GPD’s second handheld PC designed for gaming is coming in 2018, and the GPD Win 2 is expected to have a bigger screen, faster memory and storage, and a more powerful processor than the original GPD Win.

It’s also expected to cost more. GPD has announced that the GPD Win 2 will sell for $599 during an Indieogogo campaign set to launch on or around January 15th.

When the little computer hits retail stores in April, it’ll sell for around $699.

I should point out that the company is also sending out an email to some folks saying the “official retail price will be $1000,” but it looks like that’s one of those fake prices that retailers list just so they can put a red line through it and show you the sale price.

Still, the GPD Win 2 is a big step up from the previous model in terms of price. You can currently pick up a 1st-gen Win for around $350 to $400.

With the new model going for as much as $699, the GPD Win 2 is in the same price range as a mid-range laptop… which would probably have better specs than the Win 2, and which would almost certainly have a better keyboard. What it would lack is the physical gaming buttons and portability that come with this sort of tiny computer.

I guess we’ll find out pretty soon whether there are enough mobile gaming enthusiasts willing to spend that kind of money to justify the existing of a $599 – $699 device like this.

Here’s a run-down of the specs for the new model:

  • 6 inch, 1280 x 720 pixel touchscreen display
  • Intel Core M3-7Y30 Kaby Lake processor with Intel HD 615 graphics
  • 8GB of LPDDR3-1866 RAM
  • 128GB M.2 2242 SSD
  • 802.11ac WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • USB 3.0 Type-C port
  • USB 3.0 Type-A port
  • micro HDMI
  • microSD card slot
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Dual 4,900 mAh batteries (37.24 Wh total)
  • Stereo speakers
  • Dual vibration motors
  • 162mm x 99mm x 25mm (6.4″ x 3.9″ x 1″)
  • 460 grams (1 pound)

The system has analog and digital sticks, 6 shoulder buttons, and X, Y, A, B gaming buttons and it should be able to handle a number of games if you set the graphics levels to low.

GPD recently posted a bunch of gameplay videos showing GTA5, Bayonetta, and Need for Speed: Rivals running on the GPD Win 2.

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44 replies on “GPD Win 2 handheld gaming PC to sell for $699 (or $599 during Indiegogo campaign)”

  1. For this money I can buy a good laptop – not this unknow small something….

  2. Hi my name is Brian rideout I’m new I want to know more about the gpd win 2

  3. The latest iPhone costs $1000 and various flagship Android phones cost as much or more than $700 and they are MUCH less functional than the win 2 which can play full PC games, has a physical keyboard, gaming controls, has full desktop software, real multitasking, headphone jack, USB type A 3.0 and USB type c ports, micro SD card reader, longer battery life

    All this wrapped up into a clamshell design a little bigger than a 3ds xl and can fit in a (admittedly large) pocket. A full blown windows 10 PC with all those features in the size of a 3ds and can play a ton of high quality games thanks to it’s pretty good amount of power for it’s size…..sounds more like this is worth it’s price more than a $700 phone that is stuck with mobile only software with only a touch screen for navigation, typing and games.

    I feel like people are way too ok with the prices for flagships that they don’t realize that you are paying $700+ for what you could probably do on a $200 phone unless you REALLY need an amazing camera.

    This isn’t just a $700 gaming device folks, it’s a PC that plays full games and runs full software. It’s pretty fair for it’s capabilities compared to an iPhone.

  4. If you send me one for free, I can review it in Italy country. It’s not that famous here.

  5. The biggest problem with the price comes from Microsoft charging more an OS license. In some cases, it has caused $150 hike. If they sold it with Ubuntu pre-installed or the Steam OS, it would lower the cost. There are a lot of people that would buy one to just load Retro Pie x86 on it and replace their Raspberry Pi for something mobile.

  6. Seems like the person who wrote this isn’t English either, since he doesn’t know the difference between existing and existence.

    1. I know right, its going from +400’s to -600’s.
      I even got negged for saying “thank you for sharing some links” to another commentor.
      Either someone who posted here is salty and is using VPN. Or it could be bots. Or it might be one-time visitors from the GPD Forum boards. Either way, its just a nuisance, but nothing serious….yet.

  7. For me, at $699 retail, this has to be sold and shipped directly from Amazon. GPD’s devices seem to arrive DOA or has major issues at a relatively high rate. At this price, I’m not willing to gamble needing to talk directly with GPD (time zone, language barrier, international shipping, etc.) for issues within the first 30 or days.

  8. GPD is purposely overcharging for this product just because they are the only option on the market, thoroughly pushing past the advisable limits for pricing. Let’s put this into perspective: this is double the cost a similarly outfitted Core M tablet, the Cube Mix Plus, which costs as little $299 to $349. GPD must be as greedy and as self-aggrandizing as Apple, a hard mark to reach—but minus the cute logo and the hype-driven cult following. Because they lack these specific things that give Apple carte blanche to charge whatever, this is going to fail epically!

    1. Perhaps, unless you want them to compromise on quality to sell much cheaper. This time they have upgraded many things (including quality components) for the new device.

      – The WIN 2 is equipped with a 6-inch touch screen from Sharp Corporation with a viewing angle up to 178°.
      – It utilizes In-Cell full lamination technology and fourth generation Corning Gorilla Glass

      This picture illustrates the stark difference between GPD Win and GPD Win 2 screens. Note the reflectiveness of the original GPD Win…

      – Brand new Gamepad design with two 3D joysticks from ALPS Japan, featuring built-in dual-vibration motors to ensure you get immersed in the game.
      – Equipped with 2×4900mAh large-capacity and high-density polymer lithium batteries.
      – Our product is also the first game handheld to support PD 2.0 fast charge, allowing the battery to be charged to half full within 45 minutes.

