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Daily Deals (11-25-2019)

Apple’s newest entry-level iPad is a 1.1 pound tablet with a 10.2 inch display, an Apple A10 Fusion processor, and support for an optional Apple Pencil (1st-gen, sold separately). With a starting price of $329, it’s not ridiculously expensive either… but you know what’s better than paying $329 for an iPad? Paying $250. Right now […]

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Apple: 84 million iPads sold

Apple continue to dominate the tablet space, even as Amazon, Google, and other companies are trying to catch up. Apple CEO Tim Cook says more than 84 million iPads have been sold to date, including 17 million just last quarter. Cook says that 91 percent of web traffic from tablets comes from iPads — although […]

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$20 USB/Memory Card hub works with both iPad and Galaxy Tabs

USBFever recently released a new USB hub for tablets that promises compatibility with 90% of tablets. It does so by targeting the two most popular tablet makers: Apple and Samsung. The Universal USB Hub and Card Reader has two 30-pin connectors, one that fits the iPad, one that fits Samsung Galaxy Tabs. In addition there […]

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Apple’s new iPad features retina display, 4G LTE, $499 price tag

Apple’s next iPad will be available on March 16th for $499 and up. Pre-orders open today. So what’s new in the latest iPad? Apple has outfitted the tablet with a higher resolution display, more powerful graphics performance, and support for 4G LTE. HD display The biggest change is the move from a 9.7 inch, 1024 […]

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Court blocks Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in most of European Union

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a thin and light tablet Google’s Android operating system. It looks an awful lot like the Apple iPad 2, although there are some fundamental differences between the way Android and iOS work. But it’s apparently enough like an iPad for a German court to issue a preliminary injunction that […]

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Tablets are awesome devices… but that doesn’t make them laptop replacements (yet)

There’s something awe-inspiring about the latest crop of tablet computers. They’re like something out of a science fiction movie: Handheld screens with few or no buttons which run for hours even days on a charge, let you communicate with friends and colleagues around the world by text, voice, or video, and read a book, watch […]

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Verizon 3G tablet likely in the works

Verizon already offers an iPad, but it’s a WiFi-only model that can only connect to Verizon’s wireless network with the help of a MiFi 3G wireless hotspot. But now that Verizon will begin selling the iPhone 4 in February, the next logical question is whether the network will also have a version of the iPad […]

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iPad converted into a mini-video arcade cabinet

What’s the first thing you do when you get a $500 state of the art Apple iPad? You try to figure out if you can run 20-year-old classic video games of course. Or at least, that’s what some folks do… and at least one decided to go all out and create a docking station for […]