The Asus Zenfone 2 may be one of the best smartphones priced at $299 or less… but you know what’s even better than a cheap phone? A free phone.

Asus provided Liliputing with a demo unit to review, and now that I’m finished testing the phone, it’s time to let someone else have a turn.


This contest is for one slightly used Asus Zenfone 2 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It has an Intel Atom Z3580 Moorefield processor, a 13MP rear camera, a 5MP front camera, 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0. There’s a removable cover and a microSD card reader and two SIM card slots.

The phone supports 4G LTE and should work with AT&T or T-Mobile. I tested it on Straight Talk’s AT&T-based plan for about a month and it worked well with the network.

Also included in this giveaway is a slightly used Zenfone 2 Flip View Cover Deluxe. You can use it to replace the back cover of the phone and add a flip cover that protects the front of the phone when it’s in a bag or pocket. There’s also a circle on the front of the cover that can show weather, time, and other info. And the screen automatically unlocks when you open the cover (unless you disable that feature).

So how do you win the phone and flip cover?

Easy. Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Note that you don’t need to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and leave a comment on this article to win. Any one of those actions will put your name in the hat. But doing all three puts your name in three times and increases your odds of winning.

This contest is open to residents of the continental United States or folks who have a valid shipping address in one of those states. Writers for Liliputing, along with close friends and family members are ineligible to win, as is anyone that has won another Liliputing contest in the past 60 days.

Update: This contest has now ended. Congratulations to our winner, jb82!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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415 replies on “Asus Zenfone 2 giveaway”

  1. the chinese market is really exploding with decent if not excellent phones. this is one of them

  2. I’ve been an ASUS fanboy for years. I’d love to try out their phone. Hey, does anyone know about the two SIM slots: Can I put an AT&T SIM in one, and a T-Mobile SIM in the other, and be able to get calls to either number at the same time, or is it the kind of think where I have to select one or the other?

  3. I have seen over 20 videos and I found that this deeply analyzed all the respective qualities of the phone. This phone is something that all people on a $300 budget should have. I have seen reviews on the Alcatel Idol 3 and they all rave that the screen is superior to this phone when in reality, the phone can not even connect to the carrier and has fluctuating internet problems according to many. ASUS is by far superior in tablets (such as my ASUS 2013 Nexus), computers, and now they might be even better at phones.

  4. The ASUS Zenfone 2 is one of the most interesting handsets I’ve seen this year. I hope ASUS keeps the software up to date or at least makes the phone friently to custom roms.

  5. I don’t see how the rumored newer Moto G 2015 edition would be able to compare with this phone on a lower-middle end phone spec basis.

  6. I have a flip phone. Yes, my phone is so old it folds in half. And I have an old Samsung Galaxy Player running 2.3 for music and audiobooks. Combining the two would be good.

  7. Looking forward to the new Zenfone 2, would make a nice gift for the wife 🙂

  8. I’d love to win this phone, my girlfriend just broke the screen on her Moto X

  9. This would save me $300 as I have been planning to but this phone for quite a while now!

  10. Free phones are great, but it’s amazon how much phone you can get for $300 these days

  11. I haven’t played much with Intel-based phones, this looks like nice hardware.

  12. I am all in for giving away such great phone. It’ll be perfect if it’s rooted and flashed with stock Android.

  13. This would be a great way to find out if a 5.5 inch phone is too big for my pockets!

  14. Considering my toddler just managed to mangle my phone something fierce, this would make life a whole lot easier!

  15. This phone keeps catching my eye. I wonder how the xda community is with it. Does anyone know if there has been much support with roms for phones with Atoms?

  16. The Zenfone 2 seems like one of the most interesting “mid-range” phones I have ever seen in my life. I would love to have this awesome phone!

  17. I’d like to register to win the Asus phone … regular follower of Liliputing

  18. Hmm, so you are saying if I shamelessly leave a silly comment here, I am entered to win…sign me up!

  19. i would love to have asus zenfone 2 as my first android phone 🙂 thank you very much and more power.

  20. I love ASUS products and would be very happy to have this phone!

  21. WOW! The specs look awesome on this phone. I’d like to take a closer look at this. Hopefully, I did this right to get a chance at this sweet piece of tech.

