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Windows Store update could make finding apps easier

Microsoft is updating  its app store for Windows 8.1 apps with improved navigation and discovery features in the hopes that the reasons you’re not downloading apps from the store is because you’re having trouble finding them… not because you don’t need them. The new Windows Store includes new groups of categories called “collections,” a persistent navigation […]

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Universal Windows apps arrive, run on PC, tablet, or phone

Microsoft recently introduced support for a new type of app: Universal Windows Apps which can run on pretty much any modern Windows device including phones, tablets, and desktop or notebook computers. Developers can distribute Universal Windows Apps through the Windows Store, and when customers buy an app they get a license to run it on […]

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Windows Store apps to run in desktop mode (eventually)

Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system can sometimes feel a bit like two operating systems instead of one. There’s the desktop mode, which looks an awful lot like Windows 7. And there’s the Modern mode, which allows you to run full-screen, touch-friendly apps which you can download from the Windows Store. But eventually you may be […]

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Buy a touchscreen Windows PC, get $25 in Windows Store credit

Thinking about buying a Windows PC with a touchscreen this month? Microsoft’s looking to sweeten the deal a bit. If you buy a Windows tablet or touchscreen laptop or desktop from a participating retailer by December 28th, 2013, you’ll get a $25 gift card to spend on apps and games from the Windows Store. Participating […]

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Windows 8 Metro apps to be sold exclusively through Windows Store

Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 8 will be designed to work as well on touchscreen devices including tablets and all-in-one computers as on traditional desktop and laptop computers. One of the keys to this strategy is a new “Metro style” application framework for touch-friendly software. Developers will be able to write Desktop style […]