the volume buttons, and do a factory/data reset, wipe cache, advanced–>wipe dalvik.
    Your problem is fixed! 🙂

  309. After installing CM9 using the instructions above I found that Gapps did not install automatically via ACME2, although Android seemed to boot fine.

    I have since installed the Gapps via ‘Install frrom zip’ along with the charger update.

    After installing Gapps and the charger update I get stuck in a loop with the same error message over and over… ‘Unfortunately, mob.Android has stopped’.

    This still occurs after reboot.

    Has anyone got any suggestions please?


  310. followed directions installed flawlessly first time around thanks…  having an issue playing video files aspx in a browser tried multiple browsers all show the video box and the time moves but, no audio or video any suggestions

  311. It worked fine for me. The problem is that I would like to sign-out from google account which i can not. i tried disabling synch options as well call clear data and clear cache and everytime this gets my emails …..

    how to remove gmail app and data for it ?

  312. great directions.. everything works but the camara.. if you can help me with it… thanx

  313. anyone that can help i would greatly appreciate!! when i connect my touchpad to the computer and the giant usb comes up, i type in the code in cmd exactly as its written, but when i press enter after the last line of code, nothing happens. so i X out of cmd then my touchpad brings up the hp logo and i have to restart it. what am i doing wrong?

    1. I had same problem today. so i just connected it with usb turned off wifi and then turned on wifi back… it worked.

  314. Thanks for the great tutorial. I have android and gapps installed!

    but youtube HD version did not play(non-hd are working fine) in 0.6. But the lines was commented out, which implies it should work now?Are they anything I am missing?

  315. I did not succeed on the first try but the second one worked.  My problem is that boot to WEBOS is the default and Cyanogenmod is 3rd on the boot list.  How can I change the boot order so that Cyanogenmod is the default??

    1. On webOS, use preware to dowload and install “cyboot”…you can change the moboot wait time and the default startup OS…don’t play with any of the other settings though..

  316. I installed the CM9 upgrade using the ACMEInstaller2 and my Touchpad worked find. I installed the 
    update-chargerFix-alpha0 and now my Touchpad will not reboot. Any suggestions? Can I remove the charger-fix update?

  317. hello i am unable to download any apps from market. any body can help please? thank you!

  318. I have CWM 9 installed and running on my touchpad, but gapps didn’t install. When I reboot into moboot, I don’t have the clockwork mod option-any suggestions? Thanks-other than that, I was impressed by how well this went!

  319. Installed from WebOS. Everything seems to work fine but the market. In my case, market app was not installed (I saw many failure errors on the screen while installing). 
    I got the apk file of market 3.3.11 from the web and installed it through ‘setting>apps’. The program looks installed successfully but does not work.

    BTW, how many default apps should be in the menu after a fresh installation?

      1. I tried at least, flowing the instruction above (copying the zip file to a touchpad folder). But it seems not worked. 
        How can I make sure if GApps is installed? Its icon should be found in the home? If it was not installed, how I can install it? 
        Thanks for the comment.

  320. Hey Brad or anyone who can help,

    So I tried installing everything step-by-step like it said an when I got
    to step 7 & 8, where you have to reboot the touchpad and wait until
    the screen goes black then press the volume up button. I did that my
    computer at the time was installing the drivers then it said “the
    drivers were unsuccessfully installed” an now the screen is pitch black on my touchpad? What did I do wrong and how can I fix it…. Please help I’m freaking out over here….

    1. I meant to add I’m doing all of this from my laptop… Is that a problem? I’m the same person as tking521 right up above this comment… Anyone’s help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks

    2. Did you “disconnect the device” or eject it before rebooting it?  I had to do it that way and it worked just fine.

    3. I had same issue, Please hold power and menu button (center) for 30 second, it will restart.

  321. My computer no longer recognizes my Touchpad, it attempts to install some drivers but it fails. Any advice?

  322. So…. if i don’t care that all of my stuff will be deleted all i have to do since i already have CM7 on my touchpad is to copy, reboot and install from zip right? Is there a difference from the gapps from the cm7 to the cm9 and do i need acmeinstaller2 if again i don’t care if everything’s erased? thanks!

