When some people get a new computer, the first thing they do is install their favorite applications, tweak the operating system, or even replace Windows with Linux or OS X. Others? They rip it apart to see what’s on the insides. And that’s what Liliputing reader (and co-designer of our logo) Tommy Yoo did with the Lenovo IdeaPad S10.

Lenovo’s first Netbook began shipping this week, and customers are just starting to receive their orders. Tommy ordered two, and took one apart to see what it looks like on the inside. But not after taking the time to make some brief comparisons with his MSI Wind.

Tommy says the build quality on the IdeaPad S10 s excellent, and in fact makes the Wind feel like a toy. While both netbooks have plastic cases, the S10 just feels more professinial, while the Wind feels “Fisher Price.”

He says the MSI Wind was faster out of the box, which isn’t surprising since it had 1GB of RAM while the IdeaPad S10 ships with just 512MB. The S10 has a smaller keyboard than the Wind, and not only is the right shift key inconveniently placed, but Tommy syas the 1 key is just over the Q so that he’s accidentally hit “2” several times when reaching for “1.”

We’ve posted a series of pictures showing the disassembled S10 after the break.

thanks Tommy!

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57 replies on “Lenovo IdeaPad S10 dissected”

  1. I’m trying to figure out why the screen “white’s out” and if I can fix it myself. You can still see everything clearly on the screen except for the fact that it looks like it’s got a white tint on it. Maybe the screen is just burning out? It was fine before I decided to crack it open to clean it. Any advice?

  2. My problem is that the hinge on the right side of my S10 has come undone. I’m trying find a diagram of how to disassemble and reassemble this mechanism. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. hi how are you doin sir..i have a lenovo s10 prabably a more than a year old the problem starts just a few weeks ago..my problem is my s10 keeps shutting down i dont know if the power supply has a problem what would be the problem?thanks

  4. Hi, I’m having a problem with an IdeaPad S10 that I can’t find any information about. When in Internet Explorer all of a sudden the display goes really small and it looks like the entire website is up on the screen as if to show full screen with no scroll. Once you get into that there is no way to get out without closing IE and reopening it. You lose whatever you’re working on. Any ideas? Thanks!

    1. I had the same problem on my ideapad during the first few months. I found that I was inadvertantly changing the IE page zoom level while using the touch pad to scroll. Simply click the zoom percentage dialogue in the bottom right corner of the IE window and it will restore to 100%

  5. Wow, I didn’t expect to see so many comments!

    I’ll try to answer the questions as best as I can.

    On the right side of the trackpad is a blue vertical line. In Windows, if you place your finger here, the cursor will change to a rotary dial/circle shape. Like an iPod’s click wheel, you can make circular motions to scroll. This is with one finger, not two.

    Yes – in the pictures, I’m showing where the Bluetooth module would go – but there is definitely no Bluetooth included. It should be easy enough to add one in; I’m thinking a Dell-branded module.

    The RAM I have is PC-5300. Works beautifully, registers 2GB in Windows, however, I’ve noticed that OS X is telling me I have 2.5GB…

    As far as a top five, I don’t know if it’ll quite make it. I only have experience with the Wind, and right now I have to put it slightly lower than it based on what it brings to the table.

    And lastly – yes, it gets kind of warm. Granted, I’m using OS X right now which is not “supported” but it is Speed-stepping and still stays roasty-toasty at 70-75 degrees C on the chip. It’s getting pretty warm after prolonged use (plugged in). Windows is faring better (as expected).

    1. Could you post some of this info in the liliputing S10 forums so it doesn’t get buried with this story?

    2. Hi Tommy, I’ve just got my S10 and as per the article, I do have ‘problem’ with the keyboard .. ‘1’ and the small ‘Shift’ keys .. anyway, this is my 3rd day of owning it .. still in familirisation stage .. anyway, have you got everything working on OS X? I’m trying to shift my MBP as main computer at my home office and the S10 will be go-anywhere one. I was told that many still have problem with the sound card and wifi .. Hopefully my Option 3G Max expresscard will work as it is ..

