Lenovo appears to be preparing to launch a new 10 inch Windows tablet with an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor and specs that you don’t often find on small Windows tablets, including a full HD display, up to 4GB of RAM, and up to 128GB of storage.

Details for the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad 10 have popped up at a number of retail websites, although Lenovo has yet to actually announce the tablet.

Update: It looks like the tablet is official. It popped up recently at the Lenovo Australia website

lenovo thinkpad 10

The tablet appears to feature an 8MP rear camera, 2MP front-facing camera, a multitouch display, support for a pressure-sensitive digital pen, and a microSD card slot.

It has a 33Whr battery, 802.11ab/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

The ThinkPad 10 is also reported to have business-friendly features including a FingerPrint Scanner, Smart Card Reader, and Windows 8.1 Pro software.

Lenovo’s tablet is powered by an Intel Atom Z3795 processor, one of the most powerful of the new Atom Bay Trail chips Intel is launching in the coming months. It’s a 1.6 GHz quad-core chip with burst speeds up to 2.39 GHz.

Unfortunately premium features come at premium prices — and if the retail listings in Europe are to be believed, it looks like a fully decked-out version the tablet could sell for close to 976 €, or more than $1300 US. I’ll take that price with a grain of salt until we see an official announcement from Lenovo.

via TabTec and Tablet PC Review

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33 replies on “Lenovo ThinkPad 10 Bay Trail, 1080p Windows tablet on the way?”

    1. The base configuration at $725(even at $600) is expensive. No digitizer of any kind, no usb 3.0( this may or may not be true),2gb RAM,No NFC.
      I got the Dell venue 11 pro for $200 less. I’ll pass on this and wait for Dell’s offering or the cherry trail tablets.

  1. This is what I’ve been waiting for! I hope to be getting this in the near future. It has everything I want in a tablet.

    I just hope Lenovo manufactures enough to that we don’t have to wait 2 months like I did my Lenovo Y400.

  2. Even if you slash the European MSRP by 30% to get a US price, you’re still looking at $900 and that’s ridiculous for a tablet. The Surface 2 is half that price and to most people probably very similar. Good luck Lenovo.

  3. i’m still waiting for the thinkpad 8 to go 64 bit. If they could throw wacom in there too i’ll gladly pay the extra $$$

  4. If the digitizer is WACOM (or even NTrig like in the TPT1) as it likely will be this sounds like a nice unit. Similar to the HP EP1000 but with a proven stylus. And 1000€ for a 4/128GB version with LTE is acceptable. The S/P2 does not have LTE/3G and I’ll trade the Atoms fanless operation and likely longer duration for the S/P2s core-i CPU in a tablet pc.

  5. 1300 dollars ? For a table? Get serious. Thats just nuts and shows why MS and Intel are loosing.
    1080p Droid tablet starting at $200.

    1. Not dollars, that’s the rumored pricing for Europe and that includes VAT… So between the differences in currency and VAT, the US pricing would be closer to the 976, assuming that’s the actual pricing because it isn’t official yet…

    2. There are other things besides screen resolution when comparing Android and desktop Windows tablets. Of course, if you’re not going to make use of any of the advantages of desktop Windows then an Android tablet is significantly the better buy.

  6. even fujitsu didn’t put this price on Q584 which has 4 gb ram and more pixels on the screen, hope the prices of TP10 will be more reasonable

    1. Actually, the Q584 still goes for close to $1000…

      Mind two things, the price isn’t official yet and European pricing always includes VAT… Also, Lenovo has a habit of providing a bit high listing prices but ultimately sales them at lower pricing or provides sales for the product at a regular basis…

      While 4GB of RAM on mobile devices is still a rarity and thus premium feature, and the 128GB is not the highest capacity being offered… while other similar configured tablets typically go for over $800…

    2. Lenovo always makes MSRP very high and their stuff almost never sells at that price. I got an X230 that “originally costs” $3000 but for $1200 instead. That was in the same month the notebook was released. Too bad the quality isn’t $3000 worth.

