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Sony to sell its VAIO PC business, focus on smartphones instead

Sony has announced plans to get out of the personal computer business. The company wants to sell its VAIO PC division to investment firm Japanese Industrial Partners (JIP) this year, which will make the spring 2014 product launch the last line of VAIO computers to wear the Sony name. The company says it will continue […]

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Sony to layoff 10,000 people, merge PC, tablet, phone divisions

Sony has announced a major restructuring effort which will involve eliminating 10,000 jobs, emphasizing its strongest products including gaming and digital imaging products such as cameras, and merging its PC, tablet, and phone departments. Right now Sony’s smartphones, Sony Tablet, and Sony VAIO PCs are housed in different departments. Under the new plan the research and development, […]

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Sony netbook with 3G capabilities passes through the FCC

The folks at Wireless Goodness spotted FCC listings for two new Sony netbooks last night. There’s not much information about the PCG-51311L or PCG-51411L at this point, but the drawing of the laptop’s underside makes it look an awful lot lke a netbook — or a notebook with an enormous battery. Wireless Goodness also notes […]

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AVIA netbook steals Sony style… for the lid only

Now that Sony has actually entered the netbook game with the Vaio Mini W, it’s a lot harder for Chinese companies to pump out Sonyesque netbooks. Once upon a time, all you had to do was slap a VAIO label on any old netbook. Now, people will probably point out that these Sony clones lack […]