Want a Windows tablet but don’t want to spend a lot of money? In the United States your cheapest option is probably the Winbook TW700 which is available from Amazon or Micro Center for $70.

In China there’s an even cheaper option.The Ployer MOMO7W is a Windows tablet that sells for just 299 Yuan. That’s about $48 US.

ployer momo7w

The MOMO7W certainly isn’t a very good tablet. But it’s cheap.

Now that Microsoft gives away Windows software to makers of small Windows tablet free of charge, it’s possible to make Windows tablets that are just as cheap as Android tablets… and often cheaper. Intel also helps by offering Bay Trail processors are low prices.

The Ployer MOMO7W features a 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, 1GB of RAM. 16GB of storage, and Windows 8.1 software. It also comes with a 1-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365. It has an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, WiFi, and a microSD card slot.

While the screen resolution is disappointingly low, the tablet does have an HDMI port — which means you could plug it into an external display and use the tablet to stream videos to a TV. Just don’t expect to turn this $48 tablet into a full-fledged desktop-style computer by hooking up a keyboard, mouse and display: 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage are good enough for basic Windows tablet apps, but they’re not really sufficient for running multiple desktop Windows apps.

via Mike Cane

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40 replies on “Meet a $48 Windows tablet”

  1. 16gb of storage is mostly used by Windows, leaving less than 4gb for user data. The free storage decreases every time you run Windows update to install Microsoft’s patches and bug fixes. Also, it’s nearly impossible to read the tiny text in English on a 7 inch 1024×600 screen. You’d need a Microscope to read Chinese characters on a tiny low res screen like that.

  2. I had an HP Stream 7 for a while. The 7 inch screen is very difficult to read without extra strength magnification reading glasses. But Android and iOS work just fine on 4 inch screens without magnification.

  3. this is the price in China… are any online English shops selling these yet? I guess the price would be higher than $48

  4. These cheap but crappy tablets don’t do good for the Windows tablet name, and might hurt Intel’s name too. This is the same situation that happened with the early Android tablets, that were literally worse than a box of horsesh*t. Either MS should give better minimal system requirements for these OEMs (even if the OS does run on this hardware) or stop giving it for free. If a regular person buys such a tablet, he will never buy a Windows tablet again. How are those Surface Pro sales going? Not so good? Yes, exactly my point.

    1. How can you not see the value in dirt cheap tablets? Many people do clinical data collection or surveys (like the credit card company). They literally don’t need anything on the tablet other than being able to input and save data. This is perfect.

      Also, most people are not stupid. Android users have not looked at all the dirt cheap Android tablet and said: “Android is becoming worse and worse.” The only people that really judged the dirt cheap Android tablets have been the major Apple fans.

      1. What I’m trying to say is that yes, technically windows is capable of running on a dirtcheap machine with 1gb of ram (heck, I managed to run win 8 on 512 mb and a 1000mhz celeron, awful) . But the point is not to run the OS, windows is only there to let you run other programs. And these tablets are barely able to run the OS itself, so a waiter app or any industrial app will suffer on this, just like games or multitab webbrowsing. This display resolution won’t even let you run ‘modern’ apps that would require less resources. In my opinion such a low system requirement encurages the massproduction of these and hurts the windows ecosystem in the long run. If the minimay memory requirement would be 2GB, this $48 tablet would be let’s say ~$65, still dirt cheap, but way more useful.

      2. I’m not gonna lie, I love me some Android but I recently got a Dell 810(?), bay trail i think… Dual core atom. 7″ tablet for 80 bucks. Ran 8.1… Full version not rt… I LOVE that tablet! 7″ is perfect for metro interface but still quite usable for regular win7 style desktop ui. Ran decent, too on native full windows applications. I do wanna try this, though… Any way to port out to an i5 Intel w/ 8 gigs and ssd?

        1. OK it was a Dell venue 8 pro, I paid 80 bucks, and got 32 GB storage, 1280*800 screen, 5mp rear 1.2 mp front cameras, 1.8 GHz quad core atom processor, 2 gigs ram, micro SD slot… It was a beast for what I paid for it… Retail is only 20 bucks more – $100. It ran full windows apps as a desktop I had 2 out 3 years ago that I paid 400 or so for.. In two years you’ll be able to buy a tablet about twice as powerful as what I described for probably 30 or 40 bucks. It’s a good time to be alive!

