Update: CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 is now available — and we have detailed instructions on installing this (buggy) version of Android 4.0 on the HP TouchPad

The CyanogenMod has released an updated version of Google Android for the HP TouchPad. No, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t ready for prime time yet, but CyanogenMod 7 Alpha 3.5 brings a few improvements to Google Android 2.3.7.

Specifically, the team says they’ve improved video playback and 3D graphics speed and gaming compatibility. They’ve also made some changes to the WiFi settings, but it’s not yet clear if this will fix the problems with WiFi that some users have been experiencing.

If you’ve already installed an earlier version of CyanogenMod, updating to Alpha 3.5 is extraordinarily easy:

  1. Download “update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a3.5-fullofbugs.zip” file following the latest link from the RootzWiki forum thread.
  2. If you’ve downloaded it using you TouchPad, just make a note of which folder it’s in. If you’ve used your computer, copy the file to your TouchPad’s storage.
  3. While running Android on the TouchPad, press-and-hold the power button.
  4. Choose “reboot.”
  5. Select “Recovery” and then tap the OK box.
  6. This will bring you to ClockworkMod. You can navigate through menus by using the volume buttons to move up and down and the home button to select an option.
  7. (Optional, but recommended): Scroll down to the option that says “wipe cache partition” and choose it by tapping the home button.
  8. (Optional) From the following screen, scroll down to the option that says “Yes – Wipe Cache” and choose it.
  9. (Optional) When that’s done you’ll be back at the first screen.
  10. Scroll down to the option that says “install zip from sdcard” and choose it.
  11. Select “choose zip from sdcard.”
  12. Navigate to the folder where update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a3.5-fullofbugs.zip is stored and select it.
  13. From the following menu scroll down to the option that says “Yes – Install update…” and choose it.
  14. You should see a progress bar on your screen for a few minutes. When it’s finished you’ll be dumped back out to the previous menu.
  15. Choose “Go Back.”
  16. From the main ClockworkMod menu choose the option to “reboot system now.”

That’s it. Since you just installed an OS update, it will take a few minutes longer than usual for CyanogenMod to boot, but if you followed the instructions carefully all of your files and settings should still be available — and video and graphics performance should be improved.

You can also install Alpha 3.5 even if you’ve never installed CyanogenMod on a TouchPad before. You don’t need to start with Alpha 1 and work your way up. Just follow our step-by-step instructions for installing CM7 on the TouchPad, but use the update.zip file for Alpha 3.5 instead of Alpha 1, 2, or 3.

The HP TouchPad ships with the webOS 3.0 operating system. Installing Android doesn’t remove webOS. Instead you end up with a dual boot tablet which can run either operating system. But by installing Android you gain access to thousands of apps which are not available for webOS.

CyanogenMod for TouchPad developer Dalingrin says he’s putting most of his effort into porting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the tablet at this point, but Alpha 3.5 brings some of the work he’s done on CyanogenMod 9 to CyanogenMod 7 since it may be a while before a usable version of CM9 is available.

I spent a little time playing with Alpha 3.5 this morning. Audio works without any problems, YouTube video looks great, and while Netflix videos look a little pixelated, movies and TV shows from Netflix are definitely watchable.

thanks for the heads up Jared!

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87 replies on “CyanogenMod 7 Alpha 3.5 is ready for the HP TouchPad: Here’s how to install it”

  1. I just installed 3.5 and it a long time to reboot. I had to stop it then restart it. Noe I get a message “Sorry The process had stoped working unexpectedly. Please try again”  “Force Close” Then I reset it and the message comes back. Any Ideas?
    Thanks Tony

  2. Between WebOS and CM7 there is nothing so far that I want to do on the Touchpad that I have not found a way to do. Seems there is an app on one system or the other for virtually anything. Set up Comcast email, Netflix streaming video, movie trailers, read and edit Word and Excel files and much more. Thanks for all of the work by the devs. 

  3. Love having android on my touch pad but am having problems with Netflix. I have audio but not video. Any suggestions?

  4. Good night, i have some questions to do. If i want or the Android does’t work i can revert this change? (If i can, how i do this?). The Bluetooth will work with a Android Phone? I will be able to install apps like, Picsel Smart Office? The Wi-fi will work fine? And to finish, this Android version has the language Portuguese of Brazil? I’m very interested in change my OS, so please, answer my questions. Since now, grateful!

  5. I’m not a computer person but did the reading and watched the step by step videos and decided I could do this install. Got everything set up and in their places. When I type in the install command in terminal it says DEVICE CAN’T BE FOUND. Help!