      1. Another thing, the South East Asia model has Bluetooth as standard, it is shown as Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth USB dongle on the device manager.

  6. I was just blown away by the new Product Database — see info bar above — and the new comparison tool.

    This is not in any way helping me get rid of my netbook and liliputing.com addiction 🙂

  7. I have two Lenovos now, a “blue sky” desktop and SL400 ThinkPad. No complaints, they get the job done and I love how they look. Also, I love the keyboards.

  8. a comment to laptop magazine’s review points out that the 6 cell battery is newly available (separately) in china for Y699, which is about $102 today. poking around further, i don’t think you can buy a 6 cell pre-installed, only as an extra.


    oddly enough, it also looks like they only sell white, pink, and red S10s over there. red is the top seller, not surprisingly. if white models come faster, perhaps they are producing in them in greater quantities for the asian market.

  9. Very interesting, thanks Tommy Yoo and Liliputing… since Tommy still has an intact S10 and an MSI Wind on hand:

    1) Do the “excellent build quality” comments include keyboard quality (other than “1” and “shift” placement)?

    2) Otherwise, what is the typing experience compared to the MSI Wind? (Obviously the S10 keyboard has to be smaller, since the S10 is smaller, but I’m hoping this is a good thing). Does the size slow you down compared to the Wind?

    3) Considering size and weight, how do the two compare as to handling and portability?

    1. 1) Yes – the keyboard itself is built excellently. The key feel is excellent and it’s generally a joy to type on, other than the fact that it is a little cramped, and that the placement of the extreme left keys (1, Tab, Caps Lock, and left Control) and extreme right (the semicolon/colon and single/double quote keys are squished, and the right Shift key placement) is the only real complaint. The smaller than normal Function keys have not been an issue yet; honestly I don’t ever really use them.

      2) Cramped. When in standard “home key” position, my thumbs are bumping against each other over the spacebar/trackpad. However, everything has a learning curve. I’ve gotten significantly faster at typing that yesterday, and will say that except for the right Shift key (already, I have hit “Up” six times by accident), it’s acceptable.

      3) The S10 feels smaller, but it’s more or less the same size as the Wind. Weight is nearly identical, however, I must say, because of the better build quality of the S10, it feels more “solid.” Again, it’s about fit and finish. With the lid closed, the Wind feels like it has some give – you squeeze it and the screen kind of flexes. The S10 does not. The plastics used also give it a much nicer and sturdier sensation when using it and carrying it around.

      I will say that I’m sold on the S10’s hardware. Yes, it is lacking Bluetooth. Yes, it comes with less standard RAM. However, what you do get is a very solid little laptop.

      Other notes:
      – It runs OS X, kind of. I’ve taken my harddrive out of the Wind and put it in the S10. It worked, but there’s no audio, no LAN, it won’t sleep. So, there’s work to be done.
      – It’s getting a bit hot. If you compare the fan and vent holes between the S10 and the Wind, you’ll see that the Wind has much better ventilation. The fan also kicks in more aggressively on the Wind.

      1. Thanks for the thorough reply!

        One thing I forgot to ask: can you scroll vertically with two fingers on the trackpad in Internet Explorer (or Firefox)?

        Also, I’m confused that pictures 4 and 5 above are labeled “bluetooth” and “more bluetooth,” but I asume, if it’s not present, I could just add on one of the new tiny USB dongles.

        It occurs to me that upgrade RAM speed would be limited to that of the soldered-in RAM, but maybe that is as fast as the bus can utilize anyway.

      2. Wondering what standing will you give it in Top 5 Liliputers, especially comparing it to Dell Mini? Regards, KB9VVL

        1. Actually, the top 5 is ranked according to the number of visitors to each
          product page. So that’s entirely up to you!

          Brad Linder // Download

        2. Actually, the top 5 are ranked according to the number of visitors to each
          product page. So that’s entirely up to you!

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