  5. Beware of these low end tablets! Read reviews on Amazon about the Winbook TW700. Once you install all the updates some users are left with a few hundread MEGABYTES of storage. Future updates will take up the rest. Recovery partition cannot be removed as the Winbook actually uses the files in the recovery partition. Those that have tried are left with bricks. Anything less than 32 GB of storage is a problem waiting to happen.

  6. After buying the TW700 I am very happy I didn’t buy one of those stupid fire tv boxes… IMO one of these tablets is the best choice for streaming video plus a lot more

    1. I have a TW801 and I agree with you about the tablet streaming experience. But you’ll be surprised what those fire TV boxes can do. I’m running kodi for my TV in the living room and the bedroom and the wife loves it. The remote is pretty user friendly and the big screen is more enjoyable for extended viewing.

  7. 1g of ram just is not enough for windows 8, I have the HP Stream with 1g and it really suffers in performance, the best bet is to not think you are going to run normal windows apps and stick with the app store stuff…

    1. If that’s the case then it’s mission fail for getting the OS into my hands until the race to the bottom ends and we see an upward curve in hardware.
      Running real Windows stuff is the point of my wanting a Windows tablet.

  8. It’s sad to think that Android still doesn’t have a decent tablet @ 100$ range that can get regular updates like this Windows tablet.

  9. Built and marketed to the unaware.
    I can see some folks learning some hard lessons trying to make this -novelty- into a workable daily driver.

    1. Am I so crazy I want to use it as my phone? Get Skype unlimited and a little WiFi hub, keep this little pocket sized tablet in my pocket all day?

  10. Might burn down your house too. Store it in a metal can when not in use (and when charging).

  11. If you’re into classic video games, perhaps you can run an emulator on one of these and hook it up to the TV. That’s what I always consider when I see one of these cheapie Windows tablets. Because let’s be honest here: there are no worthwhile Windows apps.

    1. This. I bought a USB version of a Sega Genesis controller and installed Fusion on my 8″ Insignia Windows tablet. Runs great…. HDMI port allows me to attach it to a TV.

    2. Yep, no useful applications for Windows. Unlike the wealth of software available for Linux, or all those fart apps you can get on mobile OSs.

      (Obviously this particular device isn’t that great as a main machine, but you get what you pay for. It is however a very cheap device that’s still a general purpose computer. Consider how you don’t get people moaning about the specs of a Raspberry Pi, because it’s still a nice cheap computer that can be put to some specific jobs – and that’s with far fewer apps available.)

      1. I was referring to Windows Store apps, not desktop applications (hence, my mentioning emulation software).

        1. no worthwhile apps is simply a massive lie or ignorance.

          “Built in” apps like Mail, Calendar, Translater, Browser (yes IE is good) but also apps like Twitter and lots of other third party apps for a lot of services (e.g. Pocket) are more than good enough for casual use. When Office Touch it out (guess summer?) that should work nicely too. Casual imaging and video and at least some nice native games (e.g. Hydro Thunder, Halo, etc) are there too.
          Granted, of the 400-500.000 (?) iPad apps there certainly are more useful apps than in the current 150-200.000 WinStore apps but even a percentage of 10% useful apps are still more than I want.

          If you want to do software development or professional imaging or professional video (stress “professional”) on a tablet you are doing something wrong anyway. And the comparison with amount of Linux software, sorry but wtf?

    3. Yes, I would buy this Tablet in a heartbeat for Browsing the web and basic games too.

    4. There are a couple worthwhile applications, the most obvious ones are probably IE, Chrome, and Firefox. Because let’s be honest here: most iPad users don’t use any app other than Safari.
      Regarding the emulator, I can confirm this works but keep in mind emulation is quite expensive in terms of hardware. Emulating the Gamecube isn’t possible with one of these.

      1. exactly.. people mostly use tablets to watch youtube and browse the internet…. but i want a cheap windows stick/tablet (the cheapest one) to use as a torrent downloader… I am using an android stick but man I quickly realised android is too limited…it’s frustrating…

        1. Nice idea. If you like tinkering, a Raspberry Pi with Raspian (a Linux) works quite well for this. Of course it’s much easier and faster to set up on a preinstalled Windows stick/tablet.

    1. That Microsoft Windows 8.1 is free for tablets with screen sizes below 9 inches. Thus most likely can be upgradeable to Windows 10.

        1. they said tablets bought after windows 10 won’t get desktop mode and what is currently on the market will

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