  6. I installed the 3.5 but the WIFI is not working, it keeps dropping my connection… I tried the things from youtube, but nothing is working…

  7. i updated web os  which kicked out the moboot  on the touchpad but when i try to  run ACMEInstaller  my command prompt tells me access denied  from windows xp so i cant get android back on my system i have tried 3 diffrent computers  and all give me the same problem

  8. Brad I need some help i got a big issue going on and i cant seem to figure out how to fix it maybe u can help me or anyone else for that matter that has had  the same problem

  9. i downloaded the 3.5 update, but when i attempt to open file i get a message that says cannot open mime type anyone have a solution?

  10. Hi I have installed alpha 3.5 on my touchpad and when I look in settings its thinks it is a phone not tablet. I installed 3.5 on another touchpad and that ones fine says tablet? Any ideas why. Overall though really pleased with update.

  11. sooo WEP isnt gonna work on mine that I just bought? I think thats all I have and I really dont want to mess with changing any router settings… is there any alpha that will work with WEP?

    1. WEP isn’t worth supporting anymore.  Any 12 year old in your driveway with a laptop and the right program can break into a WEP network.  Have your ISP support people come and change the settings if you can’t do it yourself.

  12. Camera / Video camera do not work in Cyanogen 7 or Xron to version B2.8. Is this a known issue??

  13. I’ve installed alpha 3.5 but market app doesn’t work. ” No connection” 
     and ask to retry . reset the wifi too. could access internet and you tube.

    anyone could help please ?????

    1. Did you already have it installed prior to installing Alpha 3.5? Mine works just fine after the 3.5 update.

  14. Youtube videos (embedded and on app) don’t seem to work. They just appear in green and yellow overlay of color. Also the music seem to get distorted mid way. Camera doesn’t work either. Just some things that don’t seem to work…..for me at least after I’ve finally switched to android with this update. Is anyone having problems like these? Or is it just my device ….

    1. I have tried All the cyanogen mods and xron mods and no camera in any. I have three touchpads – same on all. WebOS camera works fine separatly and with Skype. This is a bummer!

  15. Is anyone else also getting some distortion and crackling when sound is
    used on the touchpad on headphones or speakers? I’m not sure if its just
    a installation issue in which I should just do a fresh install of
    android or its just that its the android OS. Please post a reply if you
    know anything in regards to this issue. Keep in my sound works just that
    it has some weird crackling even when I turn up my volume and here the
    beep. Also sound seems to work fine when booted in WebOS

    1. Yes, I get the same noise. I do not get the noise with webos. Even without headphones I can also hear a little clocking noise (like the microprocessor working torque something) in the touchpad while running cyanogenmod but not webos. It is the same sound that I hear in the background with headphones.

  16. Is anyone else also getting some distortion and crackling when sound is used on the touchpad on headphones or speakers? I’m not sure if its just a installation issue in which I should just do a fresh install of android or its just that its the android OS. Please post a reply if you know anything in regards to this issue. Keep in my sound works just that it has some weird crackling even when I turn up my volume and here the beep. Also sound seems to work fine when booted in WebOS

  17. I cant get further than the “Alarm already expired” error thing. Tried webos doctor to 3.0.2. but no joy. Looks like I’m stuck with a single boot touchpad 🙁

  18. I have a few issues:

    Market is not appearing, I’ve put that file in the cminstall folder during first time installation of Alphat 3.5 but can’t see it on the app section after installation is completed. I then tried to install gapps 2011808 and it installed according to the screen feed back but when i boot into the os, it’s not there. tried many time today, no good. 

    Anyone experienced this as well?

    I can’t seem to able to sign into google account on the account section, it keeps timing out…i have wifi and internet worked fine o the tablet. 

    Any insight ?

    Thanks for the GREAT works CM7 team !!!

  19. Hey I’m not the most computer savvy person, but following your step by step instructions has made this incredibly easy. My one question would be, is it okay for me to delete the old updates (tenderloin files) or are they necessary for the most recent update (3.5) to run? Thank you.

  20. Lots of issues with the wireless, downgrade to Alpha 3 and everything is working perfectly.  Good try tho 🙂

  21. Do you guys have trouble with Video. I am not getting Video  (Camera) in 3.5. Also, Skype works without Video. Any fixes for that

    1. No video either onany Android implimentation. I have three touchpads and have installed all cyanogen mods including 3.5 and also xron’s up to B2.8. Camera does not work! Time for everyone to put this at the top of their build post issues.

  22. I went to 3.5 and have started experiencing major WiFi issues so I am rolling back. Hopefully, that fixes everything. 

  23. when i select reboot then recovery, it just brings me back to the moboot menu. It doesn’t boot into clockworkmod recovery. Help?

  24. My gApps didn’t seem to install. I can’t find the google market anywhere. Anyone else have this issue or know what I missed?

    1. ok, I manually installed the gapps but now wifi, which was working great, no longer works

  25. I installed Alpha3.5 on two touchpads from Alpha3.0 and had wifi issues and problems with auto rebooting when turning the units on.
    I rolled back to 3.0 and have much better stability.