  22. I am looking for a phone with similar features to this one, thanks for the informative review!

  23. Thanks a ton team for providing this awesome opportunity to your readers.

  24. Hopefully they will provide more than one or two updates for this phone unlike the padfone line.

  25. Great review I read earlier, excited to see you’re giving the same phone away now!

  26. I really like that you plan to give the phone away! Awesome idea! I can’t decide if I should get this or the Elephone p7000. On price alone the elephone wins but Asus make great hardware!

    You can make the decision for me though and make me a happy nerd in the process!

  27. I was looking to buy this phone, it’s a beast in the specs and at a great price

  28. Awesome specs for awesome price. Would love to get my hand on the Zenfone 2

  29. Nice phone. I’d love to have one. I’ve been lusting after a Google Nexus 6, but they are just too rich for my blood.

  30. Love the opportunity to get the phone. Any phone with less than 2GB of memory is almost unusable with LaggyPop.

  31. Have you ever had a phone so slow that you can make an entire dinner and
    the text app still hasn’t open? well i have that phone wright know…
    it’s a 4 year old nexus s, that i had to borrow from my brother when my
    previous phone died… I need the phone, I just do

  32. The Zenfone 2 would be the perfect complement to my Asus Nexus 7. I love my Nexus 7 and will love my Zenfone 2 as well! ?

  33. I have just concluded the first 24 hours of usage with my Zen 2 phone and except for getting it out of the box it looks very promising.
    I am not that excited about the battery life but will let you know time goes on.
    I do love the 4GB of Ram and not getting phone freeze.
    It is wonderful
    What is not fun is transferring all my contacts and sorting through duplicates and incorrect numbers and emails
    Such is life
    Doing spring cleaning in the summer

    1. Getting it out of of the box was very complicated as the inside container was almost frozen together and could not be removed.
      There is also a cheap lose covering of plastic that you would get covering your dry cleaning covering the phone.
      Would be nice for a nicer presentation
      It lets you know it is a 299.00 phone before you try it.
      But seriously I am liking it.
      If the battery will hold up it is a winner

  34. Thanks for the giveaway, I hope I win. I’m still using a Galaxy s3 and could really use the upgrade!

  35. Welp, I got nothing to lose, winning isn’t my thing, but hey, no harm in trying, right?

  36. I would Love a free phone but more important I love how great ASUS products are made. I Love my ASUS Laptop and would Love to try an ASUS phone.

  37. Asus makes great products i love my nexus 7 (2013), i hope next year google will partner with asus to make the next nexus phone.

  38. I would love this phone! It would make a great replacement for my MotoG. Will you please pick me.

  39. It seems like a great phone, but how is the battery life? I heard it has an issue with lollipop ram leaking or something like that. Still, I want one.

  40. I love asus. I have 2 asus tablets and one laptop. I`m really looking to get the ZenFone 2 to replace my old galaxy ace 2 that barely boots.

  41. It is hell one of a new phone that has every one wants to have.
    it has some features that are unique I this category: double tap unlock, magnetic flip cover sensor, latest Android,4g, dual SIM with 4g, unique flip cover,NFC, and many more like single hand mode, low light imaging….

  42. I have always wanted to own a smartphone but the prices back then we’re to exspensive and good service cost a fortune! For about five years I have had nothing but nonsmarphones or what they call “basic phones” as I currently have the samsung brightside. However, Now is when all the smartphone companies and everyone are competing with oneanother that the prices have lowered. T-Mobile with a $100 plan for a family of four and Cricket who is run by AT&T is $100 as well. Now all I need is a smart phone and I have definitively had my eyes on this phone but if I don’t win then I guess i will just try to purchase the 2gb version. Please consider me for the giveaway thanks 🙂

  43. I liked how asus made the zenfone 2 since its reveal and I’d love to have one

  44. The phone seems like a good deal for 300$, would love to try it!

  45. The Phones is awsome… And a great Father day gift. Cool . I accept one.

  46. My Nexus 5 is dying with a cracked screen. Would really love to get the Asus Zen 2.

  47. I would love to win this for my younger brother…He doesn’t have a smartphone & can definitely put this to a good use…Thanks for the opportunity… 🙂

  48. This phone will replace my Nexus 5 eventually. I would love to save $300 in that process.

  49. Have the s6 and like the idea of getting my memory back as well as getting more ram, would love to get this phone and just sell my s6 as I am not impressed by the close look and design of the iphone.

