Samsung may be preparing to launch an update to its ARM-based Chromebooks. Retailer B&H has several product listings for “Samsung Chromebook 2” devices.

Detailed specs are scarce, but it looks like there will be models with 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch screens, making this the first Chrome laptop from Samsung to feature a 13.3 inch display.

Samsung Chromebook 2

The new 11.6 inch model is called the XE503C12-K01US, features a Samsung Exynos 5 ARM-based processor, 16GB of storage, and will be available in black or white. It’ll sell for $300 and if I’m reading the description right, this model has 4GB of RAM.

Samsung’s Chromebook 2 13.3 inch model has the model number XE503C32-K01US, sells for $400, and has 4GB of RAM. There’s no mention of storage or processor on this listing.

Despite the name, the Chromebook 2 models would actually be the 4th Chrome laptops from Samsung, depending on how you count. It follows the Samsung Series 4, Samsung Series 5 550, and Samsung Series 3 (also known as just the Samsung Chromebook).

Samsung hasn’t introduced a new Chromebook since 2012 when the Series 3 hit the streets as the first ARM-based Chrome laptop. The new model is expected to have a faster processor and more memory. It’d be nice to see a higher-resolution display, longer battery life, and maybe a touchscreen — but there’s no mention of any of those features in the B&H listings.

via OMG Chrome and AusDroid

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24 replies on “Samsung Chromebook 2 coming with 11.6 inch, 13.3 inch options”

  1. The Toshiba 13″ is $280. Assuming they use the same proc, the extra 2gb of RAM couldn’t possibly be an extra $120, so I’m betting we are getting a 1080p display. In other words, this will be mine on day 1.

    1. Nailed it!

      Only improvements would be IPS screen (these are confirmed to be TN) and backlit keyboard for the Chromebook 3 I am sure. Nonetheless, this is the perfect web browsing travel device with the ability to remote desktop into a PC or Citrix environment. Hurry up and repost these BH Photo…my money is burning a hole….

  2. Though I will eventually get a chromebook (as an alternative to a tablet), I still feel that no chromebook under 12 inches should be more than $249 and probably $199 if it is an ARM. No chromebook larger than 12 inches should ever be more than $299.

    They would be much more popular at these price points, since a Windows laptop can be had for $299 and $399.

    I wonder how low Windows laptops go when MS starts offering OEM licenses for $15 to any laptop under $249? Granted, there aren’t many Windows laptops under $249.

  3. I had the 11.6″ Samsung and it was great except too small and a little slow. Moved on to the HP 14″ with 4GB RAM and it is great! Nice large screen and fast!!!

  4. I own the Samsung Chromebook XE303 (i.e. the Series 3 chromebook) and really, really like it (in fact I’m using it to type this message) but there are a few things I’d like to see in the new chromebooks Samsung is releasing:

    1) Higher quality screen
    2) Much higher quality audio
    3) Somewhat better battery life (in line with the Haswell Celeron processor chromebooks)
    4) Greater 4G LTE/3G model options
    5) Preferably 4GB of RAM, though that isn’t an absolute requirement

    The Series 3/XE303’s weight is excellent and hopefully that won’t change much (for the 11.6″ models).

    The newest chromebooks (HP Chromebook 11, Acer 720) have some of the above attributes but not all of them in combination. A device that had all of the above attributes would be a very popular device IMO.

  5. What’s really interesting to me is how, in the space of a couple of years, the conversation has turned from laughing at Chromebooks to discussing which model of a growing variety of offerings is best. So Google and their hardware partners have really come a long way since Chromebooks were first announced.

    Chromebook users that want to work with Windows applications can use solutions such as Ericom AccessNow. AccessNow is an HTML5 RDP client that enables Chromebook users to connect to Terminal Server or VDI virtual desktops, and run any Windows application (including MS Office) or even full desktops in a browser tab.

    For an online, interactive demo, open your Chrome browser and visit:

    Please note that I work for Ericom

    1. Somewhat ironically, I think the introduction of the Samsung Series 3 chromebook (aka the XE303 model) was the turning point in getting people, including this writer, interested in chromebooks.

  6. Yes please! Resemble something like the hp chromebook 11, just faster! Get rid of that hinge, have a ips display (720p is fine), and decent battery life and I’m in.

      1. Oh, you’re right well sorry then, I didn’t know that, today I learned 🙂

        1. No worries. If you hadn’t said anything then I wouldn’t have double checked and the article would have remained incorrect!

  7. I love my HP 11. Sure, I’d love to have 4 GB of RAM instead of 2 and that upgraded processor. That would make this thing perfect. But, for me to want the Samsung 2, it would also have to have a better keyboard and screen than they’re previous model, because the HP 11 kills it there.

    1. i lurve the keyboard on my Series 3 chromebook, blows the HP CB 11 out of the water, so does the trackpad, screen is a trade off, do you want Matte and out door visibilty but muted colours, or a glossy, colourful IPS screen that is abysmal when there is even a bit of light?

      1. I have both the Series 3 and HP 11; the 11 has the best keyboard on a Chromebook to date save the Pixel.

        1. personal preference then, because i cant stand the HP 11’s keyboard, i cna type effortlessly and seamlessly on my series 3, i had to keep trying to type on an 11, i guess i’d get used to it, but i never felt like i had to learn this one

          1. I think the samsung one was just as decent tbh. However, I agree that an hp 11 with 4gb of ram and this processor would be great. I would rather keep this ips display than upgrade the processor and go back to TN pannel :/

      2. I haven’t tried the Series 3 keyboard, but the one on the HP 11 is great, and I’m a writer and I’m picky about keyboards.

        I also write outside frequently. I’m doing so now. But I’m almost always facing the sun. The thing about writing outside is that the screen must be bright. The HP 11 has a bright screen. My old laptop had a perfect matte display that was too dim to be used outside. Inside, I have zero problems with this screen in a lit room. If you’re used to tablets, the glossy display on the HP 11 isn’t even noticeable.

        The trackpad on the HP 11 is decent, better than most computers but not up to the standard of a Mac trackpad. It has gotten better with use. Most do as you get fingerprint oils on them.

        Obviously, I’d trade this machine in in an instant in exchange for a Pixel.

        1. i think everyone would trade any chromebook for a pixel, striaght up

    2. keyboard no idea what’s up, but LCD the issue is they used LVDS in their old model and at the time there was only really one panel (with matte and glossy versions) in 11.6″, it was bad. That’s why the alienware m11x and the clevo W110ER had disappointing screens. There’s one more option now which was in an HP… something, 11″ X2. If they use eDP in the new model they’ll probably have pick of good screens including a few high resolution options.

  8. this has me incredibly interested, i love my ARM chromebook, use iteveryday without fail or issue, but no one can deny a nice processor upgrade, RAM bump and hopefully screen res bump, i’ve had mine for about 9 months, but i would sell it for a new one

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