  323. I tried doing this and everything worked up until the part where it said the option to boot Cyanogen.  The only options I have are
    Boot WebOS
    Boot WebOS Recovery

    Any suggestions? I really need help

  324. my install went great i had to reinstall gapps 3 times for the market to work. now i can download apps now i cant get youtube to work netflix only plays audio and crackle will only play the comercials but web based flash movies work (ie ) anyone know how to fix this

    1. Nope. It requires hardware video acceleration and that’s not included in the most recent builds of Android 4.0 for the TouchPad. Hopefully it will arrive in a future release. 

  325. Installed netflix but only get audio,no video,got the same with some others video apps that play online movies,but youtube is come,please advice,thanks in advance.

  326. Thank you very much for detailed instructions. Loving it on my touchpad.

  327. Okay, I follow instructions and ics loads but there isn’t an option to boot in clockworkmod. The Gapps don’t load either and without clockworkmod how can I get them there? Thanks.

    1. I’ve reinstalled at least 6 times to no avail. Just to confirm… we remove the md5 file extension right? Anybody?

  328. Hi, i upgraded from CyanogenMod7 and now when i reboot it, it has a lock pattern and i don’t know how to unlock it.

    Please help.

    1. If you had tried to create a pattern in cm7, use the same pattern. Although it did not work in cm7 for some reason the pattern created in cm7 survives! Thankfully I remembered my pattern to unlock my pics 0.6 alpha.

      1. what if I can’t remember the pattern? Is there a way to delete it? Thanks!

        1. Sorry, I am not sure what you would do then. Perhaps clean install CM9 0.6 is the only way, but then you would lose your data:( Good Luck!

  329. I had upgraded to 4.0, but my camera cannot work, any suggestions to solve this problem, thx!

    1. That’s a known problem. The camera drivers aren’t publicly available and so far no version of Android for the HP TouchPad has supported the camera. It’s not likely to change in the immediate future. 

  330. Were you able to get out of that screen. I am having the same issue. Please help

  331. loaded the latest mod .6, but want to switch the launcher, does anyone know how

  332. Noobie, loaded the latest version and went perfectly, one issue when it booted it ask if i wanted ADW or trebuchet and i check the box, i selected adw but want the other and have no idea how to swap it back

  333. wi-fi cant connect cm7 2.3 ,works fine on webos…..any thing i can try,,…trys to connect but stops and says cant obtain ip address,,but ALWAYS works ok on webos..thank you

  334. a few problems with cm9 alpha 0.5……… music crashes and so does gallery..are these two of the “bugs” in this version,,thank you again..

    1. Same here. gallery crashes. Haven’t tried music.
      youtube is not working.
      everything else is ok.  Went good on my first install of cm9 alpha .6

  335. thank you so much for these instructions! worked great for me – I’m amazed! the only problem I have is that sometimes I’m not able to open any apps from their shortcuts and it just takes me to the next blank screen? Not sure, if anybody else has this problem.

  336. So, I installed CyanogenMod 9 Alpha about four/five days ago and it was working fine. A little glitchy, the screen would be unresponsive after being locked in some cases, and it rebooted once or twice. I left a game application running (Jewels?) and locked the screen and it turned on once with the lock screen and refuses to turn on now. I’ve tried charging it, plugging it in, and the tablet registers on the computer, I can open it and put files on the sdcard but the screen is unresponsive. I’m letting the battery drain and hoping it will reboot but I don’t know what is going on…Any help?

