The smartphone in your pocket probably has more power than the game console you used in your living room a few years ago. So it should be no surprise that developers have created mobile apps to emulate everything from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the original PlayStation.

Now there’s even a PlayStation Portable emulator. PPSSPP is a free PSP emulator available from the Google Play Store.


The app has been under development for a few years, and it’ll work best on phones, tablets, or TV boxes with recent, high performance processors.

While PPSSPP is available as a free, ad-supported app you can also pay $5.99 for the ad-free PPSSPP Gold.

That makes this app a lot cheaper than buying a PlayStation Portable — although you’ll still need to find a way to get games onto your phone. Officially, the developer recommends running homebrew apps and/or ripping your own PSP games. Unofficially, I suspect there might be a few other ways to obtain titles.

Not all games are supported, but according to the developer games that have been confirmed to work include Wipeout, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Liberty City Stories, Wormds, Little Big Planet, Soul Caliber Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, and Final Fantasy: Type-O.

You can use on-screen buttons or a USB or Bluetooth game controller with PPSSPP.

via /r/Android

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26 replies on “PPSPP is a PlayStation Portable emulator for Android”

  1. It’s impressive that it works, and I certainly remember playing through FF7 crisis core on a tablet with a decent cpu, but it’s worth remembering that games will not run as well on mobile CPUs as they will on desktops.
    Two examples, FF7CC I could get to 300% speed on Android and 600% on desktop, big whoop. Wipeout pulse I could get to 4fps on Android and 120fps on PC.

  2. No, it’s a multiplateforme emulator. PC(windows&linux), android, and some exotics hardwares.

  3. Seems to work pretty well. The ads aren’t during games so that is nice. I have played a total of 1 game, so this isn’t really a huge test. On my G3 I am able to set the app to automatically use full screen so I don’t have the home buttons getting in the way. Definitely hard to play with touch controls, I kept hitting down for left on the d-pad. Going to have to break out my physical controller at home.

    1. get a bluetooth gamepad. it changes the gaming experience, especially on action, fighting and sport games

      1. I have a USB controller but have been thinking of a bluetooth one. Do you have a recommendation?

        1. i bought this and for the price, i love it ( especialy

          the only thing i dun like about it is, it is a bit bulky to be considered truly portable
          : p. then again i bought it so that i can use my android tv as a quick gaming console and p1p/psp emulator. playing gta:san andreas much better than playing on touch screen…..

          ow about the ads, you can download it ads-free version on f-droid (google it).
          however, i encourage you to support the dev by using the ads suported, buying gold or just donating.

  4. “I suspect there might be a few other ways to obtain titles”

    for realz. lolz. “i suspect” of course there are, thou only homebrew and owned games ripping is condone by the dev…….


    on a side note, its not only available on android, but also on linux, mac, ios, and windows.
    it should also be noted that it is open source, so you are free port it to your platform.

    go to their website for more info

    or for their source code

    1. But android means you can play it on your android phone with a game controller mount to basically recreate your own psp. Playing psp games on computers are just…. meh

      1. depends on preference really.i prefer to play some games on pc / tablet, some mobile.

        1. Well it’s kind of what I meant. PSP graphics isn’t the greatest, and if you play it on something that can play photo-realistic games, it’s not all that exciting. Especially when you’re not going to be using a mouse.

        1. Android is on the big screen.. But android means you can play it anywhere… which includes lying on your couch.

          1. So now you’re just trying to be a dick. A tablet really isn’t classified as a PC is it? You know what I meant but you just have to be a nitpicky dbag.

          2. so a x86 tablet is no pc? that’s just a stupid thing to say. Even worse when you didn’t even speak about “pc” but about “computer” in general.

            Playing psp games on computers are just…. meh

            No, a pc doesn’t need to be a large, grey box. look the term up some day!

            So if i’d play PSP-Games on a “normal” notebook, would you still claim this would suck? What about those early UMPC-Thingies? (i.e. Sony Vaio UX) What about a typical HTPC? Did you notice these things are called *PC? There’s a reason for that.

            But your point was Android. Because playing on typical Android-Devices was in your opinion better than on typical PCs. I know what you meant. You wanted to talk about small/mobile Platforms in contrast to big/powerfull Computers. You were right so far, but your phrasing was so far off that it boggles my mind.

            I’ve got x86 Desktop-PCs running Android, i’ve installed Linux (no android) on Smartphones and i’ve owned large, grey boxes you’d describe as PC, that ran unixoid OSes but definitely were no “PC”.

            So no, i’m not trying to be a dick. I’m trying to make a point here. Point beeing: you need to get your terms right.
            You talk about OS, but you meant form-factor.

            And yes: a tablet-PC is in most cases classified as a PC. That’s why it’s called “tablet-PC” and not “tablet-Calculation-Game-Thingy”.

            Further: If you use the original meaning of “PC” (that’s not Wintel but classic “everything that isn’t a server, Minicomputer, large Computer, …”) then pretty much every Tablet, (be it running with ARM, X86, Mips or whatever and with whatever OS you like) IS A PC, BECAUSE I’TS A PERSONAL COMPUTER.

          3. Wow, after typing all that you dare to say you’re not just being a dick?

            Let me ask you this. If we were to grab anyone and ask them to draw a “computer” how many of them would draw a desktop and then how many would draw a mini-pc, an hdmi stick, a tablet, a laptop, etc? Are you going to be a dick and say all that you just said to them. If you go to Bestbuy and say “I want to buy a computer, show me what you got” Do they bring you to the windows tablet section? Hell no. Do they ask you “what kind of computer do you want? A desktop, a laptop, an android stick, a nexus player, an android tablet, a windows tablet, an ipad? What kind?”. It’s pretty much just going to be desktop and laptops. It’s not a matter of dictionary definition but the common use. Also, I love to see how you “enjoy” playing games on a laptop on the couch.

            So.. yeah, like I said, you just went into the details of defining what a computer is just so you can be a major dick.

          4. so in your opinion a “notebook” is a PC, but my T100 isn’t. Because i can undock the keyboard?


            I gave you a definition of computer. You gave me ad hominem.

            (and further this all misses your original point, where you mixed up various stuff to pure bullshit “android does this, a pc doesn’t”)

          5. Sorry, I think you’re failing to see the topic of this discussion. The part where you’re a super nitpicky dick.

            Did you email Apple to tell them that their use of the words I’m a PC and I’m a Mac is pure bullshit because a Mac is a “personal computer”? So, back to the point. You’re just a dickhead, especially when you know what I meant.

          6. Wow, how can you not be anymore of a dick by saying shit like this? You haven’t proved that you’re not a dick.

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