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Google expands Fast Pair to streamline setup of Bluetooth audio devices

A year after rolling out technology designed to make it easier (and faster) to pair Bluetooth accessories with Android devices, Google is expanding its Fast Pair ecosystem in a few key ways. First, Google says more Bluetooth headphones and speakers will support Fast Pair soon. Second, the company is bringing Fast Pair to Chromebooks. And third, […]

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Qualcomm QCC5100 chip for wireless headphones to bring better battery life, performance

Qualcomm is introducing a new system-on-a-chip designed for wireless headphones that the company says offers twice the processing power of its predecessor while using less energy. The end result is that the devices using the Qualcomm Low Power Bluetooth SoC QCC5100 should offer longer battery life and better performance. It also adds supports for new […]

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Tempow streams smartphone audio to multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously

Want to stream music to a wireless speaker? There’s no shortage of options. But if you want to stream to multiple speakers at the same time, there are fewer options… and they tend to either be rather expensive, or require a Chromecast Audio-like dongle. French startup Tempow wants to change that. The company has developed a […]

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Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones now available for $159

Apple is now selling its AirPods for $159, a little later than expected. When the company first introduced the wireless earbuds in September, the plan had been to begin shipping AirPods to customers in October. But the company delayed the launch for unspecified reasons. This is the first set of truly wireless earbuds from Apple: there’s […]

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$10 strap makes Apple’s AirPods wireless earbuds a little harder to lose (and a little less wireless)

Apple’s AirPods are a $159 set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed for use with Apple products (although they can also be used with any device that supports Bluetooth audio). While Bluetooth headphones are nothing new, the AirPods are one of a handful of “truly wireless” earbud products that don’t have any wires at all. There’s not […]

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BlueAnt Pump HP Sportsbuds wireless headphone giveaway

BlueAnt makes a line of wireless headphones and headsets for use with smartphones and other devices. The company’s Pump HD Sportbuds might be some of the most impressive. These $130 Bluetooth earbuds are waterproof which means not only can you use them while performing a sweaty workout — you can even go swimming with them. I […]