      Of course, my experience is only for ThinkPad notebooks. Maybe their tablets and consumer brands are different.

  7. ” It’s a 1.6 GHz quad-core chip with burst speeds up to 2.39 MHz.” that… isn’t very much. I’m guessing typo, because 2.39MHz is gonna make even the lightest of programs chug.

    1. The mobile SoCs have minimum normal base clock speeds… The 2.39GHz, not MHz btw, is for the Burst Mode… The ATOM equivalent of the Core series Turbo Boost, except Bay Trail devices can usually sustain the top clock speeds for sustained periods…

      Higher base clock means there’s less switching between the two extremes and a higher average performance, though…

      Like the difference between the Z3740 and the Z3770 includes both higher max, 1.8 vs 2.39, and higher base clocks, 1.3 vs 1.46, for the difference in CPU performance…

      The Z3795 doesn’t have a higher max clock than the Z3770 that was the previous top offering but does offer a higher base clock because the Z3770 was set at 1.46GHz and thus the Z3795 offers faster base clock at 1.6GHz…

  8. Sadly until Microsoft catches up to all the other OSes in screen scaling, a 1080p 10″ windows tablet doesn’t sound that good. I use a DV8P, and even thou I love this device for what it’s capable of, screen scaling is an issue even on 1280×800. On the other hand, kudos for the 4GB RAM, with these specs all you need is a good dock and you have a tablet-workstation hybrid. Available ports are still a question thou, microHDMI, separate charging from the USB host or maybe a full sized USB are a must. The price is a bit too much I fear, you can get better tablets for less.

    1. Ya, desktop app scaling isn’t great on Windows still. Although Windows 8 does improve it a lot. Too bad desktop apps have to actually be programmed to make use of the new scaling. There are still plenty of Windows 8 desktop software that aren’t DPI aware or if they are, they’re not implemented well. So there’s also blame on developers on the crappy scaling experience on high PPI screens. When I encounter them, I try to contact the developer/company about it.

  9. It sounds like a good tablet. I hope it works out well. I was looking forward to the Thinkpad 8, but I think the price, battery life and no pen input hurt it. This one seems to have everything, but $1000 would be a hard sell for an Atom tablet and battery life is always a big factor with tablets.

    1. Thinkpads are Lenovo’s business range offerings, like HP’s Elitepads, etc. that also go for higher than normal pricing… They tend to be more durable, have higher build quality, and usually offer better support… So it’s more than just the system specs that they’re selling…

  10. I can’t be the only person that thinks this is priced at least double what it should be… I’ve been waiting for a tablet with exactly these specs (minus the useless enterprise features), but I think I will pick up a Surface Pro 128gb for $499.

    1. That is an S/P1. Nice unit but short legged (3-5h at best) compared to this beast. If one needs the power the better choice (an S/P2 would be even better but at a similar cost)

  11. I’d get it if it had LTE, Wacom digitizer, a real attachable keyboard/trackpoint dock (not some stand), USB 3.0, smaller bezels (hopefully it’s lighter so you don’t need large bezels for gripping). I’d pay $600 plus the dock price for a 64 GB model minus GPS, minus NFC, minus Bluetooth, not the top end Bay Trail chip and lowest available resolution,.

    1. meh i’m probably gonna get the ramos i10 note if the final price is this high I was expecting just a Thinkpad Tablet 2 refresh with the newer processor in the neighborhood of $500 I was looking at getting the Surface Pro but i am looking for portable/battery life just for a Sketchbook and 2lb is a bit much.

      1. Really? You expected a refresh of a $700 tablet for $500?

        The Ramos isn’t the same class of device as a thinkpad. If you don’t realize that, don’t want to pay for the features, or simply don’t need them, then yes… you should look elsewhere.

  12. I think it’s going to fall in line with Thinkpad Tablet 2 prices at launch, so 64GB version would be around $650US with Wifi. With LTE and 128GB eMMC, I can see $1000 US.

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