The NES Classic made a splash when it launched last year. But the $50 retro console was hardly the first device to offer a classic gaming experience for a low-price (and in a compact design). And it won’t be the last.

AtGames has just announced a new set of mini consoles with retro designs and classic games. There are Atari and Sega-themed models. And while most are designed to plug into a TV, the models I’m most intrigued by are the portable versions which let you do some retro gaming on the go.

Note that unlike the NES Classic, these systems weren’t designed by the company that made the original hardware. AtGames simply licenses the brands for its gadgets.

That said, each system does come with a bunch of classic games, and each features a bit of classic design as well.

For example, the Atari Flashback line of consoles have an Atari 2600-inspired design, but lack the game cartridge slot and feature 120 games and HDMI output with support for 720p displays. And the Sega Genesis Flashback and Classic Game Console are likewise designed to reflect the look of classic Sega game systems.

The Sega Genesis Flashback comes with 85 games developed for the Sega Genesis, and also includes a cartridge slot and support for original Genesis and Mega Drive cartridges.

The Classic Game Console has 81 games pre-installed, but no cartridge slot.

As for the portable models, there’s the Ultimate Portable Game Player, which comes with 85 Sega Genesis and Mega Drive games and an SD card for loading your own games. The system has a 2.8 inch display and an AV output for connecting an external display.

The new Atari Flashback Portable has 70 built-in games, a 2.8 inch display, and TV output as well.

AtGames says its new Atari models go up for pre-order in July and ship in September. The Sega models have a more vague “summer” pre-order date and they should ship this fall.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but you can check out the gallery below for a list of games, as well as more pictures.



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12 replies on “AtGames launches Atari, Sega Genesis, and Sega portable retro game consoles”

  1. This is at least the third version of their handheld Genesis console (I have the more recent version before this). The sound never worked correctly, but it plays well. And more importantly, it handles ROMs on an SD Card just fine. If they can add save states to the SD card functionality and improve the sound, it will be a great little retro toy. And I’ll buy one right away.

    And then I’ll disassemble my old one and try to cram a Pi Zero into it…

  2. I feel like those are pretty much just rehashes of what AtGames has been doing for more than a decade. Although the addition of HDMI output into the console versions is a nice touch, the portable versions are really just straight-up reissues.

    It will be interesting to see what’s actually inside those console shells, if they are just improvements on their custom chips or if they went the NES Mini route and did emulation on ARM chips.

    1. I have heard from someone who claims to have been in contact with the company that the emulation is improved, at least as far as the sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is like the NES mini and using an ARM chip or something similar. Of course, the proof will be when there are product reviews. But some of the products do seem like rehashes, but the HD one with HDMI out and the snazzy case, along with the new lineup of games seems like a proper update.

  3. “ncludes a cartridge slot and support for original Genesis and Mega Drive consoles.” I think you meant to say cartridges instead of consoles maybe.

  4. Is there anything like this but for NES? I’m looking for a device with a 2.5-3 inch screen that will play arbitrary NES games, like from an SD card or something. There’s a couple old really hard NES RPG’s I’d like to play again, and something like this, easily pocketed but still with physical controls, would be ideal. My phone is too large to carry around a small controller adapter.

    1. There are Chinese portables, but they are not officially licensed. Unline Atari and Sega, Nintendo is keeping a pretty tight lid on their licenses.

      1. I’ve looked at places like banggood and gearbest, they have systems that will play the 300 or 250 games that it has burned into it, but you can’t add more. The specific games I want won’t be part of that. Can you link me one that does play arbitrary games, or suggest some sites where I can find them? My dream is a Gameboy Micro clone that plays NES ROMs.

        1. This here seems like it would fit your bill: — and I’m sure there are plenty more. Note that when searching, oftentimes it works better to leave out keywords like “Nintendo” and go for a generic search term, the sellers obviously don’t want to poke the Nintendo lion.

          1. But then again, wouldn’t it be much easier to get any homebrew-enabled handheld that is capable of emulating NES games? Even a DS lite or a PSP would do the trick.

          1. I didn’t know that was an option (gimme a break, all my friends are older than me and none of them game, i’m so far out of the loop that i don’t even think we gravitationally influence each other any more)

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