    1. try holding the home button on the front and press (and hold) power until it restarts, (will take a while ,,maybe 15 seconds or so,just keep holding it, it will restart

      1. So the first time, I let the power drain and it restarted. Now, my touchpad is almost completely charged and the same thing happened. I tried holding it down, but the home button just keeps flashing twice indicating that it’s still on. I have no clue how long it’ll take to drain the battery this time…

    1. Press the volume down button and the power button at the same time. Screenshots will be saved in the PicturesScreenshots folder on your “sdcard.”

      You can also use a third party screenshot app from the Android Market if you prefer. 

  337. I have  installed 
    Cyanogen 9 Alpha 0.5 on Touchpad yesterday it was working great. But today the my Touchpad is freezing every 2 – 3 mins. The only difference between today and yesterday is that I installed flash player 11.
    Is it only me or anybody else having this problem.

  338. hii, i just installed android 4.0 on my touchpad but i am unable to connect to WiFi. Can you please help? 

  339. The wireless was working but after I installed gapps following instruction step 11 and rebooted in cyanogenmod … my wireless stopped working. My android sees the connection but when does not connect

    1. [WIRELESS FIXED]   It works now … I select forget network  and turned the wireless on touchpad on again and now it works! THis fix is like CM7 wireless fix! Hope people fnd it useful!

  340. I followed the exact step … got it installed without any hiccup .. awesome … excellent work!!

  341. Great to see this build on the back of the fantastic Gingerbread builds. I did have a couple of problems though. Initially, Marketplace wouldn’t load at all. I tried reinstalling CM7 but had loads of Force Closes. Luckily when I used ClockworkMod to reinstall CM9, I was asked for my Google account details on first boot and this fixed the problem. Some other issues: video solved with MX Player. Calendar and Email wont sync. Downloaded K9 Mail which solved my email prroblem. Not found a way around calendar not syncing (to Google calendar and/or funambol) yet. Looking forward t future updates, what a great start

      1. where’s the post on calendar fix? I only see my google cal but not the ones from exchange.

  342. help please. Doesn’t seem others have had this problem.  I started step 9 

    novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2 and i could see on the touchpad that it was extracting files and installing them.  It looked like it was done and on the last line it says Power off when ready. I managed to get out of this mode and restart back in the WebOS. Tried reinstalling and the same thing.

    1. When you loaded the files onto your Touchpad, did you create a folder called “cminstall” in which to put them? If not, do so.

  343. Easy install. a little buggy , but worth the install and fun to use. I’ve installed both versions. Up grading to newere versions are a snap. And takes less than five minutes to do the upgrade. The first install is easy too, you just need a PC for the initial install. Jump in and have fun.

  344. Why doesn’t my computer recognize the android operating system ? When I change the operating system to webos then only it recognizes . Any fix ?

  345. My computer doesn’t recognize the touchpad after I install android. Wifi is not working or I didn’t know how to fix it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  346. I have just updated my CM7 to alpha 0.5 but I am having problems with the wifi connections. It is not connecting at all even though I can see my network id. Can anyone assist or provide with possible solutions?

    I can’t get the email (“unfortunately email has stopped”) to work nor is flash working on all websites.

    1. turn airplane mode on and off.  Then, reconnect wifi. The alpha version has known wifi problems.

        1. i think watching videos with flash is still not working very well with this version.

          1. thanx for your assistance. I hope there is a new build coming out soon enough (keepin my fingers crossed). Aside from the absence of the video accelerator, it seems this build is far better than CM7 3.5.

  347. The install worked flawlessly.

    I first uninstalled CM7 and then reinstalled WebOS. After that I deleted everything in the sdcard folder. Afterwards I installed CM9 on that following the instructions on this page.

    Everything worked great and I’m really enjoying CM9. ICS feels a lot better on this tablet.

    Thanks for the easy install guide.

