4 replies on “Lilbits: Windows 11 Pro will require Microsoft accounts, using Chrome OS Flex to keep old Chromebooks alive”

  1. I’ll say it again…

    Linux is only a few clicks away.

    I’ll now add. Do not start with ubuntu. Manjaro with KDE will start you off on the road to success AND keep you there.

    Nobody seemed to realize until it’s now too late. There was a David willing to stand up to Goliath…and noone would support them.


    Steven B.
    P.S. Still waiting on my PPP.

  2. I’ll just go linux once my cheap chromebook is EOL, or Gallium which is linux tailored for chromebooks.

  3. Microsoft FORCING every single windows user to have a Microsoft account should be an article unto itself.
    Yeah, I know it’s basically like they’re just late to the game, because it just means that every single major OS vendor is deciding that everything everyone does ought to be subject to their scrutiny and linked to a person’s real identity. I’m convinced they want their information on you to replace all other acceptable forms of identification, as they would know that the sum of your past mistakes is more unique to you than even your face.
    But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s wrong!
    I thought, okay, maybe I’d just use windows 11 pro to keep my games working. But now there’s no way I can let myself do that. I mean, without Valve, consumer users would be screwed. I don’t like Steam’s DRM, but without Valve, a lot of people seriously would be screwed.
    If this is the direction things are going I hate to imagine what they’ll pull next. Having your computer refusing to boot if you block telemetry at your firewall? Every bad thing you’ve ever heard about TPMs and Pluton?

    Of course it’s not just about the corporate world’s notion that forgiveness of anything you did is not for the little people, this pretty much kills pirate activation for consumers, especially if microsoft accounts start refusing email addresses from providers that don’t require you to cough up your phone number.
    That wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, if giving microsoft your money wasn’t also wrong.

    1. Okay, I retract the first statement. There’s not really much to say on the matter besides opinion, not enough for an article especially when someone has already written one.
      I’m just really annoyed.

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