  26. Now that I accomplished this, I have grown bored with it. Anyone want to buy a slightly used dual boot Touchpad?

  27. it wont work for me when i hit recovering it loads that mboot thing for the dual boot. Clockwork will not load up

  28. Can anyone here tell me if these devs at cyanogenmod will ever get to the point where we ONLY have android on the touchpad and get rid of WebOS altogether? What I mean is, such a stable build that there is no more need for WebOS and the touchpad officially becomes an Android tablet?

      1. And you don’t be selfish demanding that a community DEDICATED TO ANDROID should keep supporting WebOS because you like dual-boot.

        1. They say in their forum that there is no plans on doing that and is needed for updates and such.

    1. Why?  WebOS actually is good, but needs some developer help.  And not only that, Cyanogen does not do the MOBOOT, they do android, and moboot will allow the dual boot.  Why wipe the drive completely just to use Cyanogen, you don’t loose a lot of space with WEBOS.

  29. I think everything works pretty well…only 3 problems. Google maps seems to freeze and I can not play any videos that aren’t web based (youtube, netflix, etc). Any mp4 movies I have won’t play at all. It also doesn’t seems to recognize my audio files.

  30. I upgraded touchpad CM7 from alpha 1 to alpha 3.5, after that Wifi is always saying connecting …. and then immediately disconnecting …. it is not completing the connection at all. I am using WEP.  I rebooted the touchpad, but there is no change in the behavior.

    1. Try changing your router security to WPA2. I noticed one other poster says 3.5 is connecting using that standard. I can vouch for that because mine also connects with WPA2.

    2. It’s also been said that changing your router channel to something below 5 may work

    3. Try WPA2.  I was using OPEN and was experiencing the same issue.  As soon as I set security to WPA2 on my router, the issues went away.

  31. I am so used to using tablets with Honeycomb as the OS, that using Cyanogen was a shocker for a while. Some of the newer apps didn’t format properly on this older Android version. What is it, 2.3.7?
    I have a new Archos 80 9G sitting in the box, just waiting to be opened. It has Android 3.2 on it.
    I am debating whether to keep the Touchpad with the older Android and WebOS, or keep the Archos. Due to financial constraints, I can’t keep both. I like the double duty that the Touchpad provides, but don’t like the format of the apps in Cyanogen. They seem so old and crude.

    1. Then wait a month or two. The reason Honeycomb isn’t already on the Touchpad is because Google never released the source code. However, because they HAVE released the source for Ice Cream Sandwich, CM9 based on ICS is already in the works and is well on the way to completion. It is going to be supported with CM for quite a while!

      The Archos on the other hand? Who knows how many updates it’ll get beyond ICS.

  32. Is anyone having issues with the wi-first turning off when you turn your touchpad on?

      1. I also see the same with wifi and also videos on Youtube app/web doen’t render well. I feel that we should rollback to Alpha

  33. Very easy update. I’m liking android on my touchpad more with every update.

  34. I got as far as the boot selection screen. When I select “boot ClockworkMod”, I get a menu screen which has “CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.6” as the header. There doesn’t seem to be a way to go right to Android from that menu. Any ideas?

    1. I have it working by downloading the 3.5 install file directly to the tablet and using sd card upgrade.

  35. Does someone knows if the headphones issue has resolved by new 3.5 update?Is there sound coming out if you plug headphones?

      1. don’t think so…it was fixed in A2. A3 it was broke again. Installed A3.5 on the wife’s and it WORK!…however once i rebooted with the headphones plugged in, then both the headphones and the external speaker both worked. ugh? So by chance i unplugged the headphones and then plugged them back in AND now they are working correctly. Hope that is meaningful to someone. Thanks again for the OS…I’ll be installing it on mine after my backup. wish me luck…

  36. One thing i noticed with android on this device is that all video files lag and play quite slowly.  I’m sticking with WebOS until a more stable version of video playback has been developed.

    1.  My video playback is working fine with CM7. Playing saved videos, streaming video from Netflix and some streaming news videos.

  37. The 3.5 has one issue that I am experiencing.
    There is no sound coming out if you plug in the headphone.

    1. From previous post from prior update – did you rebooting into WEBOS, trying the headphones there, then coming back to CM7? I think it refreshes it or something.

    2. Plug in headphoness re-boot then UN plug after re-start then plug back in and use as normal. Worked for me

  38. Does anyone have the steps to the installation process if one has never installed a CyanogenMod? I’d like to install 3.5 using those steps.

  39. I downloaded alpha 3.5 this morning and connecting to WPA2 Wi-Fi
    is not an issue anymore.  Team Cyanogen, keep
    up the great work! 

  40. Best of all, one of the developers tweeted that 3.5 was released as a result of him working on laying the groundwork for ICS!

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