  348. Awesome!!! You guys made it too easy to resist playing with ICS. Whole process took all of 30 minutes- many Thanks!

  349. did anyone get lucky with Barncle Wi-Fi tether using CM9….mine doesn’t recognize…

  350. Hi everyone,

    First I just want to thank all who worked on CM7 and CM9. You made my device worth way more than I paid for it! Second I thought I could share a way to play the videos you have stored on your device since they don’t work in the current CM9 version. Simply download MX Video player from the market…it seems to play anything. Hope this helps someone.

    [email protected]

  351. I can download apps but not install them. I did manage to install three apps: Amazon Kindle app, Amazon Mobile app, and Amazon AppStore app. But nothing else that I download from the Amazon Appstore will install. The apps download perfectly but then disappear. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get my apps to install?

  352. Followed all the instructions and works GREAT!!  Only issue is the Camera. Sure hope this gets a fix.. 

  353. The came is not working on CM9 and for some reason skype turns on BUT anything i am calling someone to receiving a call it ends the call. 
    Anyone else having the same issues? 

  354. I’ve installed Android on my HP Touchpad and its working fine. Problem is I can’t connect to my Trendnet wireless router. Android recognizes my internet connection, even says the connection is excellect, but it won’t allow my Touchpad to connect to the internet. All my other devices connect just fine. Only the Touchpad with the new Android OS is giving me problems. I have not updated the firmware for the Trendnet router. WebOS connected with no problem before. My hunch is that the problem has a simple solution. Some variable needs to be adjusted. Can anyone help? Thanks!

    1. Go into you router settings and change the Chanel from 11 to 5. I did that for mind after reading it online somewhere and its been working like a charm. No issues what so ever. 

      1. Thanks for the information. I managed to get mine working by updating the Firmware. This is the first time I’ve used Android and its awesome. I’m so impressed! Android and Touchpad make a great combination.

  355. Hi thanks for the greate tutorial. I have managed to install and run the Android successfully, but when I try to do step 11 and I go to the boot menu there is not option for ClockworkMod.
    I also believe that GApps has not being installed.
    What do I need to do to have ClockworkMod in the boot menu?

    1. Did you make sure to put in the cminstall folder on your TouchPad before running ACMEInstaller2?

    2. once you get clockworkmod in the boot menu, you’ll be able to install the gapps per brad’s directions for the chargerfix.

  356. Ahhh Finally got through the lock pattern screen 🙂 
    But a nother issue now. 
    The first time I loaded up CM9 on my HP touchpad everything went smoothly. Internet was working great BUT now for some reason it just wont connect to wifi. It shows that my wifi network is there and will try to connect to it but it will drop after a few secs. 

    How can i fix this please… 

    1. how did you figure out the pattern to unlock it? that’s weird it didn’t have a lock for me.

      wifi still has issues on this alpha version.  I reconnect by turning airplane mode on and off, then wifi on and off and then it works.

  357. your instructions suck! read them over and over before doing anything and it soft bricked my tablet

    1. you must’ve screwed up, because it seems like most other people managed to follow them. I think they’re great.

  358. I am stuck at the USB screen.. it won’t finish installing it like you said it would in a minute or two. Should I reinstall Palm novacon driver?

      1. Novacom informed me that the drivers had installed properly.  It also created the Palm, Inc. folder that is mentioned in the installation instructions on this site. I verified everything. I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

        We are all trying to install the same programs on the same HP Touchpad. Why then are we all having so many different problems? 

        1. I was referring to the novacom bootie that installs after Step 8 (after rebooting your touchpad) not the initial install of novacom. There should be a big usb picture on your touchpad before you start running command prompt for the ACME installer. Is that where you’re stuck? Is the ACME installer file in your palm, inc folder?

          try watching this video, it may help too.  It helped me.

    1. I got the same USB screen issue. I waited there for 10 minutes first time assuming I will see something else before I move to step 9/10. Then I figured out that Step 9 should be executed while you see USB screen on touchpad, and it is connected to your PC.

      When you execute the command “novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" (step 10) on your PC, it will send instructions to your connected TouchPad to install software. Then follow the steps in this page.

      Hope this helps.

