8 replies on “Announcing the winners of the Liliputing logo design contest”

  1. It was really fun working with Lindsay and her design, it was great to combine the two together. I’m pleased with how it came out.

    Thanks Lindsay and Brad!

    – Tommy

    postscript: Oh and I just noticed the favicon too, sweet!

  2. You are indeed a wise man…..thinkin’ outside the box to combine two great entries….I also voted for Yoo….I love the final result.

  3. I like the look, but the graphic of the lil’laptop is out of whack.

  4. Hey! maybe you can ask for a higher quality image (logo)… the one used right now looks like it was very compressed. Can’t see perfect borders and a plain color between every character.

    BTW, any news on Dell’s next netbook computer?



  5. I like it! I had originally voted for Tommy Yoo’s design, but iI think I like this one better.

    Congratulations to both designers!

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