      If you think its too expensive then wait until price drops. The original GPD Win also had price drops down to $300+, so this might drop below $500 perhaps a year later after launch.

  9. That’s actually the price I was expecting. About half a year ago there was this poll at the dingoonity forum where Wade asked if we’d buy the Win2 for $600 if it had a Core M CPU, or should they go for Apollo Lake instead and a cheaper price. Core M won overwhelmingly.

    1. $600 for Core M was the much better choice. It just means, at this price they’re going to separate most potential buyers.

      Apollo Lake would’ve made the handheld cheaper, but the performance would’ve been the same or lower. The improvements would’ve been moreso refinements in the cooling, battery life, and ergonomics. But instead we’re getting all that PLUS the performance boost that many v1 owners wanted.

  10. Woof. Double the Indiegogo price of the GPD Win and the regular price is nearly double the going rate for the Win, too. I was interested in one, and I knew it was going to be more expensive, but this is about $100 more than my limit. Oh well.

  11. I would have liked having this but not at that price. Maybe other OEMs will make handheld Windows 10 devices with a Snapdragon. Although it’s starting to look like ARM based Windows 10 devices may not be in my price range either.

    Independent of how much it costs GPD to make a Win 2, I don’t personally value such a device at this price point.

  12. If $599 was the price with integrated Verizon LTE, I’d pay it. Too bad it’s not so pass.

  13. Not surprised by the price but I doubt many people in the market for one of these would value it at that price. Seems like the UMPC days all over again.

  14. Damn, that’s expensive.

    The original GPD Win was crowdfunded for $299 on IndieGoGo, given a RRP of $499, and sold online for $340. This one would probably follow suit, crowdfunded for $599, given an RRP of $699, and sold for $630 from online etailers.

    I feel like the GPD Win 2 is a big upgrade over the GPD Win one, but not x1.85 ($630/$340) better experience. I don’t expect a price drop since GPD are alone in the UMPC market, so don’t have much incentive to be competitive. I figured something like <$490 would be the limit for most people, as this device doesn't displace their laptop or phone… so it becomes an expensive side-hobby.

    1. Here’s the performance of the same Core M3* on some games:

      Looks like modern titles aren’t really playable, unless you count 1024p resolution, with Low-Lowest Settings, and average framerates around 20fps. Light games/esports titles seem to work fine, as well as older (Xbox 360 era) titles.

      *Do note, this is on the Teclast X5 Pro tablet, and since that has a larger surface area it can maintain temperatures better for longer, meaning probably better peak and sustained speeds.

      1. I suppose the WIN 2 is in the same price range as that Teclast X5 Pro.
        I suspect the WIN 2 would perform better given it has a heatsink and fan, whereas the Teclast only has passive cooling.I think

      2. I’m not so bothered by modern games, but if it will match Teclast X5 performance, the fact that it should be able to run Dolphin near perfectly is much more of a selling point for me.

        The Win 1 has already found a nice place in my collection, so an upgrade that can cope with GameCube or PS2 emulation easily will be nice. However I fully agree $599 is enough that it’s no longer an instant purchase, but it’s certainly going to give me something to think about.

        1. Yeah my take is that if you look at the specs and the fact that there’s really nothing else like it in the market, it’s not like it isn’t worth the price, it’s just that it’s not an insignificant amount of money and that makes it a tougher sell.

          1. GPD has the entire gaming UMPC market to themselves with the success of the first GPD Win. Additional competition would be nice (bringing prices down), but sometimes that would lead to cost cutting and reduced quality. The price of $599 sounds like tough sell but as you’ve stated there’s really nothing else like it out there (especially pocket sized). Alternatives like the cheap Linx Vision 8 gaming tablet still uses Intel’s Cherry Trail (the slower Atom x5-Z8300). Also Vastking G800 with Intel’s faster Apollo Lake (Pentium N4200) has yet to be released.

      3. The Cube Mix Plus only costs $299-$349. Do the math, folks. These guys are purposely trying to gouge everything. One problem: they aren’t Apple. Watch as the nasty posts of outrage continue to be plastered over social media and the web. Watch as their crowdfunding campaign fails to even remotely reach their goal.

        1. Yeah, I bought a Cube Mix Plus and an Ipega 9023 for $25 instead. A little bigger than the GPD but still portable. It was like half the cost with similar performance.

    2. They overpriced this. When a Surface Pro M3 can be picked up often on sale for $599, this just reeks of overcharging. Boy, I am glad I have a Surface Pro 4 i7 that can do portable gaming that I was able to get new for $800. Compared to this, it is a bargain and far more potent.

      1. Can you bring your surface pro on a train? Does it fit in your pocket?

        1. Actually, I do bring my Surface Pro 4 i7 on the train. It is only about a half pound heavier than the Win 2, and has much more processing power to boot. No thanks.

          1. Do you whip out a controller to play it on the train? surface pro is not only heavier but also a lot bigger. It may have more processing power but it does not have the portability and convenience. Where did you get a surface pro i7 for 800? I see it for close to 1400 on microsoft website.

          2. Deal hunting and talking to the right people. I usually poke around in the customer service chats and I know the right people at major online retailers. As for the model of Surface, I said Surface Pro 4… 4… 4… i7. It is not the current-gen. I got the Surface Pro 4 i7 specifically for the Iris graphics which allows me to game at higher resolutions, and also because it does not throttle as much over time like the fanless New Surface Pro i5. I hope that clears things up.

          3. yes, I bet I could get a good deal on win 2 if I were to wait a year.

    1. Haha. Is GPD down voting all these critical comments about their decice?

      1. Whether or not GPD themselves are down voting comments, I associate this petty behavior with GPD.

        Whoever did this is having the opposite effect of what they probably wanted.

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