  359. Hey guys… Need some serious help. They may be a noob questions but I installed the CM9 and everything went smoothly BUT now that i have android open it is asking for the Android screen lock code. How on earth did this get on my touchpad? 

    Please HELP…

  360. Heads up… I am a Noob so please forgive me for the silly question.
    I installed it and it seems like everything was going smoothly until Android loaded up and asked me for the lock code pattern. How did this happen? 

  361. The Date & Time on my TouchPad shows as 1970 (if not connected to Wifi. Does anyone have the same issue

  362. I was stuck on step 7 before. I realized through watching the instruction video, that you might want to instruct users to to eject your touchpad through windows before going on to Step 7. Otherwise you can’t use your touchpad to go on to step 7 to reboot your touchpad.

    It also might be useful to tell users what the name of the novacom driver that will be installed. I had to wait until the novacom bootie was installed before I could go on to the Step 9.

    I think there were confused users regarding this issue as well. Everything else was very informative and helpful though!

    Thanks. Finally got it installed with the help of both the video and this tutorial!

  363. Before I found your forum I tried installing five times and everytime my TP “hung” at the loading screen w/o any progress. I found your forum and carefully went back and re-downloaded the correct files. There is a lot of mis-information out there as far as what is needed. Examples: Java, or is it Palm, or is HP Web OS… Another problem was that a download of the alpha OS delivered a file 8 bytes long. I tried it three times and finally got the 1+ MB file. Anyway your forum and cleaning up my HP prior to using acme2 did the trick.


  364. I updated to the new Alpha 0.5 with the AcmeInstaller….. Not the AcmeInstaller2…. Seems to be working just fine:-)

  365. I installed in my touchpad and is working fine with some small problems but I like how looks and works. Thank you at the people who build it. Keep up the good work. Luis.

  366. Did everything as per the instructions. Installed successfully. However I left the tablet on idle mode last night and the tablet wouldn’t switch on this morning. I can however see the blinking light on the home button. Anyone else facing this problem? Any advice? 

    Also thanks for this awesome article! 

  367. everything is working fine for me …but i feel the battery gets drained soon ..also there is no talk and wallet apk present in the GAPPS mentioned in this post ….can anyone please post me any apk that is valid for this build?

    1. I belive there is a battery fix available.  Check out the xda developer forums

  368. I installed it last night and is working like a charm, with some issues. Is the second time I install android 3.5 first and last night android 4.

  369. Thanks Man Really Appreciable. Any idea when the camera will work   

  370. When installing from CM7 alpha to CM9 …shld I still leave the old CM7 files in the cminstall folder or can I delete them ?

  371. Anyone face issues with GTalk after doing a wipe and install? “Unfortunately” Talk stops working on my TP…any advice?

  372. HI, 
    thanks , the article was great, though for some reason it doesn’t work for me. I followed the instruction step by step without any error, 
    when I reboot, I get these 
    moboot 0.3.5 
    boot webos
    boot ClockworkMod,boot webOS recovery

    when choose ClockworkMod , I see the Message loading Cyaongen 
    but the screen goes to text with this 

    CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.6
    -reboot system now
    -apply update from sdcard 
    – etc 

    I repeated the process several time, but no luck 

    Any help is really appreciated.

    1. Go to boot ClockworkMod, there’s an option to install from SD card, browse to Cyanogen file and install it. Then reboot. That worked for me

      1. Hi William,

        I have the Cyanogen file in the cminstall folder as well as at the root directory on my Tp and when I try to navigate to the file as you indicate it tells me no files are found in the cminstall folder and the file doesn’t show at all in the root – just the directories on my Tp.

        1. Hi,

          I have the same problem and I found the problem is due to the is corrupted. the file size should be 111Mb.