  50. I was interested in the ZenFone 2 since I heard rumours about it development, but wasn’t able to wait for it, and then I bought a Zenfone 6 and think it’s a great phone, using it for everyday tasks, I even quit using my Samsung tablet since screen size on the ZenFone 6 its enough for watching videos, playing games, connecting to internet and do documents, it’s unbelievable how many uses I give to this phone and how it handle them, rock solid, ZenUI looks superb and clean and I think for the price its hard to beat, now the ZenFone 2 its out there, with a 5.5 inch screen maybe ASUS found the sweet spot when talking about screen sizes, can’t wait to have one of these babies in hand, I knew ASUS from they work in computer hardware but was reluctant to buy a phone made by this company, now I’m glad I did!

  51. I appreciate that you offer products to your readers after completing a review. I found it interesting that Asus chose to offer models with 16GB and 64GB, but not 32GB. Makes me wonder what took place during the design discussions.

  52. Hmm, was thinking about a OnePlus One, but this latest Zenfone is looking pretty good!

  53. Asus zenfone2 is really a good phone great in performance, great display, good camera, high end specs at such a low cost. Hat’s off to you asus, great workdone Asus continue making such good devices

  54. Apart from viewing angles for the screen…this phone looks to be awesome…and one thing the power on off switch …BTW which can be managed by the doublebtap wake option…..

  55. I just cracked the screen on my Nexus 5, and this was one of the phones I was considering as a replacement.

  56. I want it because i have moto g2 which is really lagging. I want a fast phone with amazing features just like zenfone 2!!

  57. Oh now this is amazing. IN desperate need of a phone here!! perfect timing and who will be the lucky winner!

  58. I need a phone after mine stopped working and this phone looks very nice after some research. If you would grant me this I would be very happy. Thank you so much in advance.

  59. The Zenfone looks like a really good phone for the price. I hope other reasonably priced phones enter the U.S. Market.

  60. Looks like a nice phone for the money. Hopefully other ROMS will be supported.

  61. I can never find phones like this in my area. I would LOVE a chance to get my hands on it

  62. I am completely in love with this phone and it would make my day to win it!

  63. Kinda amazing how underrated you guys are at Liliputing! I’ve been viewing articles and entering giveaways for a while and it’s surprising how few people know about you guys! Hope I win this giveaway, and I’m glad to get more tech news from such an awesome source. Cheers!

  64. Want!! I really want one! It sounds like an awesome piece of tech….and its free!!!

  65. Zenfone 2 is a great phone! Friend has it and he loves it! Fast and beautiful.

  66. LOL… So many beggars in the comments… me! me! me! I am sti using Nokia 3310 and would like to have color on my devices screen… LOL…

  67. I’m stuck with an iPod touch 4th generation. Almost 5 years going strong.

  68. My friend has never owned a smartphone and would love to have this one.

  69. Hoping to upgrade from a Samsung Intercept (3.5″) running Android 2.2.2 lol

  70. This would be perfect for my poor mother who is still using an HTC running froyo!

  71. Zenfone 2 was a shocking release in my opinion and even though it doesn’t shock with features it is deseriable just because of the price and RAM!!!

  72. I’m using a blue studio 5.0 s II which is really lacking on what I’m looking for I’d really love to get me an Asus Zenfone 2 🙂

  73. 3 years old and cracked screen. Only thing saving me from finger cuts is the protective screen. ‘great fathers day gift’ my wife says and my 9 month old smiles in agreement.

  74. I wish I could win it. My phone sucks lol. I can barely make calls! I could def use this

  75. Great specs! Unbelievable price. Appreciate your giving away such an awesome phone.

  76. I guess almost 4 years using the same phone is more than enough xD Let’s try this giveaway 😉

  77. Well this is likely to be my first smart phone. Not having to pay for it would be kinda cool

  78. Thanks for a great site. It is nice to have someplace with my interests to escape for a minutes each day from work.

  79. My zte z998 is hanging on by a thread and I soooo need this. Help a fella out would ya. Please pick me!

  80. Ive been using ZenFone 5 since its first release and id like to have ZenFone 2 on the family!

  81. Wow 4 gigs RAM would handle big apps smoothly. Nice review of features and specifications. Would love to have this phone in my hand.

  82. I find that the Zenfone 2 is the biggest thing to shake up the mobile market sense the Galaxy Nexus. HUGE specs fair price. Would love to have one.

