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Acer eBook Reader concept sure looks a lot like an Android tablet

Sure, Acer just introduced a Kindle-like LumiRead eBook reader with an e-Ink display and a QWERTY keyboard. But it looks like the company has a few other eBook tricks up its sleeve. The folks at Engadget got a chance to play with a prototype eBook reader from Acer at the Qualcomm booth at Computex. The […]

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Gigabyte’s tablet plans – Video

Gigabyte is showing off its new 11.6 inch M1125 convertible tablet-style notebook at Computex this week, and the folks at caught up with Gigabyte to take a quick look. While the tablet doesn’t actually boot in the video below, you can get a pretty decent idea of the size and design. While the Gigabyte […]

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NVIDIA CEO implies Google Android tablet edition is on its way

Consumer electronics companies have been slapping Google Android on tablet-style computers since last year — but there are still very few Android tablets available for purchase in the US and Europe, despite dozens of devices showing up in China and at trade shows including CES earlier this year. And that’s largely because the operating system […]

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Verizon to offer tablets from Motorola, Samsung, LG later this year

We already knew that Verizon Wireless was planning to bring a Google Android tablet to market. Now it looks like we might want to make that tablets… plural. Last week Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam said that the company would have several tablets available by the fourth quarter of 2010. McAdam says the initial partners […]