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Lilbits 297: Is Google developing app streaming tech?

Remember when Apple released the first iPhone and promised that all developers would need to do to create great apps was to develop mobile websites that users could open in a browser? It wasn’t long before developers were clamoring for the ability to create native apps that would run as smoothly as the Apple software […]

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How to run multiple Android apps through Chrome with ARC Welder

Google is providing Android app developers with tools that allow their apps to run in the Chrome web browser. But you don’t need to be a developer to use Google’s ARC Welder utility: it lets just about anyone run (some) Android apps on Chrome OS, Mac, Windows, or Linux computers. When I first wrote about ARC Welder, I […]

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Test Android apps in Chrome OS, Windows, OS X, or Linux using ARC Welder Chrome app

Now that Google is letting any developers bring their Android apps to the Chrome Web Store, the company needs to give developers a way to test their apps. It turns out the same tool lets anyone run (some) Android apps in Chrome… even if you’re using the Chrome web browser on Windows, OS X, or […]