  373. Just finished installing about an hour ago. Everything was working fine but after a reboot I get the message “System UI has stopped”


  374. When running step 10, all I get is a message that says.

    failed to connect to server

    1. I found that when using my new laptop, it ‘failed to connect to server’ every time, but when running it from my desktop PC it worked every time.
      So maybe it might be the machine you are running the command from.

      1. for those also having problems with step 10, I had plenty of problems, but I found that nearly all my problems were due to two things:
        – The laptop I was attempting to connect to the touchpad with didn’t have enough grunt over USB to run the novacom command.  Running this from a desktop PC worked without a problem
        – The default USB cable that came with the touchpad was useless, it wouldn’t allow the touchpad to properly be detected by any of my machines. Luckily I had another micro-USB cable which worked without a problem – so I trhough away the original cable (which also gave problems with attempting to recharge the touchpad).

        I hope this helps.

        1. I have tried several things, different cables, reinatalling Novacom, resetting tpad…but no luck.  when I execute the script on the PC, it appears to run…the USB icon on the touchpad changes to the HP logo, but I dont see the code executing on the and it never changes or installs.  Any thoughts?

          1.  Check the file size for ACMEInstaller2.  It should be around 8.7MB.  If its only a few KB, then the one you have won’t work.  I ran into this as well and noticed the file size was off.  I downloaded the correct one (file size was correct), and now it’s working.

    2. I have solved this problem by uninstalling novacom (using program uninstaller on windows) then reinstalling novacom using WebOSQuickInstall-4.3.1.jar or whatever last version is (you may already have this file on your computer if you have installed preware previously on your touchpad, if not, look it up on google. hope this helps

  375. Hi Brad,
    Thanks for the instructions…but I still managed to goof up..LOL..
    1. I don’t see dual boot options.. when I try to re-boot..looks like Moboot is missing (actually updated to WebOS 3.05 recently)…what are my options? ( I see your instructions in other post , but thats possible when you are in WebOS….now I’m in CM9 ..and I dont see USB options..)
    2. Clicking on Market doesn’t do anything….any idea ( I did not include ‘gapps’ file at the time of installation..could this be the reason?)
    3. Clicking on Email..results ‘unfortunately,email has stopped’ error..
    any input is appreciated…thanks.

    Update: nm..1 & 2 resolved and I can live without #3…thanks a ton guys.

  376. i did this using the acmeinstaller2 and made the cminstall files and ran it told me cminstall file was not found nothing to install told me to push power to restart and now is stuck on the hp logo not doing anything been this way for like an hr or more any ideas

  377. I am getting a “failed to connect to server” message when running acmeinstaller2…any ideas? (I have 3.5 installed already)

    1. Even I had the same problem but I solved it. Basically the ghost of novacomd fails to load and this is what causes it to not to connect to server. What I did was uninstall Novacom and then did a fresh install and then put the ACMEInstaller2 in the same folder(Palm,Inc). This should make the novacomd to run.

      1. In MAC, I had the same problem. I had to do “sudo novacomd” in  a terminal to start the server manually and then do “sudo novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" in a different terminal, then it worked.

    1. NO camera fix per the CM9 guys on their site – may never be. Remember this is just an alpha so you never know tho

  378. im not sure what im doing wrong but when i get to the part where you go to cmd and type ”
    novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" it just says "the system cannot find the file specified ." what am doing wrong?

      1. maybe you need to start cmd.exe as an administrator? just a wild guess…

  379. I’m having the same problem as drew714.  I have the Market installed, but I cannot download or install any apps.  Any light to shed on this?

  380. @bradlinder:disqus , i installed CM7 Alpha 1-3.5 successfully in the past. but now, after following all steps (which are similar with installing cm7) i seem to get stuck in the “cyanogenmod loading” screen. i tried to wipe user data, wipe cache, and wipe dalvic and run acmeinstaller2 again but still end up stuck in cyanogenmod loading screen…. any suggestions?