  83. Asus making quality tablet and phones. They really have come a long way. Good luck everyone

  84. i have nexus 7 2013 and i love it, i think asus make lovely devices

  85. Phone looks great! My 6 year old flip phone (G’Zone Boulder) will be sad if I win…I think it will get over it!

  86. I love this phone. I’ve been waiting for it to come out since over 6 months. Practically, in love with this phone

  87. I’m always down for a free device. My Nexus 5 is getting just a little long in the tooth and the reviews here and the brief video on the TekSyndicate YouTube channel have piqued my interest.

  88. Broke accidentally my old crappy phone so it would be cool if i won this.

  89. That´s a phone I will want to try… I think it will make me more than happy… Do you think it will be better than my Nokia 1100? I think so…

  90. Me me me! I’ve been using the same phone for 5 years and its falling apart! The ZenFone looks amazing, I’ll give you my soul for this phone.

  91. I was seriously considering this phone, and free is hard to beat!

  92. Asus is making some good strides in making quality phones. If they are able to purchase HTC as rumored, they could really make some interesting/competitive phones.

  93. Great giveaway, thanks Brad! Would like to give this to my wife, who has an aging Android phone. Cheers!

  94. This would pair great with the Asus T100HA I plan to get later this year!

  95. It would be SO awesome to win this phone. I’ve had the same old Samsung piece of junk (Galaxy Prevail) since 2011, and this is light years better than any phone especially at this price. And think that the Asus products are great. I own a Asus laptop, and it’s a good piece of hardware. I sure hope that I’m a winner.

  96. This would be just the ticket to replace my galaxy Nexus! Perfect for traveling and would work on most networks with resellers sims. I’ve been a follower of Lilputing for years! Great reviews on current hardware and mini pc’s! Plus I seem to have more Asus stuff than others.

  97. “This contest is open to residents of the continental United States or
    folks who have a valid shipping address in one of those states.”

    Booooo 🙁

  98. I would like to upgrade my phone. Asus makes great products.Please let me have it.

  99. Obligatory entry comment! Actually, I don’t think I can use this on Verizon.

  100. Would love to use something like this as a more portable tablet/media device.

  101. Farout! I am actually looking at this phone and waiting to check out the Moto G 3rd Gen.

  102. Did anyone ever tell you what a cool dude you are Brad? Contest, what contest? Nope, no ulterior motives here! 😛

  103. Thanks for your blog Liliputing, I’ve been reading it via Feedly for ever. Great to have the opportunity to be part of a giveaway.

  104. This phone could be a pocketable pc, if someone will figure out how to install linux or windows on this.

  105. My colleagues are laughing I don’t have a smartphone yet. This one would shut them up.

  106. I’m in would love to have that phone. Friend has one and it’s awesome

  107. I’ve been looking at this phone for a while, would be great to win it.

  108. My old phone really wants to retire. I wouldn’t mind getting this one 😉

  109. This would be the perfect replacement for my galaxy grand. Large screen and lots of processing power

  110. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free Asus Zenfone 2. I’ve been following this phone since it was first announced and I am a big fan of Asus products (I currently have one Asus monitor, one router, two laptops and an Asus Padfone X). If I win this, it will be a welcome upgrade for my wife. Looking forward to it!

  111. 🙂 Wonderful review
    Wish i could get one tho :/
    If not i’ll have to buy it.

  112. It’s a pretty decent phone. For $299 it’s interesting that it hasn’t been mentioned as a Nexus 5 alternative. Ironically, it also makes me sort of curious as to what Google can do for the next Nexus 5.x” and 6.x” phones – if this can be sold for $299 from Asus then Google should be able to sell a comparable 5.x” for the same or less.

  113. I’d love a free phone, but if I don’t win, might have to buy this phone just to support a company who makes phones with removable SD card storage!

  114. I need a new phone. My Nexus 5’s power button sticks and causes reboots all the time

  115. My wife just dropped my phone and shattered the screen. Could really use a new one!

  116. My brand new phone got stolen, I start college this fall semester and, I’m short a phone. I know I know just another sob story. But, It is worth the try in winning it!

  117. Liliputing has been my goto websites for my mobile phone news. Keep up the great work folks!

  118. I’ve been reading Liliputing for a couple of years. Love your take on things Brad!

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