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Report: Apple’s next MacBook Air will be even thinner, lighter, faster (and have a MagSafe charger)

Apple turned heads when the company launched the first MacBook Air in 2008 – a laptop that was famously slim enough to fit inside an envelope. Last year the company refreshed the line with a new model powered by the company’s M1 processor that delivers powerful performance, long battery life, and a fanless design. So […]

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Report: Apple is gunning for Intel in the desktop processor space

The first Macs with Apple Silicon chips are here, and so far it seems like they’ve largely exceeded expectations in terms of performance and power efficiency. With a few notable exceptions, most software runs faster on the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Apple M1 chips than on previous-gen models with Intel processors. So […]

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Samsung’s next foldable may be a clamshell-style phone

After going through a slight redesign, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is set to launch soon. It’s the company’s first smartphone with a foldable display, allowing you to use a single device either as a phone or tablet. But according to Bloomberg, Samsung’s next foldable may be something a little different. Instead of a phone-shaped device that […]

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Bloomberg: The lines between iOS and Mac apps to start blurring this summer

Apple’s computers run macOS, while the company’s smartphones and tablets run iOS. But soon you may be able to run the same versions of some apps on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Last year Apple announced it was undertaking a multi-year project that would allow you to run iOS apps on a Mac. Now Bloomberg […]

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Bloomberg: Essential cancels its next smartphone, company might be up for sale

Less than a year after releasing its first smartphone, it looks like Essential Products might be going out of business. Bloomberg reports that the company, which was started by Android co-founder Andy Rubin, has cancelled development of its next phone, and may be looking for a buyer interested in acquiring the company. The Essential PH-1 […]

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Bloomberg: Apple to ditch Intel, use its own chips in Macs

Apple designs the processors used for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. But while the company has developed some special chips for recent Mac desktop and laptop computers, the company continues to rely on Intel processors to do most of the heavy lifting in those machines. According to a report from Bloomberg, that could change in […]

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Report: Apple developing MicroLED display tech for thinner, brighter, more efficient gadgets

Apple tends to get a lot of credit for releasing gadgets with solid specs, sleek design, and excellent build quality. But the company actually outsources a lot of its components. For example, Apple tends to tap rivals like Samsung or LG for its displays. Now Bloomberg reports Apple is developing its own display technology in-house, […]

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Bloomberg: HTC to launch 7, 12 inch Windows tablets in 2013

HTC may not be pushing any tablets at the moment. But the smartphone maker reportedly plans to get back into the tablet game next year with the introduction of new 7 and 12 inch tablets running Windows software. Bloomberg reports the tablets will run Windows RT rather than Windows 8 or Windows Phone software, which […]