      1. brad, been on this screen for 20 minutes.. i tried to install it again. and now cynaogen does not appear in moboot  0.3.5 screen. all i see is webOS, clockworkmod, webOs recovery… i already did a webOs doctor for webos 3.0.5… reinstalled and still the same… =(

        1. i’m having the same problem michael.. did u find a way to correct the issue?

          1. Yea im stuck on this screen as well rebooted and still nothing loaded all 4 zip files that were in the instructions and still nothing….. any word???

  381. Thank you for the post Brad,

    I just have a quick question regarding USB connection.

    Whenever I connect my touchpad to PC using the USB cable, I’m only left with an option of Android debugging.

    I can’t seem to figure out a way to connect my touchpad to PC.

    Can you suggest me any help?


  382. i followed the steps in the command prompt. i typed cd:dir enter i tried cd: enter dir enter and it doesnt do anything

      1. I think you were right the first time.  Typing in “cd” will get me to C: but typing in “cd /” will not.  Actually I found out that cd / and cd will both get you to C:

  383. a good look at the genius that is Cyanogen. my only issue is that inspite of downloading the battery fix from Liliputing’ my touch pad is really struggling to hold a charge.

  384. I just installed ICS from CM 7, I did make sure to Wide Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache. When I press power button, I don’t see options of Reboot, Reboot in recovery or reboot to Webos Like in CM7.

    So, I tried the original method of ACME installer and all. Still I don’t see those options.

    Any idea why?

  385. Argh, accidentally deleted the market app, and now cant reinstall it. Wiped data/cache using clockword mod and repeated ROM install steps, but still does not appear. Anyone know of a genius way to get it back?

  386. awesome article, thank you!  any ideas as to why all google apps are syncing except calendar? All of the accounts and sync settings are listed as “Sync Browser”, “Sync Gmail”, etc…but the calendar is listed as “Sync” and won’t sync.

    1. Has anyone else sorted this? I figure Remedy69 and I will need a different gapps package

      Me too fixed – a long hard search for gApps fixer – all sorted now. also user app to get new gapps

      1. I have this problem too…did you guys find the answer yet?

        I finally found the solution thanks to Brian P. I downloaded the gapps fixer and it fixed it 🙂

  387. Installed this in les than 5 minutes. ICS is 100x better than Gingerbread!!

  388. Everytime I try to install Novacom it says it is installing drivers but does nothing. Any ideas???

    1. 1.  Make sure you have administrator/root privileges.
      2.  Search for the a file named ‘novacom’ on your system.  On my macbook the files were installed by default to /opt/nova/

  389. I got to the middle of step 10 where it starts running the double penguins, and after running for a bit it starts saying things like “I’m not going to fix this now”, then it stops with a final error  something to the effect of can’t resize partition or file size.  I’m going to look at it again this afternoon, but has anyone seen this?  Are there any fixes?  How much space does this take up?

    1. I also had similar debug messages during the install process, but didn’t have a ‘final error’, and was able to install successfully

      Before the install: ~28.9 GB
      After the install (including GApps): ~26.8 GB 

  390. im stuck on the part where it says to type the prompt in cmd i did and it says failed to connect to server ?????

    1. It sounds like the Novacom drivers may not have installed properly. Try uninstalling, rebooting your computer, installing again, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging in your TouchPad again. That may (or may not) do the trick. 

  391. mine got stuck at the screen that says ‘cyanogenmod loading…’
    What do i do?!

  392. Thanks so much for this article! I may wait til the rebooting issue gets fixed, but wow! This update looks so great!!

  393. First time installing any CyanogenMod here and I have to say that these instructions were just what I was looking for! Excellent job!

    I do have one issue with the Market though. I can’t seem to download and install any apps. I get an error along the lines of

    ‘ “XX” could not be downloaded due to an error’

    Strangely, every app that has given me this error is showing up in my download queue, but not making any progress. Has anyone else experienced this and been successful at fixing it?

    1. I am having the same problem with the Market.  It worked on a different Touchpad that was running Alpha 0, but on my new Alpha 0.5 it gets the download error.

