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Huawei S7 Android tablet with capacitive touch display coming soon?

The Huawei S7 is a 7 inch Android tablet with decent specs including a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 3G and WiFi data connectivity, and full access to the Google Android Market. But some folks have been disappointed to find that the version currently available in the US and Europe has a resistive touchscreen display, which reacts […]

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Hitachi developing touchscreen to recognize finger or stylus

Capacitive touchscreen displays are all the rage these days. They show up in mobile phones like the iPhone and most Android phones. They’re in tablets like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Even some netbooks, like the HP Mini 5103 come with optional capacitive touchscreen displays. What sets capacitive screens apart from other touchscreen displays […]

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Capacitive multitouch netbook touchscreens going for under $100 on eBay

It’s been pretty easy to snag a touchscreen display that you can slap in a 9 or 10 inch netbook for the past few years, thanks to eBay. But these touch panels have tended to be inexpensive resistive touchscreens, requiring a stylus or fingertip for input and typically recognizing only one input at a time. […]

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HP Mini 5102 touchscreen display: A mixed bag (Video)

HP offers an optional touchscreen display for the HP Mini 5102. This premium netbook is targeted at business and education customers, so it’s likely that most of the folks that get their hands on this particular model will get it through school or work. But if you feel like foregoing the relatively inexpensive “Smart Buy” […]

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RIM seeks patent for hybrid resistive, capacitive touchscreen

Research in Motion has filed for a patent for a touchscreen that combines the technology behind resistive and capacitive touchscreen displays. The scren would use a dual layer resistive panel, but the top layer will have a capacitive sensor. In other words, touch can be recognized both by the the motion of pushing the top […]

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Capacitative, multitouch screens coming soon to a netbook near you?

We’re starting to see netbook makers pack touchscreens into netbooks like the Asus Eee PC T91, Gigabyte Touch Note, and Intel Classmate PC 3. For the most part these mini-laptops use resistive touch screens, which are cheaper and less clear than pricier capacitive touchscreen displays. And that makes sense, since netbooks are low price computers. […]