      1. I was able to get it working eventually. I used CWM to clear all user data and that made it work for Alpha 0. When I upgraded to Alpha 0.5, I installed a different version of GAPPS (gapps_ics_4.0.3_v8) and that also fixes the issue.

        1. I still gave this problem with .6. Is this related to my account or just a bug?

          1. I opened market, then went to settings and then to accounts and checked my Google email account. Then I could download and install apps just fine!

          2. Yes, man, thx. That works for me now too. Very strange! I love my TouchPad now.

      2. I signed into Google with another account and the market is now working okay.

    2. create a fresh account in android market in google. Try to give your card details phone number everything.. it should work fine then

      1. I tried all those things and nothing works for me! It says its downloading and it wont do anything after that. HELP!!!! I have created several different google accounts and then also installed gapps_ics as well. I am stuck and want to fix it. If I get that fixed I would be set.

  394. Everything seems to go well with my install but stuck at “loading” graphic when starting “boot CyanogenMod” in moboot.  Waited 15 minutes and if never proceeded.  Any suggestions?

    1. I’m having the exact same problem. Did you ever hear a response or did it resolve itself?

  395. Are the steps for upgrading from cyanogenmod 7 to 9 the same for mac users

  396. So I held down the wrong key (Volume down key) while it rebooted (step before installing the ACMEinstaller2) and now the touchpad is unresponsive.  Is there a way to fix this?

    1. nvm, I rebooted by holding the Power+Vol Down+Home button for 30 seconds and now I’m installing…

  397. FYI, don’t confuse step 7.4 with “Secure Full Erase” in the image below it like I did (slightly confusing wording with image in that step…but stupid on my part trying to rush through)

  398. for mac users : follow this tutorial but put the Acmeinstaller2 in /opt/nova/bin

    then instead of step 10 launch the Terminal and then type this :
    cd /opt/nova/bin && ./novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller 

    press enter, you're good to go ^^

  399. I would just like to note that on a fresh first time install Gapps didnt install even though it was in the correct directory. I restarted the tablet then went into clockworkmod to install the zip. Thanks a lot!

      1. I uninstalled everything and then installed 9.0 from scratch.  Most of my problems went away.

  400. Installed it and so far I love it. There was a problem though with Gapps, because they weren’t installed in the first go. I had to install it manualy with ClockworkMo. But that went through with no problems. The bad thing is, that my TouchPad rebooted 2 or 3 times in last 15 minutes. I’ve put it to sleep now. Maybe it just needs some rest ;).

  401. Agreed Brad.  Thanks for the updates on this.  You are my sole source for Android on the Touchpad, so it is very appreciated.  Installed and pretty happy with performance overall so far.  It looks amazing and can’t wait until they fix the remaining bugs.

    1. As described in the article, place the file in the cminstall folder on your TouchPad before running ACMEInstaller from your PC.

  402. Upgraded through 
    ClockworkMod and did not lose and data. All apps and settings remained the same.

    1. im having problems with the setup wizard, when i click on the android it tells me the wizard has stopped working and will not allow me to move forward.

      1. thanks…I need glasses…I skipped to the upgrade section as I was upgrading from alpha 3.5…can I use the same gapps as before? from the CM7 alpha?

        1. Read it even *more* closely… or to put it another way, no. I’ve provided a working link for a new version of gApps that should do the trick though. 

          1. haha…I am a real noob…sorry and thanks for the writeup…specially when everyone else is down to show support to SOPA 🙂

          2. No problem. I figure you won’t be the last person with this question, so I added the link again in the section on upgrading. 

            You also might want to make sure to backup your system with ClockworkMod first since there are a few things that still aren’t functional in CM9. You might want to be able to go back without doing a clean install of CM7.

          3. I did a nandroid….got everything installed…this is phenomenol dude…thanks a lot for the instructions and the replies !! 

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